Audi boss Duesmann: “Must use solar energy and wind much better”

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Audi boss Duesmann:

Audi boss Markus Duesmann explained in an interview with the Suddeutsche Zeitung, which tasks still need to be done so that the electromobility can become a success, whether it is actually a combustion ban and if e-fuels may be an alternative.

“The total solution is not yet available,” says Duesmann about the power supply of electric cars. The big question is “where we get sustainably produced electricity in sufficient amount of electric cars,” and how a shop network can be built, “with which customers have little effort: reservable, fast charging points where everyone can simply pay,” says The Audi boss.

So that the supply of renewable energies is secured, “we have to use solar energy and wind much better, and the new federal government should accelerate the approval procedures,” says Duesmann. Otherwise it will be “difficult to have sustainable electricity in sufficient quantities”. Politics must “regulate and promote”, but also the industry must “do more”. Audi itself also wants to raise his contribution to the public charging infrastructure: “We believe it needs fast load columns in the urban environment, and we will test this in Nuremberg,” announces the Audi boss announcing. Although there are still foreign Audi with that, “because we have no gas station operators so far, but we face the challenge and have to learn.”

Classic petrol stations also have a chance in the world of electromobility, finds Duesmann: However, they also need to “change their business model when there are more and more E-vehicles”. He suggests using “petrol stations as fast load hubs”, but they are “ideal places”: people are it “used to drive there, and there is a shop where I can drink a cola while the car 20 to 30 minutes “. Audi already lead conversations with this industry, “as well as finally the transformation can start”.

“We have to go away from the CO2, that’s not a question”

In order for the drive turning to be a success, “at the same time the control system drives with CO2 emissions make more expensive so that the possession of electric cars becomes more interesting,” says Duesmann of. “We have to go away from the CO2, that’s not a question”. Duesmann calls for the new federal government a “very big focus”.

Audi has already accelerated its transformation and wants to sell no more burns from 2033. Such an end date for the burner makes it “easier for everyone, as if we are just soothing”. Since this decision, much more easily happen because the process is more planable and now the 90.000 employees of Audi “have a goal in mind. We have gained sufficient time through our early clarity for all in a team to set itself on the change, “says Duesmann.

For a nationwide banner ban on a day X, the Audi boss nevertheless does not speak. “People should be motivated differently to sustainable behavior,” says Duesmann, and he believes that this is synonymous: “with great efforts and technology clarity. We must not lose ourselves in the variety of solutions, “he says. And therefore also the focus on battery cars, which will be the most sustainable solution in the car range for a long time.

An alternative to electromobility does not look at Duesmann: “As long as we pump fossil fuels from the ground, we get the CO2 balance of the past millions of years from the earth,” he says. “And so we bring the climate in diplaim”. Improvements in CO2 emissions are “currently only with electricity”. Although e-fuels are “of course a solution, but only very long-term”, since renewable electricity must be “in excess”, “and that lasts, so far is missing”. If then “even burners are produced in the world, I think for very questionable,” says the Audi boss. He therefore see “No future for combustion engines”, and he could not imagine that any manufacturer in the world is considering to develop them in the long term “.

For the products, “the technique clear, apart from improvements in the batteries,” says Duesmann. Audi have “every hurdle cleared out of the way” and must now be “only the implementation”. The plan for this is known: “From 2026 we bring new models out only as electric cars and 2027 we sell in all segments E-cars, but it does not need a law”.

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6 thoughts on “Audi boss Duesmann: “Must use solar energy and wind much better””

  1. Reservable, fast charging points. I do not like it. I can not reserve, I have to wait until the Audi has ran and loaded??? Better would be enough charging columns and a diversion to a free column. At Tesla, new locations are simply built in the vicinity of old ones and I’ll just be led to a free column.

  2. Wind energy must be greatly expanded and over flexible electricity prices the charging process must be placed over a controlled wallbox in times with electricity excess. The E-car must serve as a store and deliver its electricity to the house to compensate for missing solar power. Actually quite simple, but somehow no one makes it possible.

  3. “… charging points where everyone can simply pay,” says Audi-boss Duesmann.”

    There is missing me But always a word: “.. simple inexpensive numbers … “

  4. Urban loading hub with lounge are the purest nonsense. Who is interested in driving to shop and drink a overpriced cola in a premium lounge? Simply put the charging columns on parking lots of hardware stores, furniture stores and supermarkets. The people have to go there anyway. Or a few 50kW loaders (or AC charging columns) on a parking space where restaurants are, then you can reload during food.

    Something like the Ladelpark Hilden makes sense, on the other hand, because in transit, I rarely have the need to buy something.



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