Audi boss: until when he builds petrol engine – why the speed limit turns out differently than expected

Markus Duesmann in an interview

Audi boss reveals until when he builds petrol engine – and why the speed limit turns out differently than expected

Audi boss: until when he builds petrol engine - why the speed limit turns out differently than expected-builds
Audi Audi boss Markus Duesmann leads the cult brand into a future that is becoming increasingly electrical-for example with the new Q4 e-tron

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

  • Chip editor-in-chief Sepp Reitberger

With the Q4 Etron, Audi has expanded its electrical offer. But how long is there still non-electric audis? And the Audi boss can imagine the use of synthetic fuels? In an interview with site, Markus Duesmann reveals his plans for the group.

Auto-Germany discusses a few topics as emotionally as the end of the combustion engine. Should there be at all? Should one force it into it by law? The Stromer has not already won and the piston engine is ripe for the museum?

Audi and the electric cars: it is progressing

In the Volkswagen Group, two brands have proven for around two years that they can transfer their brand image into the electrical world: Porsche with the Taycan and Audi with the e-tron model family. VW wants to follow suit with the ID family, Skoda starts a little slower with the Enyaq. Audi’s Stromer Palette was expanded to include a sportsback, a coupe sedan and very currently by a smaller SUV, the Q4 e-tron. Audi even showed an electric A6 at the car show in Shanghai; However, it is still a show car.

Head-up display with flying arrows: Audi’s new electric SUV in the first check

Audi boss: until when he builds petrol engine - why the speed limit turns out differently than expected-petrol

Site Head-up display with flying arrows: Audi’s new electric SUV in the first check

So it soon got itself "illuminated" and "petroled" Among the hoods of the quick cars from Ingolstadt? In an interview with site, Audi boss Markus Duesmann reveals how he sees the future of the combustion engine and what the electric car has to do with the speed limit.Site: How do you think of synthetic fuels? So not in the form of hydrogen, but by combustion engines that are refueled with synthetic fuels. Porsche is very active in this area. There are corporations that say that they can do this at a liter of one euro.Markus Duesmann: First of all: our focus is clearly on e-mobility. It must be checked whether the CO2-neutral existing fleet can generally be made with e-fuel. Because for this it is also necessary to provide enough green electricity, on the basis of which fuel is then generated synthetically. Audi has collected valuable knowledge in a "power-to-gas" pilot plant. At the same time, of course, we are not a fuel manufacturer and do not want to become this for economic and strategic reasons.

Audi boss: until when he builds petrol engine - why the speed limit turns out differently than expected-audi
Audi Audi’s design boss Marc Licht Audi has made a real Tesla hunter from the limousine version of the e-tron GT

Would you only plan e-fuel for the existing fleet?Duesmann: In order to refuel new vehicles with synthetic fuels, we need green electricity in the surplus. In order to produce large amounts of liquid energy, a long chain of development with poor efficiency and high costs is also required. They would only convert electricity into gas or liquid fuel in order to convert it back into propulsion in a combustion engine. It is much better to save the electricity directly in the battery and drive it – the efficiencies are much better. That means you always have to watch the entire efficiency chain. However, that would mean that they do not rule out that in 10, 20, 30 years you still develop vehicles with combustion engines when it is ensured that they are driving with these fuels. Or say: This is only something for the existing fleet – as far as new vehicles are concerned, we will really only drive battery electrical in the foreseeable future? That is a strategic decision that you have to make at some point because politics then sets the course accordingly.

Where do we get the energy from?

Duesmann: In my view, e-mobility is the only right way to decarbonization of traffic for the car sector. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that enough regenerative energy is available. One of the essential questions for us as a society is therefore where we get the energy? The energy or electricity requirement will increase sharply if we will electrify the entire traffic. And you also need the energy for "Power to Liquid" – and it has to be "green".

Tesla driver lists his costs: after 120.000 kilometers is clear his conclusion

Audi boss: until when he builds petrol engine - why the speed limit turns out differently than expected-petrol

Site Tesla driver lists his costs: after 120.000 kilometers is clear his conclusion

A liquid fuel is the only solution for aircraft – electrical aircraft are just a nice model test. The storage in batteries is still too complex, too big and too heavy and that will stay that way for a long time. Of course, this could be a way for the cars, but provided that enough regenerative energy is available.China, for example, is driving everything forward, both electromobility and alternatives. They are developing highly compressed combustion engines and also have very long -term plans. Is that something that we will see there – so that you will rather outsource the development and production to other countries and say: in Europe it will stay with the pure electrical sector?Duesmann: Europe is currently clearly the driver of e-mobility. The EU is the driving force with the clear CO2 requirements and the Green Deal. However, we see different transformation speeds in the regions. China, for example, does not change as quickly as originally expected. That is why we will no longer develop completely new basic engines for combustion engineers – but we will continue to use the potential of our existing generations in order to continue to offer more efficiency and more benefits in the future.

New Skoda in the test: The end of the philistine is there

Audi boss: until when he builds petrol engine - why the speed limit turns out differently than expected-boss

Site New Skoda in the test: The end of the philistine is there

The last burners and the speed limit

The last burners we will build will be the best – it will be the case until the 2030s. In this respect, we will also offer competitive combustion engines in China as long as our customers want you. We give full power in the electric cars and at the same time full throttle for combustion and there with the appropriate electrification, but of course with a strong focus on fully electric vehicles.

Audi boss: until when he builds petrol engine - why the speed limit turns out differently than expected-audi
dpa/j. Stratschulte The speed on highways is a long-running favorite in the German AutoFelt discussion. The Greens want to implement it as the first measure in the event of a government participation in the government participation

The speed limit is another control element – this is a very critical topic: What jump could a speed limit in Germany bring? How much carbon dioxide could be saved? And how do you see that personally?Duesmann: Yes, this is really an exciting topic for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, the CO2 effect is rather low. Because cars do not consume the most when they drive fast, but in stop and go traffic if they sneak for a long time, z.B. traffic jam. Therefore, it would be significantly more effective in terms of CO2 to optimize the flow of traffic through intelligent control. When digitizing the traffic, I still see great potential here. But beyond this discussion, e -mobility will come with a personal attitude anyway not to go into the very high speed ranges – and thus a kind of voluntary speed limit.The interview was conducted by Sepp Reitberger and Sebastian Viehmann. What Duesmann reveals about the brand’s electrical plans will soon read Site.

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Audi boss: until when he builds petrol engine - why the speed limit turns out differently than expected-audi Lawyer reveals: This is how Volkswagen cheated diesel customers wants to excuse complaints

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    Audi boss: until when he builds petrol engine - why the speed limit turns out differently than expected-audi

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    1. No speed limit
      A general speed limit, by the Greens and left -wing extremists to the goal of destroying the in … A general speed limit, by Greens and left -wing extremists to the goal of destroying free democracy in Germany, planned must be prevented. We in Germany do not want a GDR dictatorship with constraints and massive communist dictations, as the Greens and Left.

    2. Contra e-mobility
      I completely reject e-mobility, but not because of the lack of range or the sometimes unattractive vehicles or the purchase price of some models. But from the advanced environmental aspect, which is simply not available here. The production of the battery alone is not only expensive, but also very energy -intensive, the lithium and cobalt must also be obtained and these substances are not infinite. The battery cannot be recycled and there will be the same problem as with the nuclear waste, where to go. The durability is only about approx.50-100k/km, doesn’t even mean a car life. You calculate that on the currently approx.1.6 billion cars, which have to be replaced at some point, you can see that e-mobility was the wrong way.

    3. @J. Pietschmann – Lots of false statements
      Cobalt is not mandatory to be used. You can get along well without. Li is available in rough quantities. New manufacturing processes (DRY) are significantly less energy -intensive, and you can also use it well. Battery can and become over 90% recycling (z.B. Redwood Materials). LFP batteries hold several million km. E-mobility is the present and future. Inform yourself!

    4. Amazing…
      ..How long this report has been online ! I am also sure that there is no radicle replacement of the V-engines for the time being. Reason: they get the alternative alternative not sold to the private, at least not in the masses. Where shops and electricity price are probably the Gretchen question ! In addition there are the countless pure commercial vehicles. Just because Amazon is of the opinion that it works after 3 attempts does not mean that it applies to everyone !

    5. At 2-3 ct/kWh desert current …
      The energy costs or efficiency does not matter at e-fuel at the manufacturing location, because there you can either make e-fuel or only grill the desert sand unused. It is difficult to extract CO2 from the atmosphere, so the breakthrough is still on. With e-fuel, range means hardly a mass increase, but advantage of the short tank time and strong time separation production and consumption. Mildhybrid 48V plus an incorrect metal hydride battery, which will also address buyers in 2030. In addition, the box can also park in the underground car park worldwide.

    6. @ Mr. Hermann Sochgen
      There will be no other thing to us: our own German electricity production from renewable sources will not be sufficient for total consumption. So we have to import. So it is best from countries that have the sun and space in abundance, where you can produce environmentally friendly / CO2-neutral e-fuel.

    7. He is right at the speed limit
      When I take vehicles with one "E" See at the end of the license plate, then mostly creeping behind a truck. A few drive at least 120 km/h. Only once did I have been overtaken by an electric car that had about 160km/h on it. It was of course a Porsche. You don’t buy one like this to acidify in the creep lane.

    8. The statements
      in my view are not unreasonable. And in general, the question of infrastructure alone prevents millions of electric vehicles from rolling on the streets at the same time. In addition the amount of really green electricity. That has to develop, it takes a few more years and therefore it makes sense to continue to sell combustion engines. A hard switch from now on is not feasible and will therefore not happen. If one day more e-cars roll than burners, the electricity price is guaranteed to be significantly higher than today. Is no different.

    9. Summer the electric car, in winter public transport
      This develops into a seasonal license plate, i.e. in sunny summer during the day at the company car park. And use public transport in winter, the EL works. Electricity in the heat pumps of the apartments.

    10. Just heard:
      The German carmakers got through the corona crisis quite well. Of course not because of sales in Germany and Europe, but the large market of China. This will remain a very significant market in the future, especially for high -quality vehicles. "Cheap & electrical" Can the Chinese better. Anyone who depends on export must continue to build and develop combustion engines. Anyone who only offers electrical operations operates their own deactivation to insignificance. VW seems to have embarked on this path.

    11. Mr. Windmuller, Porsche is…
      A very bad example. Most Porsche stand for expensive, superfluous luxury at a high level of quality. If a volume manufacturer like VW only develops electro, it loses the connection, but the world market needs foreseeable combustion. Why then "German technology" Buy, also from Brazil etc., When the Asians are more modern and cheaper?

    12. That "to smile"
      Well, he will probably smile because of the photographers, even because of his salary. Do not know how the manufacturers calculate, but if the money bubbles from and taxpayers, whole barn gate stand up for the development of this technology. They are still swimming on this wave, but every wave also has low tide, i.e. quickly bring cars to the people, always keep the green thumb high, always keep the climate beautifully talk to the customer. to conscience, and wait what happens in 5 years. Later has something from the film Mad Max if it goes on, and it will go on like that as they are all on at the moment, there is already ahead of anarchy…..

    13. Electricity price: supply & demand regulate the price.!
      As good and future -oriented electric cars are, or still be point a disadvantage you will all have it for it. They all need electricity to charge, as well as now need gasoline cars gasoline and diesel cars need diesel fuel. And that will be a dependency on the electricity, so demand increase, and if the demand increases an old law of the market economy comes into play, I take the supply and ask for the price. The demand increases the price increases. E-car owners already pay up to 89 cents per kilowatt hour on the way to the external shop, i.e. approx. 3 x as much again normal electricity price and that is the only point why I am against electric cars because it makes everything more expensive. Petrol cars and diesel cars should exist

    14. Yes Mr. Muller
      Today it may be the case. But it was about the fact that the electricity price will increase with increasing demand. This is obvious when we park nuclear and coal stream and still have to remove the renewables massively at the same time. This costs a billion, what do you think who pays if you cannot rip off combustion users? The state will get its tax, just in the future to the electricity price.

    15. The Lord Sochgen!
      With his statement that other stupidity spread, but only looking to unload his meaningless mustard. Is of course sad if nobody wants to hear the explanations because she is not interested. The typical e-car for "Joe Bloggs" Which Z.Z. comes onto the market, has only 400/500 WLTP range that melted at speeds above 100km/h. What is bought today has to be driven by the private individual for years, with all its disadvantages. But a gentleman prefers to polemize rather than to strain the brain, to use mathematics. But what should you ask when facts are ignored! Stupidity is only if you ignore, deny, without providing any verifiable counter -evidence as facts!

    16. @Vogel Peter
      A third of the kilometers at 160km/h on average ? You don’t understand it. @Kross – were not the motorway hero that claimed to need only 3 hours of driving for the mother’s trip at a distance of 540km? Even 170km/h would be. Which fairy tales are still coming?


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