Audi builds battery development for E cars at the Neckarsulm site

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Audi builds battery development for E cars at the Neckarsulm site-battery

Audi expands the development of high-voltage batteries and relies on its location Neckarsulm. With the strategic decision, the technical development for the future is strengthened and Neckarsulm becomes a competence center for a key technology of electromobility. For this, employees have been qualified for the end of 2020. To specialize in the topic of high-voltage battery, Audi offers different training opportunities for employees of the Technical Development Neckarsulm in the coming years.

The VW subsidiary already developed high-voltage batteries for plug-in hybrids (PHEV) in Neckarsulm, now the development of the complete high-voltage battery portfolio for fully electric vehicles focused on the location and successively expanded as Audi announced. In addition, until 2023, a battery technology for testing of high-voltage storage technologies should go into operation.

“Highly valve batteries and electric motors make an important strategic share of future added value in a transformed auto industry. Therefore, we systematically expand our competence in the development of these components, “says Oliver Hoffmann, Technical Development Board for Audi. The structures for PHEV high-voltage battery development are already available: Thus, the location is already well prepared to develop the complete high voltage battery portfolio. Perspectively, high-voltage battery development – continued to work closely with the high-voltage battery development at the Ingolstadt site – personnel significantly predominantly located in Neckarsulm.

Technikum for the development and testing of battery prototypes

Furthermore, there is a battery technology in the Neckarsulm location: In this laboratory for pilot projects, further educating employees who were previously active in the test technology for internal combustion engines, from 2023 prototypes of new high-voltage storage modules for different E vehicles are to be tested. “Investment decision of the company, high-voltage battery development and a battery technology in Neckarsulm, is a clear commitment to electrifying and thus long-term securing of the site,” says Fred Schulze, Werkleiter Audi Neckarsulm. The new competence for high-voltage batteries anchored in Neckarsulm can also benefit from already existing expertise at the site by creating synergies with the lightweight construction center.

“The decision to settle the battery development in Neckarsulm is a first important step in order to give the employees of the technical development in the location a future-proof perspective even after leaving the internal combustion engine,” says Rolf Klotz, chairman of the works council. The employee representatives last demanded with significant words.

Since the end of 2020, Audi has continuously qualified employees of the Technical Development Neckarsulm for the area of high-voltage storage systems, in the coming years, more and more employees should be transformed into this area. To specialize in the topic, the audians of the technical development are available to different training opportunities.

The confession of Audi to the Neckarsulm site also reflects in several construction measures: This is how the new construction of a multifunctional building for the technical development end 2022 and the new paint shop until 2025 are completed. A new construction of assembly is already aligned with a mixed production and for future electromodels.

Audi has announced with the “projection 2030” strategy, to bring new models from 2026 exclusively as electric cars to the world market. By 2033, the company leaves the production of the burners completely leak. Accordingly, Audi also transforms its locations and employees: Round 30 has been around 30 since 2017.000 Audians qualified for e-mobility worldwide.

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2 thoughts on “Audi builds battery development for E cars at the Neckarsulm site”

  1. Audi slowly climbs from the dead horse. Very well. The concrete end date 2033 for burners is already a sign. Whether you will ever produce until then, the time will show. A mixed platform can be built according to demand even in the past electrical.

    Take a look at the numbers of the KBA from September and the existing Korean mixed platforms Ioniq (not 5), Kona and Niro. Thus, the shares in the BEV are to the total number of series, 47.7%, 58.5% and 68%. Even with the e-up, which is actually a converted combustion platform, the share is 65%. The BEV shares could look significantly different than predicts.


  2. And continue with the high-voltage vehicle! Industry and politics do not worry about how the HV vehicles behave in a mass carbon or accidents with trucks and what this means for the rescue workers.
    The NV batteries currently need more time to load is known. So it says to the consumer about this one-way street as soon as possible to constrict the burner and technologically equal – tank time equal charging time. Only Tesla currently has charging options to return within an acceptable time.
    Germany with the BW – University Munich has the only one worldwide developed a scalable low-voltage drive (> 15 patents), but no one interests that. In this case, once again in Germany is the worse of the death of the better ..


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