Audi builds in the parent plant from 2028 only e-cars

Audi builds in the parent plant from 2028 only e-cars-audi

From 2028 Audi wants to produce only electric cars in his parent plant. This told a spokeswoman to the news magazine mirror with. The construction of gasoline and diesel cars should be set in Ingolstadt completely. The intermediate goal is planned for the year 2025 that half of all cars built in the parent plant are fully electric.

According to works council Peter Mosch, the electrification should begin in the 2023 trunk mill with the middle-class SUV Q6 E-TRON. “This is the first in Ingolstadt fully electric volumetric model,” said Mosch of Augsburger general. The further planning is already fixed: the Q6 E-TRON should follow the electrical successor model of the A6, the E6. By 2029 supplemented by “the electrical successors of today’s ingolstadt combees A3 and A4”, according to works council Mosch.

At the Neckarsulm site, Audi can be a little more time with the electrification. There, the next generations of the A4 / A5 and the A6 / A7 family run. “With these volume models, the location will be busy for the next few years,” said the Audi spokeswoman for the mirror and added that “from the middle of the decade also in Neckarsulm successively purely electrical models are settled.”From 2033 Audi wants to build only in China burner cars.

At the already agreed degradation of good 7500 jobs in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, Audi will hold on. Operating dismissals are excluded, the places fall “especially about partial retirement and early retirement rules away”, so the spokeswoman. Currently working good 42.500 people at Audi in Ingolstadt, in Neckarsulm it is good 15.600. In Ingolstadt from 2030 on average between 38.000 and 40.000 employees work.

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