Audi confirms burner-out, but wants to trim motors on efficiency

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Audi confirms burner-out, but wants to trim motors on efficiency-wants

Audi has now officially confirmed media reports, according to which the production of the last completely newly developed combustion model starts in four years. In conversation: From 2026, Audi only brings new models to the world market, which are purely electrically powered. This has markus duesmann, CEO of Audi, announced at the conference of the Klimanutrality Foundation. As part of the strategic realignment, the company will accelerate the transition to e-mobility. By 2033, the manufacturer wants to allow the production of burners gradually and after 2050 at the latest be bilanzially climate-neutral.

“We offer people opportunities to be sustainable and climate-neutral,” Duesmann continued. He does not believe in the success of prohibited, but rather to the success of technology and innovation. However, the customers and legislation would ultimately decide on the exact end date of the combustion at Audi. For China, however, one reckons more than 2033 with continued demand, which is why there could be an offer of vehicles with internal combustion engines from local production.

Already this year more e-cars as a burner

In parallel, Audi wants to expand its offer of fully electric models. With the new models E-TRON GT, RS E-TRON GT, Q4 E-TRON and Q4 Sportback E-Tron, Audi brings more electric cars to the market in the current year. By 2025, the brand wants more than 20 E models on offer. “With this roadmap we create the necessary clarity for a determined and powerful switch to the electro-period. Our signal: Audi is ready, “says Markus Duesmann.

Audi confirms burner-out, but wants to trim motors on efficiency-trimAudi

For the startup of e-mobility and their social acceptance, the expansion of a nationwide charging infrastructure and renewable energies is crucial. Audi engage in both areas. So the Ingolstadter only a few weeks ago the pilot project Audi Charging Hub presented as its own premium charging solution with reservation possibility and lounge. On top of that, the car maker cooperates with energy suppliers and wants to promote the expansion of renewable energies.

Full energy wants to stuck audi despite the announced farewell farewell from the burner in its development: The existing engine generations should be further improved, towards more efficiency with great customer benefits. “The last burner of Audi will be the best we have ever built,” Duesmann announced.

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7 thoughts on “Audi confirms burner-out, but wants to trim motors on efficiency”

  1. No new models is great. But when please put the production of the old models. The Audi PR is beautifully no clear information on this important question. So we can assume that the dirt shafts are still ever produced. Slowly leaving to 2033 is very carefully flammed. In 5 years, no cock will scream for burners. So you have built here a 100% safety margin. You want to squeeze the old cucumber as long as possible. Climate protection and environmental awareness definitely look different. Advantage by technology – a la Audi.

  2. “… The existing engine generations should be further improved, to more efficiency with great customer benefits.”

    Well, just because other numbers in the already spelled consumption data are not really the environment or the customer not really benefiting – from the upcoming “fate” of the Battlefests on the residual value Apart from the later sale!

  3. Well, so you hide bad news in good news `a la vw.
    Originally the Audi boss did not want to produce more than 2030 no later than 2030, even if he had hidden that between the lines {you had to compile the product cycles to get to the real number 2028}. And Artemis was still a real project.
    Now is next to the beautiful press release a graphic with 2033 * exception china .

    On the VW Power Day you have also hidden in the numbers and figs, which is used technologically 5 years behind Hyundai / Kia [see charging speed] and from 2023 battery cells at prices like Tesla 2019/2020 shopping / produced. Tesla plans to pay only half of it from efficient mass production of the 4680 cells; / .
    You have to count all the numbers and percentages together to find the Herraus.
    But :, Jay, … Power Day!”

    Who had released the forecast again, all of the large car companies that have no 10 years more than 10 years more than 10 years?

    Cynicism *: I would almost bet, Mercedes rather no more gasoline than Audi.
    EQC, EQV, EQA, EQB, EQS, EQE, EQT?, EQC Successor, EQA Successor, EQB Successors are already in the pipeline. * Cynicism.

  4. I find good that Audi is committed to emotion. One year ago, such messages would have been unthinkable for many
    So it’s ahead

  5. For several years a 1.4-1.5l gasoline engine with cylinder shutdown has been built in the VW Group.
    But the 2L motor has to do without cylinder shutdown.
    There is something else?

  6. Great What to do here in Germany, yes throughout Europe. Without international binding agreements. We destroy our industrial domains alone and are so naive that all other states do the same. But what if these “others” and do not follow and do the bare opposite? Means seriously, the petroleum, coal, the natural gas would stay because of us in the earth? What do you say about it? > https: // youtu.BE / DI9BHAVZ0JG


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