Audi e-tron GT in the video test-clickdown

The RS models from Audi with strong petrol and diesel engines have so far been the brand’s driving fun spearhead. That also works with an electric drive? Definitely at the coupe sedan Etron GT – just not yet far enough. A practice corner.

245 km/h, in four seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, a bomby road holding – and already in the basic model without "RS"-Refined: Site tested the Audi Etron GT, Audi’s sister model of the Porsche Taycan. You can see our impressions in the video. All data about the vehicle can be found at Germany’s largest electric portal site.

Drives the end of BMW and Co? New Tesla in the motorway test

Audi e-tron GT in the video test-clickdown-audi

Site Drives the end of BMW and Co? New Tesla in the motorway test

Audi e-tron GT in the video test-clickdown-audi

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15 thoughts on “Audi e-tron GT in the video test-clickdown”

  1. Honestly!
    Why do I need such an acceleration of 0 on something ! Of 0 goes at most on the … Traffic lights and swaps too quickly for the city! When do the automobile manufacturers understand that nobody needs such cars! We need a cars that take me from Flensburg to Garmisch Partenkirchen without loading ! And best back again. And not cars that suck your batteries empty on our full motorways with crazy acceleration orgies or insane speeds on our full motorways.

  2. Wow,
    245 km/h and in four seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. For a few minutes in these spheres, the battery is empty of this "e-car" and you can only sneak away. However, this is not a "lead through technology".

  3. What is the goal? Less dead?
    We still had 16 in 1960.477 traffic fatalities at 11.6 million. Vehicles, about 142 deaths per 100.000 vehicles. In 2020 there were 2724 deaths at around 58 million. Vehicles, i.e. 4.7 dead per 100k vehicles. This is an extreme improvement even without a speed limit on the highway. Yes, every dead person is one too much but you shouldn’t just forget this very positive development. Especially from the 2724 deaths "just" 317 died on the highway. The speed limit at most in the number which improves.

  4. I love my Volvo XC60 D5
    One of the last fifte -cylindy light metal engines (= 10 cylinders of the little man). Smooth noise development, 440 nm, enough horsepower, automatic converter, meaningful extras, for me the perfect car. Diesel consumption with calculator after refueling determined, always below 8.0 liters. With my occasional use, no short distances, he will surely give me many years of pleasure. In conclusion, I can treat me, everyone should be happy with the automobile of his choice after his facon that he sees personally as the optimum. P.S., I wish everyone a nice election Sunday with their individual election result and last but not least, I am happy if Max Verstappen wins despite the start of the field today.

  5. I have
    Only read the heading and the first sentence. There are still too many automotive groups that are probably not clear, meadow you have to switch to electromobility. Fankenstein’s monster at the Eautos, which is now presented, probably presented! In order to advance the topic, it is probably only a speed limit, the vehicles in the. To remove the electronically, to limit the weight and to prohibit advertising with performance data such as top speed, acceleration and silk nonsense. Hope DKE next government has recognized the seriousness of the situation!

  6. @ch.crisp – no one has the intention,
    … "Drive the horse car back to work in the future". Ceterum Censeo: Dear poor & clever than rich & stupid!

  7. and…
    Is also only a car that was built to drive from A to B. Unfortunately still crammed with a lot of useless technology, characteristic data that you do not need in everyday life and a planned obscene.

  8. understood !
    As with the combustion engine, the battery cars also have models that you do not necessarily need. Also not everyone can drive around in small cars. Whether Audi fans changes to the king of the cordless speedsters due to any consumption values ? Everyone can decide for themselves, the eternal acceleration values are nonsense. At the same time to discuss efficiency again very bizarre….

  9. @ Christian Kross
    You shouldn’t compare apples with pears. I rarely drive long distances and only if I really have a reason (although it is much more relaxed than with a combustion engine). A comparison with a burner would certainly not be. But I like to compare the Audi GT with a Tesla Model 3. And there the result is absolutely clear.

  10. I have a question:
    What is the nonsense with such crazy speeds of 260 km/h? Apparently we don’t learn about it. The construction of climate cheap cars can extend to the path and consumption, but the top speed at Max. Limit 160 km/h. If you want to drive faster, you should rent the Nurburgring. Such vehicles are apparently a potenta substitute. In addition, electric vehicles can only be a temporary solution. The hydrogen drive is in the event of reasonable production (exploitation of Z.ZT. still missing wind and solar energy) can help our climate become more human -friendly again.

  11. Yes, Mr. KOpnick
    Then, on the other hand, also how much less electricity we produce in this country for the next few years because we switch off all nuclear power. So far I have not seen that we can compensate for this with renewable.

  12. Speed limit
    Tempo limit but certainly not 130. You have to discuss speed 140. Reason: The journey will run quieter – without speeders and there will be less accidents – without racers (probably also less traffic fatalities). In addition, a ban on trucks on 3. Trace, if available. I think this limit is reasonable.

  13. Always a question of perspective, Mr. KOpnick
    We had a total of 2724 traffic fatalities in Germany in 2020 (at approx. 58 million. Vehicles) what is an all -time low. 317 motorway deaths are then "just" A good 11%. The majority do not die on the highway. Which is why km / h. 130 will not change the number much. By the way, in 1960 there were more than 16.000 traffic fatalities at only 11.6 million. Vehicles. So it has improved a lot. Even without speed limit.

  14. Mr. Sebastian Viehmam
    …Can I as "Autotester" don’t really take it seriously. I miss professional competence. I rather see "Corpulence" In this respect, I am not surprised that he is in a sporty car "squeeze in" got to.

  15. I judge Mr. Viehmann…
    Not according to the outside and think it is a good car tester. However, what I missed is a subtle indication of the unacceptable high power consumption.


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