Audi E-Tron GT VS. Porsche Toycan: four rings or jumping horse?

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Audi E-Tron GT VS. Porsche Toycan: four rings or jumping horse?-e-tron

In the electrical upper class, two German automakers with E-sports cars are enabling the favor of the buyer. I was allowed to try the Porsche Toycan and the Audi E-Tron GT. Which is the better electric sports car?

Passenger display vs. Remote-controlled parking assistant. Sensual opening of the loading valve VS. Slim plastic lid. In addition to the external form, there are actually a few aspects in which the Porsche TaryCan and the Audi E-TRON GT differ. The explanation is simple: both are based on the performance platform J1. Battery, E-Motors, DC and inverter, suspension, storage space, three-chamber air suspension and much more are identical. The so-called equal share rate is 70 percent.

Even when distributing both companies follow a similar concept. The respective basic version starts below the 100.000 Euro brand. But already with a few options from the extensive equipment lists, you are at a six-digit amount. My four-wheeled-powered Audi E-Tron GT Quattro is 123.660 euros. The carbon roof should be the visually striking extra. My Porsche Toycan is the basic model with a rear engine, but extras such as tungsten carbide brakes, 21 inch mission E-wheels and a headup display bring the selling price to 149.530 euros.

Audi E-Tron GT VS. Porsche Toycan: four rings or jumping horse?-porschePorsche Taryal with rear drive in Frozen Berry Metallic (Photo: Dirk Customer)

Highest charging power

The Porsche engineers have recaptured the electrical sports car under the working title “Mission E”. Finally, it was about transferring the sports car DNA to the age of electromobility. This is successful with the decision for an 800 volt battery system. Various components of power control had to be developed. The higher voltage enables lower cross-section cables, which means less weight and less heat development. However, the biggest advantage is the charging power of up to 270 kW at the quick loader. At an HPC column is loaded in 22.5 minutes from 5 to 80 percent. Both test cars have always been the car faster at 80 percent than I was ready to check toilet and messages with coffee. Not to forget the usual conversation with interested parties on the charging column. With both models, it is guaranteed to close new acquaintances, especially because my Porsche is painted in Frozen Berry Metallic or as I call the color: Patch Liver Wurst-Pink.

Both cars have four doors and the addition GT makes it clear to the Audi, which allows long trips companies. There are two recesses behind the front seats in the battery pack. They serve as a “foot garage”, so that passengers in the rear do not have their knees on breast height. You could have also been able to increase the back seat, but that would be the flat sports career of less than 1.40 m attitude impossible. Under the front hood is space for a travel bag or charging cable (84 liters), the trunk offers 407 liters of storage space. The neckline of the trunk lid is small and you have to lift luggage over a loading edge, but the cargo space is very deep.

Perfect charging planning

The software for route and charging planning impressive in both cars. The Porsche calculates the range based on the last 600 hazardous kilometers. Audi says topography, weather and the current speed limit recognized by the camera are considered in the calculation. After the destination input, charging stops are automatically proposed and load times in the arrival calculation. At the Audi, I experience a dynamic loading plan, which shifts the next stop to a further remote charging column when driving trying.

My ride over 800 kilometers from Hamburg to Landshut should have four charging stops, in the end to meet me three. The four-wheel-driven audi needs 24 kWh to 100 km. The Porsche Taryal with rear drive lies in practice at 23.1 kWh. Both have the large battery with 83.7 usable kilowatt hours. The WLTP information can be forgotten from sports cars. Finally, only 30 min in the test. at short tempo 130 km / h driven. These cars drive you differently, even if I could exclude the top speeds only on short sections (230 km / h Porsche; 245 km / h audi). If I go from my consumption, 348 (Audi) and 362 km (Porsche) with a cargo possible. That may seem a little bit, but with a well-developed HPC charging network are range and charging no topic anymore.

Audi E-Tron GT VS. Porsche Toycan: four rings or jumping horse?-porscheAudi E-Tron GT with four-wheel drive (Photo: Dirk customer)

Tacal sales success

For sales success at Audi you can not say much. The Audi E-TRON GT and the more expensive RS variant will be delivered only in spring 2021 and should be around 1.700. But at Porsche is already certain: the courage of the Porsche engineers pays off. Immediately in the first year, 20 were.000 pieces sold. This makes two-thirds of the 911s sales for the year. That’s after all, the icon of the sports car brand. In the first half of 2021 already found 20.000 Tican a buyer. Meanwhile, there are eight derivatives, a base-driven basic model, four four-wheel versions each with a combination version called Porsche Cross Turismo.

How Happy Porsche is about sharing the J1 platform with Audi, there’s little outward. I imagine that like the dispute between siblings. The strict mother, in this case of the VW Group, makes the announcement: “You must share.”Finally, Audi has allocated the role of the model student in terms of premium electromobility (keyword: Artemis). Exciting the further steps. Because improvements in the E-car (more range, better recuperation, more charging performance) are software topics. The centralized Volkswagen about all his brands at the IT daughter Cariad.

Audi E-Tron GT VS. Porsche Toycan: four rings or jumping horse?-e-tronThe charging valves at Porsche Tacye swing inwards. (Photo: Dirk customer)

Memory of the ground wave

But also some hardware elements can be seen. For example, the chassis with three-chamber air suspension and rear wheel steering. The air chambers adapt the suspension to driving style and flooring. If you take a floor shaft or a canton, you can lift the chassis. On request, vehicle remembers the GPS coordinates and automatically lifts the body on the body. The 2.8 degrees impacting rear wheels facilitate maneuvering and reduce the turning circle by 60 cm. For slow cornering and fast overtaking maneuvers, the impact of more track stability ensures. Both cars offer enough reserves for highway speed to accelerate and avoid obstacles. That make both whisper lake. But Audi and Porsche offer for 500 euro sound generators to blade the sports cars like classic sports cars. Why, that’s a fogging. A whisper gauge Cavalierstart and a noiseless overtaking maneuver leave among riders and passenger views.

Audi E-Tron GT VS. Porsche Toycan: four rings or jumping horse?-audiThe Ambient-Light in the Porsche Tycan adapts to the album cover of the current title. (Photo: Dirk customer)

The differences

At Audi impresses a departing assistant that you control via smartphone. If the car is in a narrow parking space or garage, the driver stays outside. With the app as a remote control you control the E-TRON GT pre- or backwards from the parking space. Porsche still needs to retrofit this wizard.

For this you have a heart for a passenger in Zuffenhausen. For those available on request, a private display. For the route planning or the music selection, the passenger no longer has to lean towards the driver to operate the screen. Also in the two charging valves for AC and DC charge scores Porsche. At the Taryce you stroke sensual with your finger over a Finn, whereupon the loading flap bootes inwards. The Audi is a profane plastic flap whose pressure point you have to search first. Cheaper and loveless hardly works.

In terms of design, the decision is difficult, especially since it is a matter of taste. But the vote on the charging column is clearly: more people in conversation are talking to the Audi E-Tron GT for the beautiful sports car. In particular, what the rear is concerned, I agree. Under the stroke, both companies have created impressive electric sports cars. A function in the Porsche Toycan has left a lasting impression with me. The ambient light automatically adapts to the album cover of the current music title. If the pictured cover is predominantly green, the interior is enlightened green. Useless? Childish bauble? Yes, perhaps. But it shows a mental attitude of the Porsche developers and tell me that, they are on the right track.

Audi E-Tron GT VS. Porsche Toycan: four rings or jumping horse?-audiSuccessful tailpiece at the Audi E-Tron GT. In conversations of charging columns, the shape of the audi is usually better. (Photo: Dirk customer)

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3 thoughts on “Audi E-Tron GT VS. Porsche Toycan: four rings or jumping horse?”

  1. Very good report. Yes, so you drive the Porsche, nothing 120 km / h on the right. Very nice also the thoughts about how happy Porsche is probably that you had to share the platform. I am not happy about it. By the way, this seems to me the first test report, where someone has seen and discussed the possible attitude “dynamic” of the Ambientelicht.

    I find the Porsche much more beautiful. And inside it is really clean, if you do not ruined the Cool Bauhaus Design with the Sport Chrono analogue. Incidentally, profit draw is not to order the electric charging valves. Yes, they are not expensive and do something. But the optimal CW value has the Porsche only if the wheel house ventilations are functional, which requires the mechanical charging valves. Because the Porsche is with CW 0.22 compared to 0.24 of the Audi in itself the sophisticated design. Ruin the CW value in favor of the drama or a low-increased useful value in a luxury car Cu, I find it shameful. Therefore, I also refuse Cross Tourismo.

  2. Both cars like certain qualities, but especially the Porsche as basic model with Bissl equipment for almost 150t € and then with driving performance over the one model 3P driver only tired smile … Sorry just ridiculous. The Audi is only slightly better above the design in both derivatives again delay again. I would both be too chef and as already mentioned for the offered way too expensive.


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