Audi e-tron runs against Q7 V12 diesel: The outcome surprised-News

In the acceleration area, a current is mostly superior to a classic combustion engine. Now a new Audi e-tron 55 Quattro against an older Audi Q7 V12 TDI had to struggle clearly to see land against diesel. You can see the test of the new Audi e-tron GT in the video.

The key data of both vehicles are anything but boring: the old Audi Q7 has 6 liters of diesel hub, 500 hp, 1.000 Newton meters and all -wheel drive to offer. The Audi e-tron 55 Quattro holds with a good 400 all-wheel drive horses against it. A current video from Carwow shows how the race ends. When it comes to the straight-ahead performance, the Monster Diesel shows his young electro-converted her teeth properly.

In fact, the thick diesel even leaves the at least similarly heavy electric car in the first race from the stand. However, this is said to have been due to the only less impressive driving skills of the Stromer pilot. However, the Stromer can win the following two races up to the 400-meter line.

Stromer VS. Diesel, top speed comes from the combustion engineer

If you have further comparisons with a flying start (D.H. The vehicles are already in motion at the start of the race) The e-tron always has the edge. Its driver is amused about the time-consuming switching processes of the V12 diesel. Nevertheless, at speeds beyond 190 things, the colleague in the combustion engineer has caught up with the Stromer and he continues to accelerate up to 250 things, while the man in the electric car only sees his taillights.

However, this should change with the current Audi E-Tron GT, which unlike the 55 Quattro is not based on a combustion chassis, but based on that of the Porsche Taycan. We already had the opportunity to test the e-tron GT. You can find the complete test here.

Site means

Blatant acceleration, insane high stamp: these values pulled as a sales argument for combustion cars. But the times are over, especially with the move in of electric cars and phevs. It is fun to have the full motor force available from the first km / h without switching, but now a new trend has established itself with electric car drivers: driving as economically as possible to achieve a high range – even if if The car already comes with a very decent range. The matching status displays in the infotainment systems do the rest. Experts speak gamification, i.e. a kind of playful competition, with the driver of a stream even more get out of their car. We think: to press a more sensible trend than Tumb on the accelerator pedal.

The best mid -range electric cars: Tesla Model 3 & Co in the test

For long electric cars were considered unaffordable luxury toys or unsuitable, tiny eco-danger. But at the latest since the success of Tesla’s mid-range electric car Model 3 it is clear: everyday electric cars with good long-distance range not have to be much more expensive than comparable mid-range burners like the 3 Series BMW. There are now a lot of competition in the electric middle class. Site tested and compared all relevant mid-range electric cars.

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  1. Oh yes, that’s the case?
    Blatant acceleration and insane tempo, so these are arguments for combustion and the times … are over. Is a laughter. Especially with e-cars it is always conjured up how great they accelerate. Especially at Tesla you get a hard one if you can write like "Insane" and "Ludicrous" Such a Tesla accelerated everything else. Do not notice how embarrassing a naming for the "blatant" Acceleration is. My goodness, dear e-car authors, almost nice to your own nose.

  2. What’s such a nonsense comparison ?
    After 100 kilometers at the pace, the electric sling driver will only see his colleague in diesel at the finish time later. I am already looking forward to the 1/4 mile acceleration race in the urban area when a certain clientele has jumped on the e-hype train.


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