Audi e-tron: test, range, price

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Chic electric tank in the test: How Audi has to reinvent itself

Audi e-tron: test, range, price-price
Audi Audi e-tron

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

While Teslas Model 3 of the competition shows the taillights in small electric cars, the resistance in the SUV segment is larger. After the Jaguar I-Pace, Audi follows the e-tron. Site has already driven the car. This time Tesla has to dress warmly.

Auto-Germany ticks: SPD and Greens introduce diesel bans in Berlin-and already dream of banning brand new Euro 6 diesel . The alternative: walking, cycling or public transport-lots of fun in the chaos metropolis of Berlin-or stop with the electric car. This is more like a crusade against individual mobility and is likely to cause the opposite: the compulsory electrification of private transport, before the majority of people have affordable alternatives to their petrol engines and diesels-you want to be seriously enthusiastic about people for the e-car?

Enthusiasm for Stromer does not come as a compulsory measure

Because the electric car, which you can also afford for long-distance and family and family, is not yet on the market. Even a Tesla Model 3 costs something like a fully equipped diesel or petrol SUV. Hyundais Elektro-Kona is also not cheap and more of a pensioner or couple car in which no stroller has space and certainly not shopping in the furniture store. What use is it when the car finally with one "Tank filling" Also as far as a combustion engine has been going on for tens of decades?

But they exist, however, the family-friendly premium all-round cars with electricity-from Tesla (Model S and X), Jaguar (I-Pace) and now also from Audi (e-tron). The big blemish: these vehicles cost between 80.000 and 100.000 euros.

Bye-bye, Tesla? Audi’s electric SUV in the first check

Audi e-tron: test, range, price-price

Site Bye-bye, Tesla? Audi’s electric SUV in the first check

The electrical egg-laying wool milk sow must still be passed down from the premium segment. Audi could still achieve a success with the e-tron, which the brand can use after its years of diesel fraud and with an (ex) boss in jail for its shot image. We have already examined the design and interior of the e-tron-but how does the car drive now? After all, Tesla presented a lot in terms of acceleration and Jaguar in terms of driving dynamics.

Audi e-tron: test, range, price-range
Audi Audi challenges with the e-tron Tesla

To anticipate it: Teslas Model X has the best acceleration. That’s it. When it comes to driving dynamics and driving safety, both Jaguar and Audi simply blow the Americans off the street.

Tesla can go straight – and not much otherwise

While the 2.5-ton Audi in comfort mode, thanks to air suspension, glides elegantly over every bump, the dynamic mode is correct to the point. 165 kW is available on the rear axle, on the front 135 – the maximum available performance with boost is 300 kW / 407 hp. The all -wheel drive that arises in this way does not need a mechanical connection between the axes, everything happens via computing power. Despite the lush weight, the e-tron is beaten by the curves on a loose surface, as if you are sitting in a half as light Audi Quattro. In comparison, Teslas Model X wank through the landscape like a hippo on drugs.

Audi e-tron: test, range, price-e-tron
Manufacturer Audi e-tron

In pure off-road mode, the Audi ESP can even be completely exhibited and the car is playfully drifted around the curves. The stabilization is then completely adopted by the lightning-fast control of the electric motors, which distribute the torque between the axes and the individual wheels. While the classic quattro drive with the head-heavy combustion models tends to undermine, the electrical all-wheel drive with the low center of gravity and the 50:50 weight distribution is a completely different caliber.

The worst competitor: Jaguar I-Pace in the test

Auweia, BMW and Audi: You would like to have this electric racer

Audi e-tron: test, range, price-test

Site Auweia, BMW and Audi: You would like to have this electric racer

The car can also tidy up with the prejudice that electrical high-performance drives only play their mega power for a few acceleration processes and then first have to cool off. The permanent load capacity of the drive train not only lies in the elaborate battery cooling and battery management, but also in cooling management for the two asynchronous electric motors. While a Tesla has to regulate the performance after several full throttle trips-which only happens later and gradually in Model 3, but noticeably-Audi supplies its self-developed electric machines with a complex cooling circuit that also cools the rotor itself. During the test drives, the power of the car remained constant after numerous full throttle rounds in the handling course.

At the 200 km / h is over. Why actually?

For this reason, the Ingolstadt residents also waived the maximum maximum speed, which is only regulated at 250 in normal diesel or petrol SUVs of the brand. In the e-tron there is a 200 conclusion. “Of course you can also make such a car 250 km/h fast, but at what price?“, Says Michael Wein, project manager for electrical drives at Audi. The 200 naturally also disproportionately draw on the range, but that the car suddenly falls into the emergency running program, like some other Stromers, the Germans want to avoid.

Audi, Daimler and BMW can dress warmly: Teslas Model 3 is so good

Audi e-tron: test, range, price-range

Site Audi, Daimler and BMW can dress warmly: Teslas Model 3 is so good

The translation of the input transmission is also chosen so that there is a compromise between top speed and acceleration. "With a different translation we may have a higher top speed, but then an electric smart would pull us off the traffic lights at the sprint," says Michael Wein. The e-tron accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds, which is still almost as fast as with an Audi SQ5 (5.4 seconds). "Of course there is always more performance," says wine. One can assume that there will also be an SQ or RS variant from the e-tron. Even the translation problem can be solved – with a multi -course gearbox.

Audi e-tron: test, range, price-price
Manufacturer Audi e-tron

Electric cars do not have to be nerded fun brakes

In any case, it is not to be feared that the world of electric cars will only consist of rolling, data that will be offset by Google and Apple. This may explain the calm of the Audi developers who look back on a decades of experience in chassis and drive development. They do not seem to have the feeling that their expertise suddenly becomes superfluous through the electric startups shooting out of the ground.You can also tell the Audi people the satisfaction that they have electrically overtaken BMW and Daimler. According to the pioneer models i3 and i8, the Munich people have approved a fatal electric gap, which is filled far too late with a hastily electrified X3 and the future model inext. Until then, Tesla, Jaguar and Audi have probably already sold thousands of their electric SUV to the premium customers.

55.000 e-trons per year are planned

In the e-tron, which is built in Belgium, Audi is planning with 55.000 cars produced per year. Despite the steep price of 79.900 euros does not seem unrealistic. For the plug-in-hybrid Q7 e-tron, the "real" e-tron should mean the death sentence. Nobody will miss the diesel hybrids, because his consumption advantage over a normal diesel was a bad joke.

Audi e-tron: test, range, price-test
Audi Inside it is moderately futuristic

What is not yet convincing in the new e-tron is the operation. The various driving modes (auto, comfort, efficient, dynamic, all-road, off-road) may be the revelation for those in love-hardly anyone will take advantage of in everyday life. The digital round instrument display is confusing. So you quickly confuse the power display (0 to 100 percent) with the range display, which is inconspicuously housed in the same instrument.

Cockpit: Audi wanted too much – it gets confusing

Overall, the e-tron cockpit is the counterpart to Tesla, in which the driver no longer plays a role, but is only on board as a passenger in the long-term goal and should watch videos on the XXL monitor or make purchases while the autopilot moves. The car for driving yourself comes from Jaguar or Audi; Even if Audi’s automated driving system is well available as soon as the legal situation allows: the “A.I.“-Button in the car already exists.

Now it gets complicated: With the most modern Q7 you have to fill three tanks – what that brings

Audi e-tron: test, range, price-price

Site Now it gets complicated: With the most modern Q7 you have to fill three tanks – what that brings

For the steep base price of the e-tron you get air suspension, navigation system and various assistance systems as standard, so that you have to make significantly fewer crosses in the surcharge for the e-tron compared to a Q5 or Q7. Whether Audi also makes a profit with the e-tron or pays for every car remains the secret of the Ingolstadt.

Everything about electromobility

On our e-mobility portal site you will find all e-vehicles & hybrids available on the German market with technical data, prices, delivery times and model comparisons. There are ongoing insider news, tests of all important vehicles, an overview of charging stations and a range computer.

You can also arrange a test drive for your desired car for free and start e-mobility easily.

Two charging sorts and up to 150 kW charging power

For charging, the electric audi has two charging sorts on the right and left fender, which are hidden behind a gently sliding flap. It is loaded either on the home power grid with 11 kW or (for an additional charge) with 22 kW. This means that the 95 kilowatt hour is filled with lithium-ion battery in four to five hours. At public charging stations with a quick charging standard, the car is fueling over the CCS connector with a maximum of 150 kW, so that a load is possible up to 80 percent in half an hour. With its own app, Audi wants to save its customers the provider and card chaos of the various charging stations, so that you can simply refuel and pay anywhere.

Full of battery after three minutes: China solves electric car problem very simple

Audi e-tron: test, range, price-arrange test drive your desired

Site/Wochit Full of battery after three minutes: China solves electric car problem very simple

And the range? Since the information according to the new WLTP cycle is not yet official, Audi only speaks of "over 400 kilometers". In view of the battery capacity, you can assume around 460 kilometers. More than in the basic model of the Tesla Model X, but less than the top model P100D. AutobahnTampo is, of course, poison for the range, regardless of which brand the Stromer comes from. Nobody will drive permanently 180, even if it is possible.

Range: 400 to 500 km

Anyone who holds the speedometer needle of the e-tron between 140 and 160 km/h should come around 200 to 250 km. By the sophisticated temperature management including heat pump, in which the heat of the electric drive is used, low outside temperatures no longer have as much influence on the scope of an electric car as before. You have to wait for precise data for the Audi brumper to a longer practical test.

Audi e-tron: test, range, price-test
Audi The e-tron costs around 80.000 euros

Nobody strikes the diesel on the long distance

For the long-distance-proven diesel, the electric car is of course not a challenge even with 400 to 500 kilometers. Development manager Michael Wein sees as a major sticking point not even greater batteries, but rather the further reduction in loading times. But that is already in sight-the power cone will only take around 15 minutes. "When you go to the toilet, drink a coffee and pay at the cash register, that’s hardly more than fueling it," says Wein.

Tesla does not sleep: Model Y will be the new compact SUV

While the e-tron will soon be delivered to customers, the Audi people are already developing the next Stromer. A new, cross-group platform should quickly expand the electric drive to other vehicle classes. There are many candidates: a mini SUV, a crossover coupe or a sedan? Because the Tesla print will not be deceptive either: In 2019, Model Y will repeat the first compact SUV of the Americans the sales success of the Model 3. There are also numerous new competitors, also from China. This can only be good for the buyer: the more competition, the greater the price pressure becomes.The author traveled at the manufacturer’s invitation

Everything about electromobility

On our e-mobility portal site you will find all e-vehicles & hybrids available on the German market with technical data, prices, delivery times and model comparisons. There are ongoing insider news, tests of all important vehicles, an overview of charging stations and a range computer.

You can also arrange a test drive for your desired car for free and start e-mobility easily.

Manufacturer: Audi
Type: Electric car
Engine: Two asynchronous electromotors
Perfomance: 300 kW
(408 PS)
Top speed: 200 km/h
further data…
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h: 5.7 seconds
Transmission: Input transmission
Drive: all wheel drive
Battery type: Lithium ions
Range electrical: 400 km
Loading option to household socket: Yes
Load options and types of plugs: Type 2 plugs (AC shop) with 11 or 22 kW; CCS connector (DC shop) with Max. 150 kW
Charging time: Quick charging approx. 30 minutes (to 80%), head shop approx. 4-5 hours
Seats: 5
Purchase price: 79.900 euros
Battery included in the price: Yes
Serial equipment: Air suspension with level regulation, permanent all-wheel drive, navigation system, two loading lakes, electrical tailgate, heat pump, cruise control, LED headlights

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  1. Electrical. Regional and good.
    Electrical. Good. Regional citizen energy nice try. The Audi can be seen. Audi for … Electrical. Good. Regional citizen energy nice try. The Audi can be seen. Audi stands for offers in the premium area and this is obviously also delivered here. If you want to invest € 80,000 as a family, you can buy such a vehicle or think briefly. Many, like us, have a home. Suburban or rural area. We also have three children 2 to 7 years old. We chose PV system with memory and two eutos. For two years we have been running electrically, by car, train or bike (Babboe cargo bike for children’s transport). Zoe and Egolf are great and largely cover the need for mobility. Also on routes up to 300 km … Alternative is the railway if necessary there is rental cars, taxis and car sharing. Produced

  2. With 80.000 € too expensive
    E-car buyers also compare the offers on the market. Even if you give German cars a home bonus, the Audi e-tron should have a hard time. 80.000 € are M.E. Too expensive for the required electric technology. 400 km brochure range from 95 kWh, in the test 29 kWh consumption/100 km and only 200 km lace are not competitive. For 20.000 € less you get the all-wheel drive model 3 from Tesla, which fetches 500 km of prospectus width from 75 kWh, is really satisfied with 20 kWh at 100 km and 233 km/h top. This should be a clear decision for company car procurers in price-performance comparison. And a family that can spend so much money on cars will ask: Better a Model 3 Plus a Zoe or an Audi e-tron? It is good that Audi will even get into the E-Buschen.

  3. And a family that has so much money for cars
    can spend, will be "to say": Prefer a inexpensive mid-range petrol engine or diesel in which I have a "reliable range" and above all have security, "In an emergency or fire" also open the rear doors and get my children out. Seriously believe that one "normal" 4-person family could spend so much money on an e-vehicle (or. would) ?

  4. Who buys such a toy
    For 80.000 euros.So it won’t work with e-mobility. For years, vehicles with higher ranges have been promised at an affordable price, the batteries should become cheaper and and and and and.The fact is that the raw materials such as lithium and cobalt become more expensive, everyone wants to have a piece of the cake, and these raw materials are not finally finally.If I have a vehicle for 80.<000 euros with over 400ps then I already have the expectations that I am also at least at least at a travel speed of 140-150 kmh. reach a range of 500km.In the case of the Audis, this would mean when I drive from Stuttgart to Munich with the above travel speed, I have to look for a tank at Augsburg at the latest, I will stop, toys stop.Better drive my XC60

  5. Who needs something like that?
    In this price range, Audi will probably break new registration records – but down. A normal employee cannot and does not want to afford something. In what ratio in the new registration are cars over 50.000 € to that underneath? Would be interesting.

  6. Gone past the potential market
    I might drive electrically if there was a corresponding vehicle for my need. But there is no. I wonder why all new elekro cars incl. Jaguar and Audi do not have to have below 400 or 500 hp ? I don’t even find a family van Ala Touran, C-Max, Espace with 150 hp (100 kW) as a vision from any manufacturer. VW once introduced a Bulli as a studio, whether and when it comes in the stars. That "normal" Family car in electo execution is almost not to be bought on the market, only Tesla 3 seems to be targeting in the direction. Sorry, that’s how it will be with the change. If you only produce something for the high price segment as a replacement for AMG, S something and M, you don’t win customers in the mass market.

  7. Audi e-tron…
    Right, finally Audi swirls dust again, but not because of the technical innovations of the e-tron but because only a piece of truth is told to the customer again. This Audi has 79.000 euros actually only over a continuous output of 190 hp, which for "10" seconds to 408 hp or. for "60" seconds to 360 hp. How would sports car owners react if they could only call up the top performance of their cars for 10 or 60 seconds and would actually only have a continuous output of 200 hp, right – pissed off!

  8. There are many reasons
    To refuse the e – mobility. But if you only go to the lobbyist and stories of the car industry on the glue, you suddenly bought a car again, which is not allowed in the city. Scientists say that if all vehicles in Germany drive with Stom, the 4% of today’s electricity need today! "Four percent" . In addition, systems are already being built today to attribute the raw materials of the car batteries to the cycle for new batteries, they are not gone, like the oil! Only when the German auto industry can deliver inexpensive electric cars and got around what the advantages of the electric cars will change very quickly. I reject any punishment of dissenters, including driving bans ! Time is already regulating.

  9. It’s a little more
    electricity. Calculate 20% more for all vehicles in Germany. However, since the electricity is offered in a European network, Germany is not allowed to count alone but must take into account the entire network network. If Europe were completely electrified, we need around 125% more electricity in the network. 250 million cars / 0.5% more per million cars.

  10. And the world laughs
    Sorry, that was not a test – that was an embarrassment, probably paid for by Audi. Not a word about the real range – could, should and should just be silly. Or the alleged tester shouldn’t just drive the battery empty? Such articles simply insult the readers’ intelligence.

  11. Why the 200 km/h and 0-100 problem?
    Once the left-wing politics has made it that is half Germany with electric cars, the next steps will be the next steps to network the vehicles and the state-controlled column driving at a unit pace. Science has had the idea of road traffic for decades, in which all vehicles move autonomously at a uniform speed like at a pearl cord. And that will come in the long term in our oh "free" Countries. There will be nothing more with overtaking or driving faster than the rest, so it no longer needs signs because we follow the man in front, because the control is taken from us. The state is pretending, the electronics control it. Driving fun ade.

  12. What does "left -wing politics have made it" here?
    Where in the world are managers and owners of the "left" car companies? Nowhere. And what do you have against developing autonomous cars that reduce the traffic fatalities and injuries by 90%? We have over 1 million every year worldwide. Road fat, 3500 in Germany. The motto must be called dead ade. And driving fun is greater when I get in, call the goal and that’s it.


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