Audi equips development center in Hungary

Audi equips development center in Hungary-audi

Audi Hungary wants to invest a double-digit million amount (Euro) in the local technical development over the next two years. This is from a message from Audi. The focus of the investment is therefore on the installation of an electric functional test bench for the development of e-drives and E-driven and on the existing test bench infrastructure.

As part of the work at the Győr site, digitization should also be promoted. “Our technical development, which this year 20. Jubilee celebrates, is the third largest development center of and the competence center for simulations, acoustics and strength tests worldwide, “says Audi-Hungaria boss Alfons Dintner. Thanks to the investments, you will prepare for the electrical age at Audi Hungaria’s work. All drives of the VW Group could be tested locally. This offers high quality services for the entire network.

In the context of the investment, a new electric functional test stand for electric motor and electrical activity development is set up according to Audi. In addition, new solutions are used, such as digital planning tools and digital vehicle simulations. In addition, the existing test benches are upgraded in the sign of the e-transformation for hybridization and future E-drives.

In the development of the drive at the Audi location Győr, more than 400 employees work on various development projects in simulation, construction and mechanics development as well as in the application of the engine management system, the optimization of motor acoustics and in the test area of the drives. The core task of the development of the Audi Hungaria is the development and care of series production of various gasoline and diesel engines, as well as electrical axis drives.

Source Audi AG – Press Release of 16. July 2021

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