Audi GrandSphere (2025): This Concept Car should soon become reality

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Audi GrandSphere (2025): This Concept Car should soon become reality-audi

Audi presents the IAA 2021 the study GrandSphere Concept – of his sign the second vehicle of three “Sphere” –Concept Cars after the “SkySphere Concept” study presented before the expected urbanphere, which is expected to be presented in early 2022. Electric car was already allowed to take a look at and into the vehicle and talked to the Audi design chief Marc Lichte as well as brand strategist Philipp.

Audi GrandSphere (2025): This Concept Car should soon become reality-2025AUDI AG

While the SkySphere is more likely to be understood as a vision and the fantasy of developers has been left free run, the GrandSphere becomes a special role in: “Many of the technologies listed together and also design features will find themselves in future series Audi within a few years “Explains to us light. In addition, the automated driving on Level 4 – for this purpose. In any case, the sedan “to 80 percent” should roles in the year 2025 exactly to the customer – of course purely electrically and based on the 800 volt technology, as an Audi E-TRON GT or the Porsche Tyceran do. This also means that the luxury sedan, based on the premium platform Electric, short PPE, can also be loaded with 270 kW charging power. Fast shop is particularly important because the 120 kWh battery in the vehicle floor will not be small. In addition, two E-machines generate one on the front and rear axle (Quattro 2.0), up to 720 hp and 960 Newton meters. In addition, Audi promises a realistic range of 750 kilometers to WLTP, which also serves a particularly CW efficient wind tunnel design. An active landing gear for air suspension ensure “heavenly” comfort on the long distance. This is mainly important because the interior of the GrandSphere “(…) becomes the third habitat – after the workplace and its own home,” adds the Audi Designer Adds.

Audi GrandSphere (2025): This Concept Car should soon become reality-audiAUDI AG

Design process from inside to the outside

No longer the drive and no longer the driving dynamics then has priority in the development process of new Audi models, but the interior to which the finished car is designed. Only then will package, exterior lines and proportions are designed. That seems outstanding at the GrandSphere. In addition to his sheer size, he does not affect us, which is also due to the “soft, flowing forms”. Mighty dimensions of 5.35 meters in length, 2 meters wide and only 1.39 meters altitude form the gorgeous exterior design, which even makes the long version of the A8 in the shade with an extremely long wheelbase of 3.19 meters. Large also the wheels fall out: with up to 23 inches they all look at themselves and remember the Audi Avus of the 90s. Especially in the front area, he consistently sets the specific conditions of the electric drive into typical proportions – a short overhang, a flat hood and the far-to-front windshield as a front boundary of the large interior. In the rear area, this line continues at the same height above the rear wheel arch. Illuminated brand logos complete the futuristic design and will be implemented as so on the market, promises light.

Speaking of light (s): In the front area there is a novel interpretation of the Audi branded face Singleframe: The inner surfaces, lying behind a transparent cover, are lit indirectly from above in driving – this is not only easy to understand as a show effect. Similar translations we already know from the Skoda Enya IV. Over the SingleFrame Throne flat headlight units include a light graphic in the styles of a human pupil – the Ingolstadter call this “Audi Eye”. They were styled out of the cut of two brand rings. The luminous surfaces act as a daytime running lights or as a dynamically staged turn signal. “From now on, the slow, gradual introduction as a future, new brand recognition feature follows,” it continues to say.

Audi GrandSphere (2025): This Concept Car should soon become reality-grandsphereAUDI AG

The boss takes place now

Open the doors of the Audi GrandSphere Concept and closely close, traditionally known as “suicide doors”. So the passengers already opens up the entire width of the sustainably designed interior, in which we even could find a houseplant. That sense of sprawling is underlined by the large glass surfaces including transparent glass roof and strikingly angled side windows inside. “This is the biggest interior I was allowed to design,” delights light. Believe us: Again, an Audi A8 would sink in front of shame in the ground!

Audi GrandSphere (2025): This Concept Car should soon become reality-2025AUDI AG

But before, the Audi GrandSphere has already identified gait recognition – an innovative feature – opened the doors and welcomed with an individual staging of the ads and the ambient. Because driver and passenger position are automatically recognized by the GrandSphere and set numerous personal comfort features, – for example, the setting of the air conditioner and the seats – for the respective seat. Likewise, the infotainment picks up the last used services of passengers and continues the service seamlessly in the vehicle. For example, for the passenger, the video streamed on the tablet can be automatically played further via its display area in the Audi GrandSphere.

The display does not take place on batteries of round instruments, nor numerous screens. But via projection on surfaces to have been made from sustainable materials – such as wood from sustainable cultivation. Incidentally, true to the sustainability thought will not be a genuine leather in the GrandSphere. Alternatively, the projection screen can also be used as a Cinemascope screen for infotainment content, or as a screen in video conferencing. In addition, a sensor bar is integrated for fast switching from content – such as music for navigation – below the projection surface. This displays all functions and applications that are active in the car. Icons for the respective menus light up. We find a new control element near the door cutout on the inner panel: the so-called “MMI Touchless Response”, which should give a view of the future Audi operation. Sits the driver in the active position behind the steering wheel, it can select with this item by rotating ring and keys haptically various function menus and click by the respective levels.

Audi GrandSphere (2025): This Concept Car should soon become reality-2025AUDI AG

In addition, looking detection and gesture control is used: Marc light makes it before: “An eye-directed sensor recognizes at the direction of view when the control unit is to be used. And we just have to carry out analogue hand movements – without touch.”For all operating modes – eyetracking, gesture or voice control, handwriting input and touch – applies: The GREEGSPHERE introduces itself to the respective users and learns their preferences and frequently used menus. Consequently, the car will be able to think and even the user can make individual suggestions.

Audi GrandSphere (2025): This Concept Car should soon become reality-2025AUDI AG

“Blueprint for Level 4 vehicles”

This concept vehicle is already close to reality and is already considered a blueprint for self-moving vehicles,” so light. That the stromer should thus also bring the automated driving on level 4 into everyday life sounds exciting. Because the system can take over the complete vehicle management, so that the passengers can sit back – on high-tech seats that allow a backrest adjustment of up to 60 degrees. Depending on the market and country-specific laws, implementation is not unrealistic. As can be seen from other messages on the part of the VW Group, it is already energetically worked on a transposition for the second half of the year.

Audi GrandSphere (2025): This Concept Car should soon become reality-audiAUDI AG

Philipp, responsible for the Audi brand strategy, sees this as a task and opportunity to reposition the Audi brand: “The usage behavior of cars will change – the previous time behind the tax will then be designed as an experience. True to the motto: DriveTime becomes freeTime.”Who takes place on the driver’s seat, can still take over the tax itself, where Level-4 driving will not be possible, yet the focus is on the” driven “. The cockpit of the luxury soda can convert themselves to a moving lounge at the push of a button. The steering wheel disappears behind a hatch, the pedantry goes on and expelled to travel-relevant ads. The GrandSphere will thus become the “Experience Device”, how stirring.

All inmates become part of individually designable experiences: for communication or relaxation, work purposes or simply as a private room. Audi-own infotainment services as well as the integration of streaming services in the fields of music and video should make travel as comfortable as in a “First Class Lounge”. In the future, VR glasses should be found in the future, which can be used in conjunction with options of the infotainment – for example for the Holoride system. That’s what we were allowed to try in an e-tron playfully. Live vehicle data will be transferred to the glasses while driving and bring active movements into the game – in our case real steering movements in a spaceship. And in fact, this form of virtual reality is already in the making and will soon be orderable for selected audi models. Then the children may give rise to long trips (eye a wink) ..

Overdressed? Decide for yourself. So or so it was fascinating for us to see what way Audi does. But now we look forward to the upcoming urbansphere (2022) and then on the year 2025. Because he should then come to the market in a very similar version, the GrandSphere.

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