Audi hasn’t forgotten anything

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The station wagon therefore comes like a bodybuilder: : Broad shoulders, huge radiator throat, oversized 22-inch rims.

Audi hasn't forgotten anything

The RS6 Avant: A car of the extremes, with which Audi shows what it has to offer in terms of technology and design.

Audi hasn't forgotten anything-forgotten

Despite the outwardly extroverted nature, the RS6 can also very well provide the comfort combination.


In addition, Audi installed the grim front lights from the A7 on the RS6, which greet the driver with a clever light theater when they unlock the car. No station wagon currently offers more show talent. But – and that's what makes it unique – he abruptly discards his extroverted nature with a loud roar when he starts. The electronics trims the athletes to a comfort combination that feels more like an A8 with a cargo space. Despite the gigantic wheels, it rolls smoothly, thanks to double glazing and plenty of insulating material, you can hardly hear anything from the engine. Even the doors close almost silently thanks to the optional soft-close function (840 francs). In keeping with this, the interior appears extremely high-quality and solidly processed, as one would expect not only in this price range, but especially from Audi. In recent years, the Ingolstadt company has not always lived up to this claim – but with the RS6 they show that they have not forgotten anything. This makes the interior of the station wagon a place where people not only enjoy spending time, but also find it surprisingly relaxed. Only on the sports seats could you sit lower and softer, the touchscreen for all important functions should be mounted a little higher. The large audio system from B&O costs an extra 7,900 francs, but fits in well with the elegant ambience – and when it comes to sound quality, there is no doubt about it.

Audi hasn't forgotten anything-Ingolstadt company always lived this claim

The interior has an extremely high quality and solid finish, just as you would expect from Audi – even if the Ingolstadt company has not always lived up to this claim in the past.


But despite the surprising driving comfort, 1680 liters of luggage space and 2150 kg unladen weight, the RS6 remains a sports station wagon: the sprint to 100 km/h would be possible in 3.6 seconds. After a short deep breath, the turbochargers provide 800 Nm of torque for full acceleration in every situation – and in curves, the optional steel spring chassis with roll compensation (RS dynamic package plus, CHF 16,250) and the standard all-wheel drive keep the station wagon on course. Without unnecessary spectacle, but safe, fast and efficient.

Speaking of efficiency: According to WLTP, the RS6 consumes 12.4 l/100 km. He sticks to that, on the long haul he even manages with 10.1 l/100 km. Thanks to the mild hybrid and cylinder deactivation, he also manages to unite supposed opposites here. The questions asked at the beginning can therefore be answered unequivocally: Yes!

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