Audi invests in solar park in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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Audi invests in solar park in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-solar

Audi wants to become a provider of CO2-neutral mobility. With partners from the energy industry, Europe’s wind and solar parks are created by 2025 in different countries. Calling together the approximately five terawatt hours green electricity. This corresponds to an installed capacity of about 250 wind turbines. “The expansion of renewable energies in an industrial scale is the next, logical step. Already 2022 the first project, a huge solar park in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in operation, “says Oliver Hoffmann, Executive Board Technical Development. The complex with almost 420.000 solar modules are designed for a total capacity of 170 million kilowatt hours. RWE will operate the solar park.

Cooperation with energy suppliers is the next step in order to realize the vision of balance sheet neutrality. Audi has the entire lifecycle of its models in view. The is divided into three phases: production, use and recycling. As an intermediate goal, Audi wants to reduce the CO2 footprint of his fleet throughout the life cycle by 2025 by 2025. The automaker relies on a regional approach: the projects are to be implemented primarily in areas where the load requirement is particularly high. By providing Audi and its cooperation partners for additional green flow, the existing regenerative energy is not in competition to the consumption of the Audi fleet. Further regions should follow perspective – in the long run outside Europe.

CO2 reduction over the entire life phase

Electro cars drive locally CO2 emission-free, however, the generation of electricity also causes CO2 emissions – in fossil energy sources far more than in regenerative electricity. Therefore, Audi promotes the production of regenerative streams. The cooperation with energy suppliers should also cover the charging processes that are not yet with green stream. The aim is that the proportion of regeneratively generated electricity increases through the cooperation partners together with the increasing proportion of electric cars. Already today, Audi customers can use the green flow offers of the Volkswagen subsidiary ELLI (Electric Life) for the store at home. For the shop on the go Ionity and many other loading point operators already put on green electricity.

For the production phase, Audi has already launched a CO2 program in the supply chain in 2018. CO2 reduction potential lies in closed material circuits, the successive increase of secondary material, the use of recyclates in plastic components as well as the use of green stream. The implementation of these measures will agree on Audi with its suppliers for upcoming orders. They should be completely effective by 2025. The use of green stream has been an integral part of supplier contracts with high-voltage battery cell manufacturers since 2018. The company analyzes the effectiveness of these measures based on life cycle analysis and can be certified by independent third parties. In addition to direct suppliers, the program also includes subcontractors.

Mission Zero: CO2-neutral production

All activities to reduce the ecological footprint to the worldwide Audi locations bundles the company in the Environmental Program Mission: Zero. Audi Brussels has been a CO2 neutral location since 2018, Audi Hungaria followed 2020. All European production sites of Audi relate exclusively green electricity. The production of the Audi E-tron GT in the BOllinger farms as well as the production of the Audi Q4 E-tron In the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau, Bilanziell takes place CO2-neutral. All CO2 emissions from supply chain, production and logistics that can not be avoided will be balanced with carbon credits. These are certified by the Non-Profit Organization The Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard.

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2 thoughts on “Audi invests in solar park in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern”

  1. Exemplary! Finally we come beyond the status of a demonstration demonstration system. Electricity from wind and solar power plants is already the cheapest form of production. Only from RWE I would not buy the PV system. For too long, the 4 energy giants have exploited their monopoly position and sabotaged the energy transition. I do not forget that. Without the 4 brakers we could be a lot of time today. Nevertheless good action, Audi continues so!

  2. I’m not excited, MVP has already installed a tremendous amount of wind turbines in the country comparison. Agricultural surfaces, albeit inferior to abuse for solar systems, is exactly as unwanted and environmentally harmful as the corn plantations for biogas plants. Nature and their reserves are abused for e-mobile.


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