Audi leaves burners from 2026

Audi leaves burners from 2026-burners

The first German automaker Audi has set a concrete date for the burner-off: From 2026, the VW subsidiary does not want to record new models with internal combustion engines in the portfolio, even no hybrid models, as the Suddeutsche Zeitung reports. Already in five years, new Audi models are only presented as a pure electric car.

Popular models such as the A3 and the A4 should therefore no longer get direct successors, but completely redesigned, build on exclusive electric car platforms and renamed E-TRON and A4 E-TRON. The last premiere of a burner is to be a model of the SUV range mentioned in Audi Q 2026. The distribution of this last fossil driven Audis wanted to adjust the manufacturers at the beginning of the 2030s. Then Wool Audi sell only battery vehicles – worldwide.

The radical cut had already quietly narced, only a few weeks ago it was said that Audi did not want to develop new internal combustion engines more. In its consequence, the project is then surprising and is not particularly good for many Audi fans, as the look in the comment columns of common social media platforms shows.

According to the SZ, Audi-Board Markus Duesmann had already forged the plan to the burner to his departure a year ago and inaugurated in a timely manner, the boss of the parent company Volkswagen. Good 500 employees developed the concept quietly and quietly. Only on Thursday for the first time the works councils and Audis have not yet been informed top managers.

Gold so far scarce margins in the manufacturers as a counter-argument for the rapid introduction of electric cars, this situation has meanwhile changed fundamentally, quotes the SZ from the company. At the A6, the return on sales at about 20 percent, with the corresponding e-auto equivalent, be only two, three percent less.

Audi is not the only German manufacturer who stops driving at the drive turn now. Also Mercedes-Benz also wants to accelerate his swing towards electric cars because of increasing pressure for better climate protection. Many of the new electric cars planned in 2024 should come to the market one year earlier, as the manager magazine reports. Even with the Swabia, some new models should only go into the program in the program only in the program, according to the report more than half.

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10 thoughts on “Audi leaves burners from 2026”

  1. Congratulations Audi, a wiser step for a manufacturer, a great for the lead by technology.
    Audi will go behind the other manufacturers, the disruption learns running.
    The entrons are already quite good and attractive.
    Marge is not all, climate protection is more important.
    Maybe you should toss the last q.
    An exhaust gas sheathing for the good conclusion of the burner fits then no longer really in the advanced overall picture.

  2. is not particularly good for many Audi fans, as the look in the comment columns of common social media platforms shows.

    This is nonsense – the comment columns are currently simply rolled out of the usual trolls in this topic. This is also recognized by the ever-recurring, reasonable reasoning argumentation patterns, the always equal, bumpy spelling and the repetition of obvious disinformations. The vast majority of contributions simply do not make a logical sense but serve only the opinion manipulation.

    Audi clearly recognized the signs of time and knows his markets very well. That fugs hope for the German auto industry.

  3. Audi is probably re-aligned as a premium electric car brand in the VW Group. Clever the risk only to bundle with a group brand as a test balloon. Also, that the choice has fallen on Audi makes sense. Customers are likely to get the elimination of cheaper entry-level vehicles most likely.

  4. 2026 – That could possibly. Hot that Audi the 2.Bundestag election 2025 waiting to see how the political wind blows in Berlin. In a resistant strong green party, no recalcity of the burners at Audi and other German manufacturers should be expected – So choose to go.

  5. I have now overlooked when the production of the dirt shafts is set? Do not develop new models is nothing new. Audi has not developed anything new for years. Residue by stylistic stand.

  6. Actually 5 years too late. To be able to comply with the climate goals may not be sold from 2025 no combustions. If the own fan base finds stupid, this is the first to do so that it has not understood the need for this step, the second to the topic that you can overestimate the range and to the third in a still-mature loading infrastructure for the masses. What one could do about it showed us an American startup company that you have only mocked and that you are emulating now. Only with 79ct / kWh one wins with the clientele no flowerpot. Tip makes your cars just 1.000 Euro more expensive and “planted” for all 5 cars sold an inner-city public AC charging column. And if you want to do that with steering effect, then the money at the burns but not at the E cars. If the infrastructure is there, there is a point less critic for you to complain less


  7. Normal, in a VW Group.
    VISIONING, Publishing, Presenting and Building Prototypes.
    We can best do that !!!
    Make promises, promised.
    Oh promised again.
    This is part of the VW Group to the Strategy (VDA).
    So that the policy does not make too much specifications and restrictions.
    Because it could be that the current government, whose party members in the federal government the highest side income (CSU / CDU / SPD average up to 130.000 € per year), soon more competition of the other gets.
    I hope this government is deselected so that we have on a chance for us and our offspring to a healthy life on this planet.
    Unfortunately, German engineering can not do this because its own wallets are more important, even if more than enough is in it. You can not have money and power (the gold of the greedy).
    Pity Germany

  8. If we were in a democracy, one would allow citizens agony to choose. It is tried here with the electric car with violence a “worse” product for significantly more money for sale. With the current development one will press the people but E-cars and the E-Fuel alternative quite deleted, which represents a real bridge. At least until 2030 in the planned energy mix each electric car is considerably more harmful as an old diesel. And without incorporating battery production, energy loss by self-discharge, etc. But the children in Africa will also make the battery with their hands

  9. An official message of 22.06.2021: “Audi leaves burners from 2033″. What a mendacity. There is any comment superfluous.


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