Audi-loading lounge opens in autumn as “Charging Hub” in Nuremberg

Audi-loading lounge opens in autumn as

With growing demand for E-vehicles on the market, the requirements for the loading infrastructure increase. An answer wants to give Audi with the “Charging Hub”. The concept provides for reservation high-power charging (HPC) charging points. A lounge area upstairs should make the waiting pleasant. With the Audi-Charging Lounge, which was presented in May, the manufacturer wants to go to the start from autumn in Nuremberg.

Audi tarpaulin, similar to Tesla, building a separate shop network – but some number smaller than the supercharger network of industry prize. Thought the Charging Hubs are mainly for drivers of the brand, which can quickly load their E-cars to reservable HPC charging points (HPC, high-power-charging). The waiting time until your own stromer can be on the road again, the drivers can bridge in the approximately 250 square meter lounge. The first city is to get a loading hub in the autumn Nuremberg.

As the basis, according to Ingolstadt serve so-called “cubes”. The flexible container cubes threaten to charging columns also used lithium-ion batteries as power storage. With the help of 2nd-life modules that come from disassembled developing vehicles, Audi hopes a special trick. Because by using the Second-Life batteries, the Charging Hub should be possible to dispense with an infrastructure with high voltage supply and transformers. The cubes can be set up individually and expand if necessary; For example, to a Charging Hub with Lounge.

The charging station works from a connection power of eleven kilowatts per cube, which takes place via a 400 volt power connection. The hub is transportable “and can be transported in a short time, installed and adapted to the respective requirements – largely independent of the local network capacities”. For the Nuremberg Charging Hub, this means that according to Audi 200 kilowatt connection capacity is sufficient in total to continuously fill three memory modules with a total capacity of 2.45 megawatt hours and recharge overnight. Furthermore, PV modules on the roof of the modules also supply green power to load the buffer memory. With the buffer memory, around 70 fast charges should be possible with up to 300 kilowatt performance a day.

The concept makes it easier not only the selection of possible locations, but save planning and costs. The hub can be transported, installed, installed, installed and adapted to the respective local network capacity requirements, according to Audi.

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3 thoughts on “Audi-loading lounge opens in autumn as “Charging Hub” in Nuremberg”

  1. In principle, I think the idea is great, it’s like postcoach pages as there were all the postal stations. Whether such concepts can be sold, once again.
    In itself, everyone wants to recharge as soon as possible, have little relief and maybe take another coffee or eatable.
    Because I’m a fan of American Diners, which there are also in Nordic countries, I give a full score. Hopefully there is something of other OEMs.

  2. HEOS Solar Carport in Chemnitz was only copied by Audi. ;-). You should invest the money in HPC loaders on motorway tank stations. There is a cafe / WC / seat already available.

  3. Great concept. We have ordered the Q4 and look forward to the shop in such places. Otherwise we stroll with electricity from our new photovoltaic system.


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