Audi proceedings Wortmann: “There is no alternative to electric cars”

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Audi proceedings Wortmann:

“Electromobility may not be luxury”: Hildegard Wortmann is at Audi the proceedings for marketing and sales and made clear in an interview with GQ, which customers can expect in terms of electric cars. The automotive industry is “in the largest transformation of its history, a radical change,” says Wortmann at the beginning of the interview. It stimulates to understand this change as an opportunity – “new to think a chance, mobility and the car and reinvent a bit of far.”What exactly happen,” the social change towards sustainability and better quality of life “,” the beginning of a new era “.

And despite this reinvention wool Audi at his claim “projection by technology”. However, redefine it, so wordmann. “What leads ahead has changed”. It is no longer about the fastest lap time at the Nurburgring, “but to use the great intelligence to make meaningful technology to contribute to a better future”. AUDIS Contribution For this better future, more than 20 complete electrical models and investments in e-mobility amounting to 15 billion euros by 2025. “And all other models that come back to the market from 2026 are already pure electric,” says Wortmann about Audis slow farewell to the burner. A “consistent conversion of the product portfolio in all core segments” does not give it any other established manufacturer.

This transformation towards sustainable economies, however, is “in all its size an incredible force that is only tackled together,” says Wortmann to consider. “Industry, politics and society must work together,” which is why they considered the state promotion of infrastructure for correct and necessary. “But we also need people who are willing to change the e-car,” she says. And do not work “not with the raised index finger”. But rather with it, “to inspire with this new technology”, which is above all “testing, testing, testing”, according to the Audi proceedings: “Some people still rise with a skeptical look into an electric car, go the Coat angle at the latest at the acceleration quickly upward “, and just this” I did-not-thought-feeling “convincing more sustainable than any educational measure.

“From the entry mark to the top level everything is there”

“The new competitors show that you have to change,” says Wortmann with a view of competitors like Tesla or some other e-auto-start-ups that completely re-think the car. “This paradigm shift, this disruption, I welcome explicitly,” says the Audi proceedings. But one should not “forget that the German automotive industry is a leader in many disciplines” – an Audi makes much more “than the powertrain”. It goes to the overall experience. “Competences such as driving dynamics, digitization or safety are still part of the experience of auto – something we want to sound as a German automotive industry without wringing in arrogant”.

Even with the electrification, the manufacturer knew what to do is develop a Battery unit cell in the Volkswagen Group, have the right platforms and work along a clear roadmap “. The unique selling point of some competitor is away, finds Wortmann. But in the mass market burners and electric cars will inevitably have to run in parallel for several years, as it explains: because it is clear, “that we will see different turning points in the world regions in the course of the transformation. For example, the transition to electromobility in Norway succeeds faster than approximately in India “. The most important thing for Audi is, at least “to have the ability to act early. And we have!”Says Wortmann’s self-confident.

“Alone with an optically outstanding and exclusive Brand Shaper as our Audi E-TRON GT in business”, but is not responsible. Also as a premium brand Wool Audi your vehicles “offer a wider audience – for example, our new electrical compact SUV Audi Q4 E-Tron”, which with its up to 520 kilometers range “an absolutely everyday useful initial authority for the family” is in the Premium segment “at an attractive price” start. Within the Volkswagen Group, “Electromobility for everyone can be reached”, and available in each price range: “From the entry mark to the top level everything is there“.

There is “no alternative” to electric cars

A critical question about the sustainability of e-cars counterproof: “If the future is not electrical, then we will not control climate change,” she says. But you have to “take account of such a basic change”, which can not do everything from day one to “perfectly function”. It is important to “that you know what to do and describe the way”. The topic of sustainability must be considered “from three pages: economic, ecologically and social”. It does not help to use only one of these three perspectives. “We really need to take this overall social responsibility,” says Wortmann.

Of course, there is still a lot to do in this regard: “We are working on the fact that we make batteries different, that we find other ingredients so that we are still more carefully dealing with the raw materials,” says the manager. Audi work “Really at all corners of making it as good as possible,” she assures. Electromobility is the right and only way, there is “no alternative“.

The fuel cell is not sustainable in the car area: “Hydrogen does not make sense in individual mobility,” says Wortmann. “The energy efficiency, the efficiency – there is not enough green electricity that really produce everything green,” she says. In heavy duty traffic, on the other hand, “where the electric drive from physical reasons can not be the alternative“, “regenerative hydrogen can make a meaningful contribution, but not by car”.

Therefore, Wortmann also pleads “for technology clearance instead of technology openness”. It needs “a clear focus to further develop electromobility successfully”.

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12 thoughts on “Audi proceedings Wortmann: “There is no alternative to electric cars””

  1. Thank you Wife Wortmann for this M.E. meaningful interview and statement.
    Nice that it finally arrived in management.

    Now only “do”

    The fuel cell is not sustainable in the car area: “Hydrogen does not make sense in individual mobility,” says Wortmann. “The energy efficiency, the efficiency – there is not enough green electricity that really produce everything green,” she says. In heavy duty traffic, on the other hand, “where the electric drive from physical reasons can not be the alternative”, “regenerative hydrogen can make a meaningful contribution, but not by car”.


  2. I find the picture hearty. A woman in front of a car that does not necessarily need the world. Audi definitely did not have it what it’s about the change to E. But among us, that has expected someone?
    Exactly with such prototzcarts does nobody do a favor. But Audi is just loyal. Ahead of something is definitely different.

  3. And once again, unreflated comments about “false cars, much too big … u.s.w.” to appear. First, one can undoubtedly say that every individually used vehicle is wrong. Finally, we have to change consistently on public transport. But the majority does not want that. What should Audi do? Build small cars and compete with Dacia? Of course not, Audi has its market exclusively in the premium segment. If the brand was “diluted down” this was unsuccessful (see A 1). What happens to a brand that can not position exposed, see Opel. Nobody needs her more, that’s why she will disappear. Audi will only be successful if it makes luxury. Who fades this with his commentary, should actually refrain from writing anything.

  4. Hydrogen is the volatile combustible gas. What is the maintenance effort to ensure a permanent tightness? Hydrogen would lead to more traffic because the trucks can transport less energy content to the gas station. And have to drive additional kilometers to the gas station, which could not be done with the electric car loadable on the wallbox.

  5. There is “no alternative” to electric cars
    I would also propagate that if I had just aligned my business model completely on one side.

  6. Do not believe that the fait citizen is ready to be prescribed that he should be on the road in the future. The whole hype about climate change is so on my nerves. The car is not responsible for climate change. Rather, there are factories in underdeveloped countries the unfiltered blowing out the dirt.

  7. A brand builds over 30 years of future secure vehicles with expensive aluminum for long-lasting bodies, invests in a bodywork with fully galvanized sheets and preaches the mar of the sustainable long-term car. That would be good to use today in the light of the entire ecological footprint, without the Greta howls, though, yes, if not this Ingolstadt goodman with all the consequence works, the “old” with ever worse and more expensive spare parts supply from the road to Obtain. Nice example: Audi A2. Little exploitation, proper pollutant values and thanks to aluminum karosse unbreakable. What makes Audi ? Caps the parts supply. Approaches to keep the ancients of important driving institers in terms of postprintings were finally stifled by the replacement of the head of the relevant department by a voluntary person from the Contolling. So much to the elite claim of Mrs Hildegard, who is just about it, with beautiful marketing words, to somehow get into the track with beautiful marketing words. Maybe the lady should make a test drive in one of the 1990s long-term audience to inform oneself about the values of the company instead of posing priceless electric room poles.

  8. The most important thing is that there are many providers on the sector of new mobility ways. Mobility should be affordable for all and do not waste our records. But if the production of E cars are devastated and people dying and poisoned by toxic waste of the end products of the planet, this is only a shift of the murder of combustion engines for the birth of the next generation of planets toxins. Who will dispose of the residual waste of the electrical waste? What will the next generation cost health and future,?

  9. Nice, the Audi fully swing on E

    But hopefully the concept of resource waste is as a status symbol soon more and more on the retreat &# 128578;

    At least the urban population will hopefully seek more and more other – less environmentally harmful toys in which no tons of tons of batteries are installed, which are used only for two holidays in the year &# 128578;

  10. Such a lie, dear car manufacturers, you now also get to us Germans to fades?
    With the electricity prices, this makes no sense to drive an e car with more than 100 hp and that is only interesting as a short distance mel. A car with a few hundred ps is popular diligence and thrown out subsidies the small all us only more damage. Wake on people, where should that lead you …

  11. Such a jury
    After over130 Audi vehicles you have to look around somewhere else.
    This climate tray is unbearable and has to do with the high competence of the company in vehicle construction zero. Only sad


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