Audi Q4 E-TRON: have more reach and additional all-wheel model

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Audi Q4 E-TRON: have more reach and additional all-wheel model-e-tron

The Q4 E-Tron and the Q4 Sportback E-TRON are the first compact electro SUVs from Audi. After the sales debut in April, two variants are now expanding the portfolio: the Q4 Sportback 40 E-TRON, the rich-strongest model of the series and the Q4 45 E-Tron Quattro as all-wheel variants can be ordered from now on.

The Q4 E-Tron models drive locally CO2 emission-free and should combine the space and comfort of a top-class automobile with everyday range in the compact class. The Q4 Sportback 40 E-Tron is up to 534 kilometers (WLTP) of the range champion in the electrical model range. Also, the new four-wheeled model convinces with an everyday range of up to 490 kilometers (WLTP). The two variants can be ordered immediately: the Q4 Sportback 40 E-TRON for gross base price from 49.500 euros, the Q4 45 E-Tron Quattro starts at 50.900 euros.

With the rich Q4 Sportback 40 E-TRON, an electric motor drives the rear axle, which makes 150 kW (204 hp). The new quattro variant uses two E-machines, a front, a back, for the electric all-wheel drive. They bring it together at 195 kW (265 hp) maximum power – enough for a sprint from zero to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds and a top speed of 180 km / h, which is electronically limited.

Climate neutrality certified by TuV Nord

Audi produces the Q4 E-TRON and the Q4 Sportback E-Tron Bilanziell CO2-neutral – which has officially confirmed a successful TuV certification to the “Klimanutral product”: “Audi ensures that CO2 emissions in the supply chain, in the entire production process and logistics u.a. By using electricity from renewable energies, proportionally avoided or reduced. This explicitly closes the production of the high-voltage battery with one. In the second step, audi unavoidable CO2 equivalent emissions has compensated by supporting internationally recognized climate protection projects, “confirms TuV NORD the successful certification.

The Volkswagen Group in Zwickau, where ID.-Running models from VW from the tape, only eco flow refers to production. And the suppliers of the battery cells are obliged to use only energy from renewable sources in the manufacture. Emissions that are currently not avoiding are balanced by certified climate protection projects. These are validated by the Non-Profit Organizations The Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard. In this way, with simultaneous use of green stream in the use phase, a CO2 neutrality is possible over the entire life cycle of the vehicle.

In addition, in all vehicle projects, Audi is systematically for responsible actions in all vehicle projects, according to their own statement with their suppliers. Since 2017, Audi has reviewed its partner companies with a self-developed sustainability rating to ensure resource-saving production and compliance with social standards.

Comfortable loading with the E-Tron Charging Service

The Q4 E-TRON models praise the manufacturer as a versatile all-rounder with a high for everyday use. In addition to a large space, high comfort and long-distance ranges, driver also benefit from high loading speeds. Ideally, for about 130 kilometers range (WLTP), only ten minutes on the charging column.
Audi Q4 E-TRON: have more reach and additional all-wheel model-e-tronAudi

Users of the E-Tron Charging Service may now be around 250.Choose 000 charging points in 26 European countries, including almost 6000 HPC fast load points. In the Transit tariff, the buyers of the Q4 E-TRON pay no basic fee in the first year. Moreover, you benefit from the preference conditions within the ionity network: The charged kilowatt hour costs 31 cents, which corresponds approximately to the price level at home shop in Germany. The shop abroad is also carefully comfortable: Audi customers always pay the country’s own price, depending on the respective charging speed – without cost surcharge for a roaming. Thus, foreign users in transit to identical conditions like locals.

Looking for the nearest charging station help the MyAudi app or the Audi navigation system. In addition to the route planning, the MyAUDIAPP can unlock supported charging points and informs in advance about the status of the charging column. Alternatively, the charging process can also be started with the Audi load card. Identification and billing run automatically in the background. The app also shows the current charging status of the car.

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  1. Audi, where did you get the projection through technology?
    You arrange you in all points behind the Y, this at a high price.
    Even the Chinese are already more great vehicles.

  2. Too bad that Audi does not make E cars to build, which also looks a bit future-oriented. But probably they adapt the design to the technical residue. It’s a mystery to me how to pay 20% for a car without added value, while in Lidl, Aldi & Co. every action is back. But that’s greater appearance than his fever is a widespread disease.

  3. When is there stronger engines?
    The available quattro drive is expensive and costs range.
    In Seat Cupra there will be an eboost package with 170kW.
    When is there stronger tail engines for VW and Audi?

  4. I can read the whole discussion on the one hand only with a head shake and on the other hand with amazement.
    The Volkswagenfan is accused, he has on the typical brand glasses, the Teslaanhanger does not accept that the even open-raised catching effect has not yet occurred, but “man” with high pressure. That’s just fact. And honest, there are millions of motorists who do not want to move electronic vehicle but simply want to drive electrically from A to B. Which is it suspect to use a giant touchpad that want to have rotary knobs. Which is sausage, whether the crate comes theoretically 450 or 600 km far. They drive these routes only 2-3x a year.
    Each animals his plaque. And who has driven and satisfied Audi, VW, Daimler or BMW for years, who is pleased that he can do this in the future with another drive. Your lovers of other brands, you are no missionaries, tradition is not per se, but also just a matter of confidence.


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