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With the Q4 e-tron, Audi is launching another model with a battery-electric drive. The compact crossover in the first driving report.

The Audi Q4 e-tron is available now; the «sportback» with coupe-Heck will follow in September.

Prices start at 47,800 francs (rear-wheel drive, 170 hp, 306 to 341 km range).

Cars with purely electric drives are still in the minority, even if their market share has increased significantly in recent years. In 2015, only 1.6% of all newly sold passenger cars were purely electrically powered, in the first half of 2021 it was already 9.9%. So it will be a while before e-cars make up the majority of new cars – However, the e-share will continue to grow, if only because the manufacturers are expanding the range in the naincreased massively in the last few yearsohen. Audi wants to have 20 models with pure electric drive in its portfolio by 2025. The brand wants to launch the last new model with a combustion engine in 2026 – the A3, A4 and A6 models will probably no longer have any successors with fossil fuel engines. Finally, in 2035, the last Audi with a petrol or diesel engine should roll off the assembly line. So the path is clearly marked. until spa14 years of testing, so Audi has to warn all potential customers of it uConvince them that a car with a battery-electric drive is the right choice – and must have a suitable car on offer in every relevant segment.

On the big SUV «e tron» and the sporty sedan «e-tron GT» now follows the «Q4 e tron», a compact crossover with electric drive. That Audi with the third Stromer just fuIt is no coincidence that this category is chosen: Small SUVs are very popular and offer ideal conditions for stowing the batteries under the floor. The Q4 is based on that «MEB», the modular electrical construction kit from the VW Group. So it shares the technical basis with the VW ID.4 and the Skoda Enyaq. The battery pack lies flat in the underbody and stores, depending on the versionution, 51.5 or 76.6 kWh net. That’s enough fur 306 to 520 km range. U.Nubleached fuFor an Audi, there is a choice of drive: The basic models are availableugene napossible uvia rear-wheel drive. The top model «50 quattro», which in Switzerland presumably on hawill be sold most frequently, gets an additionalaAdditional electric motor on the front axle, making it an all-wheel drive. The performance increases from 170 or 204 hp with rear-wheel drive to 299 hp.

like thatustet, futhe 2.1-tonne Q4 stops quite quickly when accelerating. Mainly because he delivered his performance without delayodelivers. the fufeels even more confidentan because there is hardly anything to horen is. self fur e-car scaleabe it is very quiet in the interior, wind and AbrollgeraBrushes remain discreet even at motorway speeds, which makes the Q4 look very comfortableasst. This impression also continues with the chassis. Audi has found a good compromise here in order to keep the very high weight caused by the batteries well under control, without the occupants being affected uExcessively hard suspension expected to mueat The batteries installed in the floor ensure fur a low center of gravity, which also keeps body roll in curves within narrow limits halt. Together with the directly tuned steering, the crossover is quite handy, although the high weight is always prais sent.

Digital look into the future

In the interior fallt the redesigned steering wheel; it is slightly flattened at the top and bottom and availu> uvia elegant touchpadachen, uWith which numerous functions can be conveniently controlled without the Hande from the steering wheel to mueat However, the buttons reactachen often somewhat unpredictable: part mueat like a buttonube ckt, sometimes a slight Berua – with which one likes to bet them unintentionallyatakes. A simple, physical button ware here the simpler Losung, the fur less distraction wuearth.

Audi Q4 e-tron-e-tron

Cockpit with redesigned steering wheel.

positive fall dafur the large areaadifferent head-up display. It projects the most important information onto the windscreen so that it can be seen from a distance of ten meters from the driver’s seat. This is special «Augmented reality function», which, for example, the directional arrows fur can overlay the navigation to fit the environment, effectively following the arrow – almost like in a video game. In order for the arrow to be displayed correctly even when driving at full speed, the system should, thanks to kueastern intelligence up to 200 milliseconds «Look into the future» kon to the dirostruggled to balance camera and computer. An impressive gimmick – because in everyday life duThe comfortable seats, the good amount of space on the Rurear seat and in the trunk and, above all, the range will be more decisive. On the first test drive uThe crossover consumed around 18 kWh/100 km on country roads and the motorway; a good 400 kilometers dushould therefore be feasible in everyday life, with which the Audi against the growing competition, mainaAfter all, the Mercedes EQA, Volvo XC40 and the upcoming Model Y from Tesla are well positioned.

Audi Q4 e-tron-e-tron

at the stern fall the durgacommon Rulights up.

Audi Q4 50 e-tron quattro

Engine: 2× electric machine

Power: 299 hp/460 Nm

Drive: auto 1st gear, 4th×4

L×B×H: 4588×1865×1617mm

trunk: 520–1490 l

Weight: 2135kg

0–100km/h: 6.2 sec.

Vmax: 180km/h

Range WLTP: 488 km

Price: from 61850 francs

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