Audi Q5 E-TRON shows itself as a luxury output of the VW ID.6

Audi Q5 E-TRON shows itself as a luxury output of the VW ID.6-audi

In mid-November, Audi revealed the Q5 E-TRON as a production model on the Auto Guangzhou 2021. The Stromer presents itself essentially as a luxurious output of the VW ID.6 and felt like a larger Audi Q4 E-TRON therefore. In contrast to the little brother, the Q5 E-Tron sets a third row of seats.

The id.6 is built in the two works Anting and Foshang in China and sold in its two variants exclusively in the Chinese market. The same approach is now chooses the Q5 E-Tron, which was also developed as an E-vehicle from VW-SAIC exclusively for the Chinese market. According to the A7L Limousine, which was presented at the beginning of the year, it is the second vehicle of Audi, which comes exclusively in China on the street. Technically, the Q5 E-Tron is a luxurious version of the ID.6 x.

The 4.88 meter long ID.6 uses the architecture of the modular electric drivers (MEB) of Volkswagen. With the help of 30 inches more length than the ID.4 brings the ID.6 a third row of seats under. On this basis, the seven-seat SUV also sets up. So it brings this to a length of 4.876 millimeters and has an identical wheelbase of 2.965 mm. As can be seen on one of the official pictures, Audi also wants to offer the Q5 E-Tron as a six-seater with single seats in the second row. Similar to the VW siblings, there will also be the Audi Stromer in two different motorizations and drives.

The Audi Q5 E-TRON 40 has a 83.4 kWh battery and a single electric motor in the rear, which makes 201 Hp. In the “larger variant” of the Q5 E-TRON 50, an additionally mounted motor is used, which provides a total output of 302 hp and uses the same battery as the smaller version. A third entry-level model should follow in the future and be guided as “35”. This comes only with rear wheel drive and 177 hp as well as a smaller 55 kWh battery therefore.

The market launch of the Q5 E-TRON is scheduled in 2023. He then closes the gap between the Q4 E-TRON and Q4 E-TRON Sportback, which uses the MEB platform of the VW Group, and the short e-tron bailed SUV flagship of Audi, which is a modified version of SUV architecture MLB of Ingolstadter uses. In the coming year, the Q6 E-Tron should be presented as the first electric vehicle from Audi, which is based on the PPE platform developed together with Porsche and is related to the next generation of the purely electrically powered Macan.

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  1. I believe in the last section there is a confusion between the Q5 ETRON and the Q6 ETRON. Q5 ETRON 2022 Market launch, production start probably 2021. Q6 ETRON 2023 Market launch, production start Quarter 4 2022.


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