Audi Q8: New top model in the SUV palette

World premiere Audi Q8

Parkplatz-Esser Deluxe: With the Q8, Audi now has its own X6

Audi Q8: New top model in the SUV palette-audi

Stefan Grundhoff
World premiere: Audi Q8

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff

You know that? The Audi Q8 offers no surprise – it is based almost one to one on the concept study. While electric drives are outsourced on Audis e-tron, the Q8 becomes a classic steam hammer SUV with strong engines.

Little surprise in the Audi Q8: The appearance with the mighty grille grille grille is particularly fat, massive and impressive, while the fitting light strap is more reserved during the rear. The wheel arches are discreetly worked out and the rear door is almost as lavishly dimensioned as the front. The Q8 presents itself more sporty, optically more dynamic than you know from the past models and, above all, not as a boring as the Audi Q5 that resembles its predecessor like a twin. Audi has already sent an almost identical series car to a much -noticed study: When the Audi TT in 1998 came on the market, the differences to the TT sports car study shown in 1995 were marginal.

Audi now has its X6

Maybe a good omen for the Q8 that it also needs. Because while BMW, especially in its second generation, attracts many financially strong customers with the X6, who are simply too ordinary, Audi has painfully overslept the trend towards SUV coupes. In the meantime, competitors Mercedes with the GLE Coupe also offers a beefy X6 imitation and in the class below, BMW X4 and Mercedes GLC Coupe also sell splendidly, where Audi also only offers a model gap.

Audi Q8: New top model in the SUV palette-audi
Stefan Grundhoff

Find out how much your used car is worth: Audi has used a top model in the SUV league, especially with a view to the profitable markets in Asia and the USA. Here the Q7 is often a seven -seat family crossover; And then it becomes difficult for the splendid motorized Audi S Q7 with its 435 hp V8 diesel to lure real sports car fans. The 4.98-meter-long Audi Q8 is much easier.

Diesel cruisers with Wumms: Audis A8 could drive automatically – but must not

Audi Q8: New top model in the SUV palette-model

Site Diesel cruisers with Wumms: Audis A8 could drive automatically – but must not

Designer Marc Lichten and his team went a different way than BMW or Mercedes and did not drop the roof line towards the rear; Therefore, the Q8 is less a coupe than an independent body variant that differs significantly from the Audi Q7. Platform and technology are largely identical to the well-known Audi Q7, but especially in the interior, the newcomer can score a lot, because while the seven-seater is still traveling with the old brand cockpit, the Q8 already shines with the new dashboard, with which A6, A7 and A8 are traveling. The Q7 only gets this with the model maintenance.

Audi Q8: New top model in the SUV palette-model
Stefan Grundhoff

Sixted design and new branded cockpit

Precisely because the Audi Q8 does not use the third row of seats, the space available in the interior is lavish, not least thanks to the three -meter -long wheelbase. The cockpit works by the digital instrument cluster and the two touch displays for navigation and climate work with 10.1 or. 8.6 inch screen diagonal in the center console emphasizes modern. In front there are four different seats up to sports chairs or comfort armchairs with ventilation. At the back, at least two people can find their place for longer trips very comfortably. The cargo space behind the mandatory electrical tailgate is between 605 and 1755 liters.

Audi Q8: New top model in the SUV palette-model
Stefan Grundhoff

The engine power is transmitted via a mechanical middle difference in a ratio of 40:60 on both axes. If one or more wheels losing liability, the power distribution is adjusted accordingly. At the market launch, the Audi Q8 can be obtained as 50 TDI with a 210 kW / 286 hp three-liter commonrail diesel, which thanks to 600 Nm maximum torque speed 100 in 6.3 seconds and a top speed of 232 km / h. At the beginning of 2019, a smaller V6 diesel with 170 kW / 241 hp and a three-liter V6 petrol engine with 250 kW / 340 hp will follow.

Mercedes’ answer to the BMW X6!

Audi Q8: New top model in the SUV palette-audi

Site Mercedes’ answer to the BMW X6!

Eight -cylinder with 435 hp

However, it shouldn’t stay that. The 435 hp eight-cylinder diesel in the Audi S Q8 is likely to be as set as a 600 hp RS petrol variant with a charged V8 engine that competes against BMW X6 M and Mercedes AMG GLE 63. The 448 hp hybrid motorization of the Audi Q8 Concept, which also easily modifies a motor variant of the Q7, is likely. However, the normal engines have a belt starter and a 48-volt section network with lithium-ion battery. Between 55 and 160 km/h the crossover can sail with a deactivated engine and the start-stop area begins at 22 km/h. In real operation, fuel consumption should reduce up to 0.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

Always online SUV with a Boller function: New X3 in the video test

Audi Q8: New top model in the SUV palette-audi

Site Always online SUV with a Boller function: New X3 in the video test

As standard, the Audi Q8 offers a 19-inch wheel set and adjustable dampers. Depending on the motorization and sporty standards, air suspension as well as bikes up to 22 inches and all -wheel drive can be ordered, which not only looks better for the crossover weighing over 2.1 tons, but also makes it more dynamic. Market launch for the Audi Q8 produced in Bratislava is in July. Among other things, LED pig launchers, adjustment dampers, 19-inch wheel set, navigation and sound system are standard. The special equipment is extensive and also include several driver assistance packages. The Audi Q8 50 TDI (3.0 TDI Quattro) with its 210 kW / 286 hp at just under 70.Start 000 euros.

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14 thoughts on “Audi Q8: New top model in the SUV palette”

  1. I would never buy
    First of all: this diesel bashing is tremendously on the S…. Especially since you have a diesel … also gets clean and he drives in such a way in such a vehicle class as an electric car with a German electricity mix as an electric car. But I would never buy such a vehicle because it is difficult to search for a parking space. Just too big. I can also drive through the area with a sprinter. Yes and then of course these are costs that are clearly too high for individual mobility for individual mobility. For me there is always the question of meaningfulness. I just don’t see any sense in such cars. Except perhaps to posing. Everything else can simply be better off.

  2. As a hybrid, the sense makes!
    The first 10-20km out of the city on the battery and then a great 8-cylinder. So he will probably run in China. Especially in Shanghai and other mega cities. Also since the state here (I live in Shanghai) promotes such concepts with large and small cars. In Stuttgart he should also go in and leave the fine dust production of the S/U-Bahn, which contributes considerably.

  3. Certainly not for the German market
    Without a doubt a good looking car. But in the article, however, the article preferred to do without consumption values and CO2 emissions, except that it could save any fuel in the case of tailwind and downhill and perhaps 0.7 l. A width specification would also be interesting. Well, this does not matter if you only want to shoot through the desert with the trummy. The target market is not the old town of Heidelberg, but rather the USA or Saudi Arabia.

  4. Like every Q
    If the mountain does not come up but consumes a bunch of space and the engines will not adhere to the values specified anyway. VW Group scrap stop.

  5. @Butcher:
    Just. This ugly X6 is just one thing: thick. But in order to evaluate your own ego, some people are all right – also to give their flavoring price. 😉

  6. cool!Another real engine of the V8 TDI!
    Ruilant by balance the mass forces and moments as well as durable and reliable. However, the vehicle is too heavy for me, which leads to an inertia, despite the great motorization.Consumption is also unnecessarily higher. Less electronics and equipment would also do us good again, according to the motto, passion for driving. Consumption values are clear, determined at the test bench, i.e. 1-2 l more in the diesel depending on the driving style.If you are dissatisfied with the consumption information, please buy a new vehicle after September 2018 with WLTP certification and then look forward to your car taxes.Believe me, the state is already looking forward to it.I always wonder why everyone drives economical with an electric and not with combustion engineers.If you lack a green leaf on the 17Z display ?

  7. @KOpnick:
    Interesting bill. Now you only have to implement the primary energy (oil or. other fossil fuels) in drive energy (diesel or. Electricity) and take into account the different taxation. Well – and maybe also the energy expenditure for production. But everything is just a pure intelligence matter! 😉

  8. The next Todbirth
    Another diesel from the VW Group, for which there are no longer any buyers. Anyone who buys such a car acquires the image of the ignorant and air pester. Nobody spends so much money on a car, in order to then be smiled at pity. Too bad, with an innovative drive it might have succeeded.

  9. … and again
    Germany is not the navel of the world and as a sales market at all. The manufacturers do not build what their peers think is reasonable, but what the wealthy, global (!) Required market. (Note: I did not want to evaluate your payment with this wording)

  10. Theater of the absurd
    While the first cities are signing driving bans due to the pollution, it continues undiminished. It cannot be bigger and stronger to bring the offspring to daycare and school. Of course, the new models are completely without pollutant emissions, probably even a means of an air improvement.

  11. again and again
    Again and again the same lyre – there is actually a world beyond/outside of the big cities – you hardly believe it. But it is true that such vehicles within the big cities are somehow out of place.

  12. To the city limit, then on foot please
    Such broad and long cars have no future in the cities. The streets are getting narrower to have space for bike paths on the streets. Parking spaces are also becoming less and less to increase the pressure to change to public. Such cars are only suitable to boast motorways, but woe is a construction site. Then it gets tight and you have to line yourself behind the trucks.

  13. Certainly beautiful …
    Cars but they just look the same. Whether Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q7 or now Q8. They are also unknown expensive. However, there is no obligation to buy and that’s a good thing.


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