Audi releases first outlook on skysphere study

Audi releases first outlook on skysphere study-outlook

With three extraordinary Concept Cars, Audi gives an outlook on how Audi wants to make the future of the upper class. All three concept vehicles in common is the word stem “Sphere” (sphere) in their model names. On August 2021, the Audi SkySphere Concept with a first public appearance in the context of Monterey Car Week in California, USA. First photos have already appeared at the end of August 2021.

Like the subsequently integrated video, Audi looks back to his heritage to make his vehicles of the future. Not only the design of some classics such as the Horch 853 is reinterpreted, but also tries to design future cars with the same way of thinking. Say, the engineers and designers go in their way of thinking in the time of classics from 1937.

The Audi SkySphere is the mental successor of the 853, which the manufacturer has not yet shown -This should be on 10. August in the new design studio of the brand in Malibu, California, are revealed. It is the first of three important concepts next to the Urban Sphere and the Grand Sphere. A few weeks after the Premiere of the SykSphere then celebrates the second Concept Car his audience premiere for the IAA 2021 with the Audi GrandSphere. The Audi Urbansphere Concept follows as the third showcar in the first half of 2022.

In the official video with Henrik Wenders, Senior Vice President of the brand Audi, and Marc Lichte, Head of Design at Audi, try the two, the stage for a certainly very exciting piece of automotive design to prepare. In the clip itself, the two parts of the concept reveal, namely the front and rear apron. The front still has a false radiator grill, as with many current series electric vehicles, while the stern has not only a light beam, but also has a luminous plate and a luminous Audi logo.

The overall shape is clearly that of a grand touring coupe with a long front area with minimal overhang and a curved, boat tail-like rear. It is also an open-top vehicle. “These concept vehicles are an embodiment of our brand strategy. They show how we introduce ourselves to the near future of premium mobility, “says Henrik Wenders, Head of Brand Audi. For him, the future is a design room to offer people while driving new experiences. Looks quite well. or!?

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