Audi relies on the Audi E-Tron GT on Virtual Reality in production

Audi relies on the Audi E-Tron GT on Virtual Reality in production-e-tron

Already yesterday Wednesday we have reported that the electrically powered Audi E-TRON GT will be manufactured from the end of 2020 with the super sports car Audi R8 in the production of Audi Sport GmbH in the Bollinger Hofen. For the first time, the company relies on Virtual Reality (VR) in production. For example, employees with VR glasses and controllers from different departments should complete all assembly processes completely virtual. The basis for this is a specially developed Virtual Reality software from Audi.

The basic requirement for the use of VR technology is 360 degree scans that provide a three-dimensional indoor map for the virtual room. The technology is used for the first time when testing the assembly processes for the E-TRON GT at the Neckarsulm site. The testing of the workflows in the Virtual Reality takes place for the first time along the assembly line and the associated logistics processes in the so-called “3P workshops”. 3P stands in the production system for the Production Preparation Process and is used for process protection.

In the workshops along the processes, all work steps are considered in detail and checked for their feasibility. Responsible for this are planners with colleagues from logistics, assembly, pre-company and quality assurance. Until the use of VR technology, these tests were carried out in workshops of prototypes. “The E-TRON GT is the first vehicle across the Group, which works without real prototype in the 3P workshops,” explains Markus Moinot, Head of Manufacturing Planning Processes in Neckarsulm.

The digital project “3P workshops” in close cooperation between assembly planning in Neckarsulm, assembly planning in Ingolstadt and the Audi Production Lab (P-Lab). P-Lab is responsible for the specially developed software. The digitalization of the workshops drives the digital transformation of the company progressing.

“The digitization of the workshops was a logical and consistent step to further developing the existing 3P method. With the virtual workshops we also enable a good and very effective cooperation of participants from different locations. Currently we test this between Ingolstadt and San Jose Chiapa in Mexico.”- Bernd Widdmann, Head of Mounting Planning Methods in Ingolstadt

Audi promotes cooperation between the teams and locations through the shift of well-known processes into the digital world, on the other, resources are spared, for example by less service trips. On the entire Volkswagen Group, the technology offers a tremendous potential.

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