Audi S8 in the first test

Driving report Audi S8

Without electrical, but full power: This is how the new S8 drives

Audi S8 in the first test-test
Audi Audi S8 2022

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Audi makes serious: petrol and diesel are abolished, only electrical is the motto. Nevertheless, the Ingolstadt residents bring a starred A8 for the last time. A farewell trip.

An Audi A8 with trailer coupling? Not only the disciples of the hot tire beat their hands over their heads. A look at the price list of the model-maintained Audi A8 confirms the fears of the puristic speed parliamentary group. Yes, there is a trailer coupling for the Audi S8. It costs 1300 euros surcharge. So you can also be traveling with caravans. However, with an output of 420 kW / 571 hp and a maximum torque, it recommends that to handle the accelerator pedal reserved if you alienate the Audi S8 as a tractor.

Audi S8: 2.2 tons and V8 engine

We did not venture to this stand, but used the S8 as what it is. A sporty sedan. In view of a length of 5.19 meters and an empty weight of 2220 kilograms per se, this is a daring statement, but with modern cars all kinds of technical tricks help to shift the limits of physics even more.

Audi S8 in the first test-first
Audi Audi S8 2022

First and foremost, the all-wheel steering in the interaction with the forward-looking active suspension and the quattro drive including sports differential is at the back, in which two overlay levels, each with a slat coupling, still tease the extra dynamics out of the heavyweight. In addition, thanks to a mild hybrid system, the double-charged V8 petrol engine with a 48 volt strap starter generator from the turbo boloch makes the greatest possible secret.

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Audi S8 in the first test-first

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Steering can convince

With this technique, the Audi S8 cuts a really good figure on every terrain and prepares every meter driving pleasure. Extensive combinations of curve on the country road: the steering is precise and tells the story of tires, steering angles and road surface much more relaxed and clear than is the case with the standard A8. This shows once again that high reserve forces are not necessarily sporty. The Audi S8 drives like a mid-range sedan and dances around the corners that you can no longer get out of the grin. It is pleasant that the eighth fires fires a few dull volleys when switching down, but by no means unpacking the riot bags.

Audi S8 in the first test-bird protection officers wind power
Audi Audi S8 2022

The forward -looking active suspension participates in this Bavarian agility tango and has the right answer to every question. In the dynamic driving mode, the body hugs ten millimeters deeper to the ground, beyond the 120 km/h it is twice as much. Due to the clairvoyant skills, feathers and dampers iron every level of the soil, for example, the plug-in hybrid variant of the Ingolstadt OberklassElimousine does this, for example.

3.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h

When it comes to long -distance comfort, the S8 is absolutely competitive. With a sprint time of 3.8 seconds from zero to 100 km/h and a top speed of 250 km/h you are also quite quick on the road. Audi specifies the average consumption with 10.8 liters per 100 kilometers, we needed 1.3 l/100 km more on our test drive.

Audi S8 in the first test-bird protection officers wind power
Audi Audi S8 2022: Motor

That you can also do the 144 at night.800-euro limousine is safe on the road, the model-based Audi S8 also receives the digital matrix light (1.820 euros surcharge), which illuminates the road and, above all, your own trail, which is particularly helpful for tight and confusing construction sites. At the back, OLED rear lights signal the subsequent traffic, which vehicle drives in front. Otherwise, the facelift is rather manageable on the outside. The wider single frame grill adorns chrome-plated angles and the side air intake are more upright than before in the front.

A total of 40 assistance systems wake up for the integrity of the vehicle and its occupants. In the interior, it can be traveled on the civil staples, regardless of whether on the left or right, really comfortable. So that it does not get boring at the back, two 10.1 inch screens in the rear worries (1.800 euros surcharge) for entertainment.

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Audi S8 in the first test-test

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Audi S8 in the first test-first

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  1. Nice car in classic sedan shape
    The Audi A8/S8 still has the classic and beautiful sedan shape, whereas the new … S-Class with its stummy tail it looks like it has driven backwards against the wall. The fact that not everyone can afford the car and that this is certainly mainly used as a chauffeur car to hurry from appointment to appointment, you cannot help: a nice limousine.

  2. Obelix
    would say the auto industry is crazy. Why not both the combustion engine and a little electrical? For slave work that arises in terms of production of the car batteries, the Greens and the car companies would have to make replying payments.

  3. The politicians are happy
    there is the na. DW, of course, forcibly financed by the citizens, which is told every day: dear citizen, you should not drive such cars

  4. Comfort on long distance?
    That would be to rest, to get your feet up, to be able to walk around. But not to make long -haul in the car.

  5. Kind
    Quite chic and have a lot of fun driving. Certainly a great workmanship and a price that ensures that you don’t see the car on every corner. Nice whoever may afford and the climate does not perish. In this, the V8 machines from Ami Pickups are involved, which are sold to millions every year and against which such an S8 looks economical and delicate.

  6. surprise ?
    At the Audi S (from "purism" It is a bit bizarre. Drives the car for the site or only write them down somewhere and think the rest ??? Otherwise this is just a top class sedan with a suitable motorization. It is sold like this worldwide, only here you have the green stick in the back… By the way: Those who, incidentally tap this crap and who decide these laws, drive precisely such cars in this class !!!


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