Audi “Skysphere Concept”: Tours and Roadster


With the Roadster “SkySphere Concept”, Audi presents the first model of a whole family of concept vehicles. Spectacular detail: The electrically powered open two-door can be changed in wheelbase and length by 25 centimeters – and thus in the air-sprung driving experience from 5.19 meters long autonomous travel car to 4.94 meter-long sporty roadster with rear steering. With the three Concept Cars SkySphere, GrandSphere and – 2022 – Urbansphere, the brand wants to illustrate its vision of progressive luxury with the four rings.

His audience debut gives the 1.23 meter flat Audi SkySphere Concept on 13. August 2021 as part of the Monterey Car Week – on the legendary grass of the golf course of Pebble Beach. The appearance in California is almost a home game according to the company. Because the concept vehicle was made and designed in the Audi Design Studio in Malibu. The source of inspiration served a legendary classic from its own company history, it is called – the Roadster Horch 853. The representative convertible not only defined the modern luxury of the 1930s, but also won at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach.

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During the urine via an 8-cylinder series motor with 5 liters displacement, the Audi SkySphere accelerates an electric motor with 465 kW on the powered rear axle. Despite 1.8 tonnes, it goes on 23-inch wheels in just 4 seconds to Tempo 100, emerges from a message. The battery capacity is likely to be 80 kWh, so that ranges of more than 500 kilometers (WLTP) should be possible.

The side view is dominated by a broad sill, which obviously protrudes into the back cycling house. It is fixed on the front car and pushes backward when adjusting under the fixed door. As it is called AUDI, the wheelbase decreases from the Gardemass of an A8 L to the much more compact measure of the Audi RS.

Everyday tasks – even beyond the automated ride – are done by the car. So the Audi SkySphere Concept brings his passengers already with information about the current destination and cares independently for a parking lot and around the store. If the car is to be used in self-driving mode, the interior is changing to the cockpit. Together with chassis and body are also dash carriers and the monitor panel on the center console back. The driver finds all controls, even steering wheel and pedaleries, in the right position again for him.

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5 thoughts on “Audi “Skysphere Concept”: Tours and Roadster”

  1. Horny design, for an 8, 12 or 16-cylinder.
    At the electric car, constructions Irrit with

    • Bonnet, or is this a frunk &# 128578;
    • Grille
    • Exhaust
    • Artificial motor sound, outside the statutory warning sound

    Why does Audi build a car like the movie “Ender’s Game – The Great Game”?

  2. There is no more missing much and the wheels protrude beyond the body like an ox cart.

    = () === () = … the new Audi SkySphere 2025.

  3. Funny thing that is never built. Stop such a usual Conceptcar study. It’s supposed to say the people: see and amustage awesome what awesome guys are at Audi.

    Then a few specifically scattered information to the press with information about madness values absolutely nothing statements not to check. Skillful marketing stop to suggest we are on the ball and it gets wonderful!

    Funny only if Tesla does that, the whole car industry screams outraged. That was fraud and Tesla be the Announcement Champion and they would not be able to deliver anyway. Strange?


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