Audi SkySphere, GrandSphere and Urbansphere should set standards

Audi SkySphere, GrandSphere and Urbansphere should set standards-standards

The first German automaker Audi has set a concrete date for the burner-off: From 2026 the VW subsidiary does not want to record new models with internal combustion engines in the portfolio. Instead, one concentrates on pure electric cars. With three extraordinary Concept Cars, Audi gives an outlook on how the brand wants to design the future of the upper class.

All three concept vehicles in common is the word stem “Sphere” (sphere) in their model names. This emphasizes the focus of all three designs on the new interior concept and the holistic digital ecosystem for a new world of experience on board. On August 2021, the Audi SkySphere Concept with a first public appearance in the context of Monterey Car Week in California, USA. A few weeks later, the second Concept Car celebrates its audience premiere with the Audi GrandSphere for the IAA 2021. The Audi Urbansphere Concept follows as the third showcar in the first half of 2022.

Expect a paradigm shift in design in different ways – decidedly dynamic, representative or also created for use on long stretches. At the top, the desire of Audi is that the vehicles meet the needs and experience quality of the occupants. Furthermore, technological innovations as well as the highest quality of materials and processing play a crucial role. The driver can decide himself whether he drives himself or driving autonomously and thus the interior to the free space for relaxation, networking or even active communication can be.

“These concept vehicles are an embodiment of our brand strategy. They show how we introduce ourselves to the near future of premium mobility, “says Henrik Wenders, Head of Brand Audi. For him, the future is a design room to offer people while driving new experiences. This redesigned vehicle interior, which surrounds the passengers, refers to Audi as “Sphere” (sphere). With the change for electromobility and in a few years also to automated driving (Level 4), this area of the automobile is changing more than ever before in recent decades.

In contrast to the vision vehicles such as Audi AI: Con and AI: Me, the new showcars do not want to take a look into a distant future. Rather, they present lines, technologies and specialty spaces, which are to be found in the first production automobiles of the Audi brand from the mid-2020 years.

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  1. Probably the “sparks” are dominated by larger displays in combination with less physical buttons
    Where did I see that? ?
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    The unique selling point should then be sure the nappa leather seats with Bicolor double stitching – Super Audi &# 128578;

  2. You could use a new scale with a battery-electric compact car from 25.Put 000 €, which may take 1800kg to the hook. But because you can not do that just be duspt from premium mobility.

  3. The Auwe – Usual Marketingblabla. But is the same way as in the rest of the medial world: you just have to charge enough and prayer mill. At some point, especially the German Michel believes everything.


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