Austria is clearly on e-mobility promotions 2022

Austria is clearly on e-mobility promotions 2022-2022

As early as 2021, the Austrian Federal Government has laced a lush support program for E-vehicles and the associated charging infrastructure. Of the € 101 million, around 21.4 million are still available after the current state. So if you decide this year for a stromer, certainly comes to the train. And the promotion looks: In September of this year, more fully electric cars were allowed in Austria than diesel cars for the first time in Austria! Until November 2021, the new registrations amounted to almost 30.000, almost three times as much as in the previous year.

The Green Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler has now announced to significantly increase the funding budget for 2022. This is made possible by co-financing from the European Commission’s Corona Reconstruction Fund, which contributes around half of the budget. Private and commercial buyers of all-electric cars, plug-in hybrids and e-bikes will again benefit from the 167.2 million euros provided, but a new focus will be placed on all-electric buses and commercial vehicles for companies. The amount of funding for cars should be 5 for private individuals.000 euros for the car and € 600 for the charging option remain the same. Automobile importers and the federal government will again share the flat-rate subsidy (importers: 2,000 euros, federal government: 3,000 euros). According to Minister Gewessler, however, the exact details are still “being worked out”.

According to the Climate Protection Ministry, the new funding program is to start in February 2022, via the proven two-stage process: the vehicle or the charging station must first on the website WWW.environmental.AT are registered, then the promotion fee is reserved. If the vehicle or the charging station is paid (and in the case of a car also approved), the actual application takes place. Until the payment of the promotion, it will take experience for a few weeks.

Austria sets “the way to a clean and climate-friendly future”, as climate change ministers stressed.

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2 thoughts on “Austria is clearly on e-mobility promotions 2022”

  1. I can not understand that the Greens participate in nonsense with the promotion of plug-in hybrids. That’s completely over at the destination. How is this dealing with the CO2 balance? A stinking combuster paired with an oh so the environmentally harmful battery velvet with electric engine, which brings about 30 km electric range – if this is used at all – is only a mog pack and serves only for the levy of environmental premium for PS strong burners.

  2. One of the greatest fears of motorists is the lack of availability of charging options – and therefore long waiting times at the charging point or even being stranded with an empty battery.
    Against this background, it would be better to invest the funding in the expansion of charging infrastructure. ALL e-mobilists would benefit from this PERMANENTLY. Individuals to sponsor the vehicle (and PHEV!!), is clearly the wrong way!


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