A Toyota inspires men’s fantasies

“Auto Quartet”: A Toyota inspires men's fantasies-toyota

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Full throttle! The Toyota GT86 is a rolling statement for the desire for brisk driving, and when you have the chance to practice on a closed track,…

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“Auto Quartet”: A Toyota inspires men's fantasies-quartet

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… then you can also test how it works with drifting. Here the rear swings away to the right in a left-hand bend, the driver steers to the right to avoid the carto get everyone on course.

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“Auto Quartet”: A Toyota inspires men's fantasies-toyota

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World online test drive on the Grand Prix circuit of the Nurburgring (here in the Mercedes Arena): The GT86 is just about stable in the tight left turn – later when it started to rainnn, the stern was more than restless, and only the activated ESP prevented the spin.

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“Auto Quartet”: A Toyota inspires men's fantasies-inspires

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If you buy the Toyota GT86, you can also get it with red leather applications free of charge. That fits the sporty, youthful character of the car, but you have to think carefullywhether you want to look at it for years. Pure black is more sustainable.

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“Auto Quartet”: A Toyota inspires men's fantasies-toyota

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The short gear stick lies very comfortably in the hand, and the gears can be engaged quickly and safely. Then that’s a good thing, because the Moto, which is not very high-torquers has to shift frequently if things are to move quickly. For an additional charge of 1550 euros…

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“Auto Quartet”: A Toyota inspires men's fantasies-inspires

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… there is an automatic transmission that also has six gears and can be shifted with small paddles on the steering wheel. The prejudice says that an automatic does not fit one of those Wagen, and Toyota is only planning with a 15 percent share of sales. But the machine shifts faster than you think and is definitely worth a test drive. And: the standard consumption drops with automatic from 7.8 to 7.1 l / 100 km.

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“Auto Quartet”: A Toyota inspires men's fantasies-inspires

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With the standard consumption, however, it is such a thing if you keep the engine characteristics in mind – the red area of ​​the tachometer only starts at 7450 rpm, The boxer engine reaches its maximum output (200 hp) at 7000 and maximum torque (205 Newton meters) at 6600 rpm. That means: If you want to be fast, you have to suffer, so step on the gas and refuel a lot.

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“Auto Quartet”: A Toyota inspires men's fantasies-fantasies

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A certain ability to suffer is also required of passengers three and four. Get in, sit, get out of the Toyota GT86 is no great pleasure for backbenchers.

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“Auto Quartet”: A Toyota inspires men's fantasies-toyota

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A boxer engine is called a boxer engine because its cylinders face each other like boxers in a fight. Boxer advantage: flat design with a low center of gravity, that’s good for the handing the car. Boxer disadvantage: a bit of a rough run, that’s not so bad with a sports coupe. The name GT86 is derived from the dimensions of the cylinders: the combustion chambers are each 86 millimeters high and also have a diameter of 86 millimeters.

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“Auto Quartet”: A Toyota inspires men's fantasies-auto

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In this illustration you can see the deep installation position of the engine and gearbox as well as the cardan shaft leading to the rear – after all, the car has rear-wheel drive. Weight distributionbetween the front and rear axles: 57:43 percent, very close to the ideal of 50:50.

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“Auto Quartet”: A Toyota inspires men's fantasies-fantasies

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The 4.24 meter long Toyota GT86 will be on sale from September, it will cost 29,990 euros. The standard equipment also includes 17-inch alloy wheels and a rear spoiler…

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“Auto Quartet”: A Toyota inspires men's fantasies-fantasies

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… CD radio, cruise control, keyless entry system and fog lights. In addition to the automatic (1550 euros) and metallic paint (550 euros), there are also extras…

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“Auto Quartet”: A Toyota inspires men's fantasies-fantasies

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… 18-inch wheels (389 euros), a lowering by 30 millimeters (189 euros), navigation system (550 euros), parking aid (390 euros) and an Aero package (1400 euros) with side skirts, Front spoiler and rear wing.

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No, of all people, Toyota model planners would not have been expected to have a speedster like the GT86: The little sports car has nothing to do with hybrid or other eco-experiments. Good this way. should be 20 again and as in love as back then. It’s hard to say how deep German songs can penetrate the hearts of Japanese car bosses, but Willy Schneider’s 50s hit hits the leitmotif of the Toyota GT86 very well.

This car is completely useless, it was developed exclusively to take advantage of the irrational affection of young people (okay: young men) for small, highly motorized and somehow still affordable automobiles.

The GTI idea haunts you in your head, but the GT86 is not a hot-blooded compact car, but a newly developed sports coupe: With a high-revving two-liter engine under the hood, with 200 hp and rear-wheel drive.

The GT86 looks like the perfect car

One of the very experienced German jurors from the “Car of the Year” admitted in an interview that this Toyota was his number one, and that it couldn’t do anything else.

In fact, the GT86 seems like the perfect car if you ignore everything except the fun of driving. The decision against front-wheel drive alone is a blessing. Of course, Toyota has tamed the car with ESP, but you can still notice when cornering briskly that the GT86 does not want to understeer with fun braking, i.e. push straight ahead with rubbing front wheels.

But how he is ready for small tail swings that drive the car a little more emphatically towards the apex of the curve. At least that’s how it is on a dry road.

If it gets damp, however, you should be a little more careful and not switch off the ESP at all: Now the GT86 can also skid.

Little explosive power development

Assuming a certain sensitivity in handling the accelerator pedal, the Toyota driver masters this situation, because the less explosive power development of the engine prevents the rear axle from suddenly being overwhelmed with keeping in lane.

The boxer engine built into the front is what is called a barrel organ. No turbo boost delivers that extra portion of thrust, the four-cylinder increases in power rather evenly, and little happens under 4500 tours.

Anyone who really wants to drive in a sporty way is well advised to become one with the short gear stick and always be ready to downshift. The not exactly full maximum torque of 205 Newton meters is only available at 6400 revolutions, so you can experience between 5000 and 7000 tours, what you expect from cars like the GT86: a grumpy, aggressive sound and the pursuit of happiness. All right: according to the pace.

The principle of the engine contributes to the sound and the preference for high speeds. It comes from partner Subaru (who sells the car as a BRZ) and is not an inline four-cylinder, but a boxer.

The technology also has something original German about it

Here the cylinders are not one behind the other, but are opposite one another. The center of gravity of the engine and thus the car is low, which plays into the hands of cornering. In addition, the technology sympathetically offers something original German: VW Beetle and Porsche 911 (here as a six-cylinder) drive on the same principle.

We prefer to cover up a cloak of silence about the Toyota’s consumption. Normally, at 9.8 liters, it is the usual 20 to 25 percent above the factory specification.

But you don’t buy a car like this to drive around normally. In any case, it is clearly in double digits (from the good Super Plus, of course) when you come back from a hot lap on the country roads. And quickly straight across the Autobahn? It’s also not a good idea with a high-speed engine. The present sound and the bony suspension also have nerve-killing potential in the long run.

So the car is not exactly politically correct, but that’s the way it is with young people, they have to try things out. The Toyota can still be credited for not overdoing it.

The biggest problem is probably the price

Even less experienced sports pilots should be able to handle 200 hp to some extent. Although the GT86 is not heavy with a curb weight of 1240 kilograms and accelerates quickly, the novice doesn’t go crazy like he could with a Porsche.

The bigger problem for the intended target group is likely to be the price. When the GT86 was introduced in Germany, it cost 29,990 euros; today it is 30,450 euros.

“Affordable” is the attribute with which the car is assigned, but this can only be accepted if a Porsche Cayman, a Nissan 370Z or a BMW M3 are the benchmarks. They are all much stronger and also much more expensive, so the Toyota quickly appears in an inexpensive light.

But 30,000 euros is just 30,000 euros, and that is a lot of money for a car that is more of a hobby than a means of transport. The car could certainly be dismantled a bit and without automatic air conditioning, CD radio, xenon light and other extras, bring it to perhaps 26,000 euros.

The automatic is not advisable

But Toyota has not yet made up its mind, given the small numbers of cars imported from Japan, the logistics here may be overwhelmed.

The call of wealthy fans to tune the car almost at the factory and offer it in a sports version with 250 to 300 hp (maybe with a turbo after all?) Has gone unheard so far.

You can currently only choose between the standard version and a GT86 with six-speed automatic. It offers sporty gearshift paddles on the steering wheel, it also changes gears quickly, but it is not advisable: If you buy such an unreasonable speedster, then do it right.

There are very funny colors

Everyday suitability does not play a role in the concept of the GT86, Toyota documents this even with the very tight back seat. And an automatic transmission also tends to upshift when driving the GT86 is far from interesting. No, no, the 1550 euros automatic surcharge should be put in the aero package (1600 euros) with wide sills, front spoiler and rear wing.

That fits with the naming of the colors, listed here in full: Racing Red, Furious Black, Rapid Blue, Dynamic White, Speed ​​Silver, Asphalt Gray and – Inferno Orange.

One would like to be another 20 for this car. And as playful as it was back then.

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