Autobahn: Even without a speed limit, not everything is allowed

417 km/h on the highway

After a crazy Bugatti race: Even without a speed limit, not everything is allowed

Autobahn: Even without a speed limit, not everything is allowed-Fast Furious live worst racers Europe

Bit projects Billionaire races with 417 km/h over the A2

  • Site expert Michael Winter

A Czech millionaire tests his Bugatti on a German motorway – with 417 km/h. And he brags it on YouTube. Now the authorities are investigating, although there was no speed limit on the route. Traffic law expert Michael Winter explains why.

A sports car pilot tested the top speed of its Bugatti Chiron on a German motorway and apparently also reached-it was on the move with up to 417 km/h. What does such behavior mean in the field of criminal and civil law? Let’s bring light into the dark.

Bugatti driver drove illegal races against himself

In my opinion, criminal law is rightly determined against the event of an illegal motor vehicle race (§ 315d StGB).Such a race is also possible without a "opponent", so someone at a non -adapted pace as well as grossly violent and ruthlessly moved, To achieve the highest possible speed.

Here a German foreigner explains what you can really do on the highway

Autobahn: Even without a speed limit, not everything is allowed-Fast Furious live worst racers Europe

Site Here a German foreigner explains what you can really do on the highway

A gross traffic offense can result solely from massive speed overrun or accompanying other traffic violations that stand in an inner connection with the un adapted speed.In addition to the gross traffic offenses, the behavior of a driver must also be ruthless in the sense of the law – here the following applies:

  • Ruthlessly acts if you are selfish or indifferent to the possible consequences of your behavior, without any hesitation, without any hesitation, without any hesitation, without any hesitation.
  • As a result, it must not only be mere thoughtlessness or gross negligence, but in addition, the behavior of the perpetrator must be able to be classified as extremely reprehensible; Ruthlessness should only be accepted in the event of serious violations of the traffic guild if one has to speak of an incomprehensible negligence.

About the expert

Attorney Michael Winter studied Jura in Tubingen and has been working in traffic law since 1989. As a lecturer at the Baden-Wurttemberg University of Applied Sciences, his experience also conveys in the scientific field. The company “WHW Seminar & Service” he founded has been training a four -digit number of road users under the company motto since 2001 through interactive seminars: “Knowledge helps” in the areas of “traffic safety and traffic law”. Since the beginning of the diesel scandals, Winter has also been complaining to several German automobile manufacturers together with its cooperation partners, including Volkswagen.Click here for the site expert world

"Exaggerated self"

Anyone who undertakes such a trip with disregarding all security aspects and then also prepared sensational affinity on YouTube, undoubtedly has an exaggerated self.E. not the necessary traffic guild.The case law continues: The act of crime must also be supported by the intention of a perpetrator "in the sense of excessive interior tendency" to achieve maximum speed under specific, situational circumstances, according to his ideas on a not completely insignificant distance. This intention does not even need to be the final goal or the main movement of his actions – it is sufficient that a perpetrator strives for this as a intermediate goal (BGH, decision of 17.02.2021 – 4 StR 225/20 Rn 16).

No more chance for racers

Autobahn: Even without a speed limit, not everything is allowed-limit

Site/Wochit No more chance for racers

Bugatti pilot did not stick to lanes

Among other things, the fact that the racer (as can be seen on the video at any time) does not necessarily comply with a lane and (minute 1, for example, is grossly contrary to traffic.36 of the video, speed 377 km/h) completes an overtaking process without changing lanes, drives up to a top on the middle lane (minute 1.44, speed 396 km/h) as well as two vehicles after a driveway at a speed of 410 km/h (minute 1.58).Its speed is absolutely unadjusted because for other road users who, for example, start to overtake, cannot even be assessed in the beginning.Already at a speed of 360 km/h, the path covered in one second is 100 meters!According to the threading school scholarly scheduled in the driving school, the braking distance would be almost 1.7 kilometers – in practice it is not possible to imagine that (regardless of the material they may also consist of) the brake discs enable a full brake from this pace at all.

1.7 kilometers of braking distance

Last but ad not least in the Road Traffic Regulations also says: If you run a vehicle, you can only drive so quickly that the vehicle is constantly mastered. At the pace mentioned, even an absolute full professional would have difficulty proving a vehicle control – a rich layperson is only a passenger to this area. Philipp Amthor loses a driver’s license against Amthor: Traffic law expert explains when fines can be attacked

Quick drivers do not always guilt automatically – individual case crucial

Now, of course, high -speed drivers do not usually drive 400 km/h, but maybe 180 or 220 km/h. There is no speed limit in Germany, but the ruling speed regulation. This means that you should actually stick to a maximum speed of 130 km/h on motorways.While in earlier years, courts in cases in which a quick driver rose to an inattentive lane changer always went from a faster’s faster, a differentiation must be made these days.

  • Finally, the Higher Regional Court of Hamm in a decision of 06.02.2018 (AZ.: 7 U 39/17) relativized.
  • According to the Senate, the exceeding of the motorway speed speeds, unless exceeded the permissible maximum speed, not necessarily to a co -liability.
  • One must always look at the circumstances of the individual case and not always refer to the case law of the BGH from the 1990s.
  • In the case of the OLG Hamm it was found that a car driver suddenly got on the left lane with his car, on which the quick driver approached.
  • So no deliberate change of lane had been carried out here – the culprit road user had also not observed the subsequent traffic.
  • He had been completely surprised by the collision and – and this is an essential aspect – not misjudged with regard to the speed of the quick driver, but did not notice his approach at all.

The situation is different if someone before changing the lane on the highway, observes their obligation to consider and cannot assess the speed of the approaching quick driver. Here we come back to the Bugatti case: There is no question that this assessment at 417 km/h for nobody is possible.By the way: If the driver had a driver’s license issued by a German driver’s license office, the authority could certainly doubt whether it is suitable for driving motor vehicles and try to take suitable review measures.


It should therefore be noted that this trip, which has been called on YouTube over five million times, is an act that (hopefully) leads to criminal consequences.

Fast & Furious Live: The worst racers in Europe

Autobahn: Even without a speed limit, not everything is allowed-autobahn

Site/Wochit Fast & Furious Live: The worst racers in Europe

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  1. I do not know,
    whether I should judge something like that or be good. Well, it’s not really good, as long as nobody … Otherwise it is on the go, because the one gets the fright of his/ her life when you are traveling with 200 km yourself and someone rushes past you with the double speed. But the fright should not be much less if you are traveling with the 200 km/h described and with ‘only’ 100 km/h differential speed is overtaken, which is feasible with some sports cars or motorcycles. Then the question may be asked why the voluntary speed restriction of German premium manufacturers should not generally apply.

  2. To everyone who gets upset here
    Why only here and now? There are tons of videos on the net about cyclists in public roads, which run stunts or even skateboard drivers who boast the streets down at a monkey -like speed and everyone endangers themselves and and others. Or tons of motorcycle videos. What about the half -blind who do not recognize and drive in as a tram in normal everyday life? Funny just nobody gets upset. Can it be that you are looking for a scapegoat to stable an example?

  3. With this reasoning it should then be
    always be a race when you drive a little faster. Let’s take them "standard" 250kmh that creates almost every small car today. It drives with 250 on the linen track, and on the right a residential movil, car with trailer or truck with 70 -80kmh. Then we had 180kmh difference again…. And the brakes and the street position of these cars are not comparable to a racing scales like the Bigatti. Autobahn entrances have "Acceleration strips" , Soadass you can easily arrive at the end of their use at the correct use, with more motorized cars also easily with 160. There is also so big. And then the Pronlem Fetzulehgen comes how Schenell the other traffic participants really was

  4. Craze ?
    It’s a good thing that it wasn’t the Chiron Super Sport model, because then he would have done 490 km/h !!! Just a loop 417 km/h.

  5. You tried motorcycles
    limit to 10ps. But it was a long time ago and nothing has become….I cannot judge whether you need extra laws for 3 people who can buy such cars.

  6. Free trip for free citizens !?
    If someone for such a vehicle in Germany approx. 500.000 € VAT paid, then this "added value" should be worth at least a blue light and possibly still a "Martinshorn" to enable free travel ! Perhaps the many car lobbyists in the German Bundestag should be persuaded to take a top speed on German motorways. The super rich can rent racetracks and let off steam there. Now that all new vehicles have more and more PS and crazy acceleration values, many vehicle owners are already overwhelmed with “normal” vehicles. One should prescribe the Bugatti as a driving school car, for deterrent ! The legislation lags behind the technical development for many years.

  7. The nine electric cars
    are limited to speed, most of the time. But, they have acceleration values that should be very much overwhelmed by all drivers of the usual family carriages. 7 seconds to 100 requires discipline, but they are at 3 or 5 seconds, and that is silent. FA will be completely nine accidental accidents soon.

  8. Poor
    Germany, what happened to you. Either everything is just smart. Germany suffocates in envy. Somehow some here can no longer cope with peace.

  9. Since all countries in the world
    Have a speed limit of whatever greetings, Germany does not have to have that too. Where it is dangerous, there are signs. In addition, we have always been smarter like everyone else.

  10. Envy and know -it -all wherever you look…
    Of course, the brakes of the Bugatti can withstand full braking from maximum speed! And the calculation of the braking distance after the driving school formula shows that you probably don’t study law because you have a clue of technology. Incidentally, I am a professor of mechanical engineering and think as a lawyer, you should probably not comment on technology just as much as I do as I go to legal issues… Or as I like to say: if you have no idea just the F….. keep. The Bugatti is faster than the overloaded vans that endanger my life on the highway every day on tens of thousands… 200km/h at 4 and more tons thanks to turbodiesel and completely undersized brakes… But none is interested, it’s about symbols and symbol justice!

  11. Jochen DOrr
    They are surprisingly ignorant for a professor. It’s not about whether and what the Bugatti can do! The lanes or a truck have lost a base wedge on a highway on a highway. In this speed, parts of the Bugatti tear off and fly into oncoming traffic. Even if one z.B. overtaking at 150 km/h, then it becomes very tight!

  12. so what?
    What does the investigative authority think how to meet the racer? The millionaire laughs half dead when he receives a bus money notice and pays that out of the postage. But it may also be that his lawyer regulates this and it does not roll a single cent.

  13. @Huldrych Steinemann | Today, 28.01.2022 | 12:54
    Regardless of the circumstances (speed limit yes/no), it is also the responsibility of a public authority in Switzerland to determine whether behavior is/was criminal and to take corresponding consequences.

  14. PS madness for everyone over 18 ?
    The acceleration, which is particularly achieved by the horsepower, can be just as dangerous. A pedestrian or other road user can then no longer estimate how quickly this vehicle approaches him. At 2-3 seconds from zero to a hundred, this is much faster than a normal motorcycle can do that. The braking distance doesn’t get shorter either! Somehow the whole development is currently in the wrong direction! So it doesn’t get anything with emission -free driving and less accidents !


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