Autobahnmaut: You pay so much for 10 days German motorway – video

The toll is coming. German drivers should be relieved via the vehicle tax and therefore have no additional costs. Low -pollutant cars even get a bonus. For foreigners, the toll is very cheap depending on the pollutant class.

The Federal Government’s plans for a motorway toll are about to graduate. The toll is charged with the vehicle tax. The exact costs for German drivers have not yet been determined. Drivers with low -pollutant cars are relieved even more than others.

Vignette: from 2.50 euros

If you come from abroad and drive to German motorways, you also have to buy a vignette. And that is even particularly cheap: a ten-day vignette should only cost 2.50 euros, but depending on the pollutant class. In addition to the cheapest category of 2.50 euros, depending on the car, it should also be 4 euros, 8 euros, 14 euros or 20 euros.

Autobahnmaut: You pay so much for 10 days German motorway - video-days
ADAC That costs the motorway toll abroad

You pay that abroad

The cheapest short-term vignette would still be the cheapest in Europe. Because a list of the ADAC shows that in Austria the 10-day vignette costs 8.80 euros, in Slovakia 10 euros. Romania still demands three euros for a 7-day vignette. It is very hard in Switzerland: there are no short-term vignettes at all. If you want to drive through Switzerland, you have to buy the annual vignette for 38.50 euros. In some countries, such as in France, the amount of the toll paid is dependent on the route driving. A trip from Paris to Lyon, for example, costs around 34 euros tolls.

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Autobahnmaut: You pay so much for 10 days German motorway - video-much

Site "M+S"-Danger: Don’t let the tire manufacturer’s winter trick deceive!

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8 thoughts on “Autobahnmaut: You pay so much for 10 days German motorway – video”

  1. 2.50 € is a joke
    Since these bloodsuckers introduced the car toll for foreign cars, I knew that … the German driver does not get away for nothing! There was never anything like that and will never exist either! But the fact that the foreigners pay so few is a slap in the face for German drivers and therefore clearly proven, from the beginning it was only about sucking German drivers, everything else would not have expected the small number of foreign car! But with € 2.50 you want to become the next laughing number! Added to this is the privatization, a giant, considering how much tax you pay as a German driver!! These income more than enough cover the cost of infrastructure! Not enough if you invite the whole world, so continue to&Co. Select..

  2. It’s just outrageous…
    … How much the German driver is excluded. We are milked like the cows. Pay twice and triple taxes when refueling. I wonder what there should still be a car tax for. So that we can drive broken land and bundle roads?

  3. Why these spin prices for vignettes?
    Germany has the largest motorway network in Europe. As a result, the highest prices could have been requested. With the offsetting of the German motor vehicle tax, of course. Once again we have a crooked solution here, which is also complicated without end. Is a little simple and effective here?

  4. Pure lobbyism
    A large SUV with a green badge causes more exhaust gases than a small car without a green badge. So it is not about the fact that the Emmission fact is punished. In addition: the air does not belong to Germany. Especially for this truly supra -regional topic, an EU regulation should be found and not the small one between lobbyists, politicians and associations. Expertise and sense of proportion are the order of the day, not the cashing of defenseless citizens who do not want a new car.

  5. Why should a…
    Hollaender or Belgian toll? We pay in this countries? no. Then everyone who through Germany is supposed to buy a vignette for Germany on the border and it then costs as much as Germans have to pay there and get Hollaender and Belgians for free and the highways in France because they are privately financed.

  6. Depending on where I am abroad-
    Bring, I pay two ten -day pickers in Austria, a vignette in Switzerland + a few tens of euros in Italy, or a good 100 euros in France to get to the Mediterranean. All of this is closer to me than Holland. Because I have 8 km to the French border, 80 km to the Swiss border. Or should I go to Holland now? And the named nations also drive here for free.

  7. toll
    That was clear, all the countries that drive through Germany and our streets with demolition are stirring over the toll? Everywhere to be paid, it is ripped off enormously if you only drove briefly into the country and the next tank the Vigniette wanted to buy enormous and punishment behind the border, although the tank was only 3km (180.00 euros punishment were that). These countries should carefully consider whether they are lying against the toll.

  8. Is correct
    But the main thing is that the Germans are so stupid and make cheap tariffs for a huge motorway route and finance the EU motorways. It should be much more expensive. Where is the environmental aspect in France and Italy. Who is suing the countries?


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