Automatic boom: Every fourth car buyer can be switched

Automatic boom

Every fourth car buyer can be switched

Automatic boom: Every fourth car buyer can be switched-buyer
Porsche Even with Porsche, the automatic has now prevailed

The automatic was called for a long time as a switching aid for seniors. But now the comfortable gear alternative has prevailed. It is particularly popular with a sports car manufacturer.

More than every fourth new car in Germany is delivered with an automatic transmission. On average by all classes, the equipment rate is 28 percent according to the magazine "Auto Road Traffic". The highest automatic content has Porsche, where 84 percent of all new cars with a double clutch transmission or converter machine are sold.
However, the sports car manufacturer only holds the top position if you pretend to be smart on the outside. The small car manufacturer offers its only model exclusively with automatic and therefore comes to a quota of 100 percent. This also ensures a high proportion of 23 percent in the small car class; Without a smart he would be seven percent. Under the small cars, eight percent are equipped with automatic.
In the middle class, the automatic rate is 38 percent, one class higher at 65 percent. The upper class vehicles are equipped exclusively with the automatic transmissions.

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