Automobili Pininfarina invests in future luxury electric vehicle model family

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Automobili Pininfarina invests in future luxury electric vehicle model family-invests

Automobili Pininfarina, owned by the Indian automotive group Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Plant in 2020 as his first model to bring a purely electric hypercar to the market. In October, it became known that the headquarters of the company will be found in Munich. At the end of November, the company not only releases a look at new design sketches of the super sports car PFW, but also confirms an investment of more than 20 million euros in a new cooperation with Pininfarina Spa .

With the investment, the company underpins the design, development and production of the luxury electric vehicle PF0 as well as the implementation of the planned automobiles Pininfarina model family.

“It is a pleasure and a privilege to be a partner of the world-famous vehicle design house Pininfarina Spa. This agreement manages us together and also suggests an exciting chapter in our very different stories.”- Michael Perschke, CEO of Automobili Pininfarina

With the investment, the foundation for the implementation of the ambitious target is laid to become the company with the most sought-after luxury electric vehicles in the world. For Pininfarina Spa, this partnership means the realization of Battista Pininfarinas dream, a family of attractive vehicles under the brand name Pininfarina on the streets to see, so Michael Perschke.

Pininfarina Spa also shows itself very pleased to be able to design vehicles for automotive Pininfarina, such as Silvio Pietro Angori, CEO of Pininfarina Spa, to understand. He himself is convinced that Pininfarina Spa “started with the PF0 – developing a vehicle palette for automotive Pininfarina, which are equal to the classic pininfarina models in their beauty, purity and innovation.”

View of “Pura” designphilosophy for vehicles and brand

On the occasion of this strategic orientation with which the new luxury vehicle brand is brought together with the famous Italian design house, two sketches of the PF0 prototype were published. Both give an insight into automotive Pininfarinas “Pura” designphilosophy for vehicles and brand.

Automobili Pininfarina invests in future luxury electric vehicle model family-investsPaolo Pininfarina kneels in front of the PF0 prototype

The focus is directed to a balance between design and construction. Whereby elegance, simplicity and design purity is significantly underpinned by a technological quantum leap. The sketch of the PF0 clearly shows how Pininfarina Spa design, construction tradition and philosophy will combine in the first vehicles of the brand Pininfarina.

“Our design for Pininfarina Spa is quite simple: combines your famous know-how in design and construction, from which some of the world’s most elegant and most attractive vehicles have emerged, with our goal of developing the world’s most beautiful luxury vehicle family and bringing on the market.

Our ambition, the design of our vehicles and our concentration on the construction of emission-free, sustainable performance lives a certain purity. We want to hold these with the designation “Pura”. She is our big mission statement for everything we do in the coming years.”- Luca Borgogno, design director at Automobili Pininfarina

From 2020, the PF0 of the starting signal for the “Pura” design philosophy should be done that the company’s E-vehicles by design purity with fascinating power from optimized aerodynamics, groundbreaking design solutions and the extremes – and yet controllable power of Electrification points.

“Together with our constant pursuit of beauty and elegance, as well as the will to avoid useless externalities and flourishes, this search for the right balance between emotion and reason has produced some of the most beautiful vehicles in the history of automotive building. This is the way pininfarina vehicles designs, and our goal is to transfer these standards to all future pininfarina automobiles, starting with the beautiful super sports car PF0.”- Carlo Bonzanigo, Design Vice President of the Pininfarina Group

Automobili Pininfarina continues to build personnel

Michael Perschke, Ex-Audi Manager and CEO of Automobili Pininfarina gave way to understand in July that one completes his own leadership team step by step. Since then Nick Heidfeld. The German racer from the formula E and before the formula 1 should help to optimize the driving dynamics of the electric sports car PF.0 from the beginning of the year.

Automobili Pininfarina invests in future luxury electric vehicle model family-luxury

Now the experienced automotive manager Jari cohons could be obtained as a sales board for Automobili Pininfarina, where he will be responsible for worldwide business development. This will focus on building the new dealer network as well as the strategy for dialogue with customers and prospects.

In particular, cohones will be responsible for the entire sales and aftersales area as well as the network development. As European with comprehensive worldwide experience, he encounters exactly at the right time to automotive Pininfarina, because after the successful debut of the PF0 in North America last summer, the company is now the expansion to new markets in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Michael Perschke, Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Pininfarina, is to be understood that “Kohons will drive the business development worldwide” he brings a rich wealth of experience from different sales regions with brands, “which are leading with regard to networking, industry partnerships and unique customer offers”.

Automobili Pininfarina is the perfect mix of past, present and future. It is an incredible privilege to be part of a team that brings a new brand with such a proud tradition on the market. The initial demand for the PF0 is very strong and we now focus on presenting these spectacular supercar prospects in Europe.”- Jari cohons, new sales board of Automobili Pininfarina

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