Autonomous and autonomous driving on the digital test field Autobahn

Automated driving on the highway

Minister of Transport taps SMS at 130 km/h, the police do not intervene. Read why

Autonomous and autonomous driving on the digital test field Autobahn-test

Site/Wochit Minister of Transport shows what will soon be possible at the wheel

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

The autonomous robot car is still a future music. But autonomous driving comes faster than we think. How will driving a car will change? And who is responsible if it still pops? What to expect and what the legal situation is.

While Transport Minister Dobrindt is still guilty in the diesel scandal, a different, much more long-term challenge is almost in the background: automated driving. The digital test field Autobahn is intended to secure the technical management claim of German car manufacturers before giants like Google or Apple also tear this field completely and become German companies. The idea: At least on well-developed motorway routes, the driver should leave the car to the car and be able to deal with other things."My goal is that Germany is the guideline provider for automated and networked vehicles and becomes a leading market", says Dobrindt. The Federal Ministry of Transport puts 100 million euros in funding in the project. But what exactly is it about and what are the advantages and disadvantages? Site explains why German motorways could change radically.

1. What is that "Digital test field Autobahn"?

A section of the A9 motorway has been declared a test track since 2015. The key point is the centimeter-accurate recording of the route as a digital HD card. In addition, there are special marking signs on which the automated cars can orient themselves, as well as radar sensors to record real-time traffic data. There are also camera systems and radar sensors on board the automated cars.

New traffic signs in Germany: that mean the signs on the edge of the road mean

Autonomous and autonomous driving on the digital test field Autobahn-test

Huffington Post/Wochit New traffic signs in Germany: that mean the signs on the edge of the road mean

2. Which does ______________ mean "automated driving" exactly?

The terms autonomous and automated driving are often synonymous, there are important differences. Strictly speaking, there are five levels of autonomous driving:

  • Level 0: The driver controls the car completely.
  • Level 1: There are assistance systems such as distance control or lane change warning, which only support the driver. This technology is widespread today down to the small car area.
  • Level 2: This is the level at which modern vehicles of the upper middle class and upper class are already located. Sub -automated systems can take over certain functions, such as track guidance or partial automatic parking. Models such as the current Mercedes E-Class, Teslas Model S and Model X or the BMW 5 Series are already dominating the level 2. At Tesla, even more functions were temporarily unlocked, but they were put back after a few incidents. For example, the driver has to take his hands on the steering wheel more often, otherwise the "Autopilot" is deactivated.
  • Level 3: This is the (high) automated driving, in which the driver must be able to intervene at any time, but may also turn to other things if the system is activated. With a warning time, the driver can be asked to take the lead again. For example, if the route is not designed for automated driving. The first cars should be approved by 2020 at the latest that dominate Level 3. It is initially planned that the systems work up to a speed of 130 km/h.
  • Level 4: At the fully automated driving the driver can even intervene if the system fails, but as a rule the car should take over everything.
  • Level 5: At the actual autonomous driving is no longer required. You no longer need a steering wheel or other controls. The occupants become passengers that only have to indicate the goal. So no more intervention is possible and you don’t even need a driver’s license. Examples of autonomous cars are the steering wheelless "Google Cars" Or the business game of a road drone from Airbus (see video).

No ticket! Flying car from Airbus changes mobility radical

Autonomous and autonomous driving on the digital test field Autobahn-digital

Site/Wochit No ticket! Flying car from Airbus changes mobility radical

3. What can I do while my car drives automatically?

Basically everything, As long as you stay wake up behind the steering wheel and can take the wheel again at any time after requesting the car. "We enable the driver to take their hands off the steering wheel during the highly automated journey, for example to surf the Internet or check e-mails", Says Transport Minister Dobrindt. Last but not least, this is intended to reduce the numerous accidents caused by distraction at the wheel.

During a demonstration trip on the A9, Dobrindt showed the system in action. Whether tap SMS, tie tie without looking at the street with the passengers or working with the laptop – Everything that is strictly forbidden in a normal car is legal as soon as the car drives automatically. An ethics committee that consists of 14 scientists and experts (for example the former Federal Constitutional judge Udo di Fabio or the Augsburg Auxiliary Bishop Anton Losinger) also deals with the topic.

Automated driving

Autonomous and autonomous driving on the digital test field Autobahn-autonomous

Site/Wochit Automated driving

4. Is that legally secured at all?

That is imminent. Bundestag and the Federal Council have decided on automated driving (amendment to the Road Traffic Act) by Minister Dobrindt. The law can thus come into force."The core of the law is the legal equality of human drivers and computers. A takeover of the vehicle control by the driver is only prescribed if the high or fully automated system asks it or if the requirements for intended use of the high or fully automated driving functions are no longer met (z. B. With a burst tire)", Explains the Federal Ministry of Transport.

Autonomous and autonomous driving on the digital test field Autobahn-autonomous
Cattle man Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (left) and the Augsburg consecration of Anton Losinger, member of the Ethics Commission on the automated driving, test an automated Audi

5. Who is liable in an accident?

So far, even for modern assistance systems that enable managed driving: the driver is always responsible. But that changes with the new law. Precondition: All cars that master the level 3 must have an accident data memory (black box) on board. So the police know exactly whether the driver steered the car at the time of the crash – or the car itself. Basically, the following should apply:

  • If the driver has driven, he must also be liable.
  • If the car drove automatically, the car manufacturer is liable.

VW does on Audi – if that goes well

Autonomous and autonomous driving on the digital test field Autobahn-driving

Site VW does on Audi – if that goes well

And what do the insurance companies think of it? Allianz spokesman Christian Weishuber told Site: "The Reformed Road Traffic Act protects the traffic victim extensively even in the event of accidents in automated driving mode. The protection of the traffic victim is based on three pillars, namely the owner liability from the risk of operating the vehicle, the manufacturer’s liability for product errors and the responsibility remaining with the driver, if it can recognize that the system does not work properly."

In 3.4 seconds past the diesel age

Autonomous and autonomous driving on the digital test field Autobahn-field

Site In 3.4 seconds past the diesel age

The insurance is not that happy either: "We would have wanted more specific requirements. However, the alliance shares the legislator’s view that, due to the large number of possible traffic situations, it is not possible to make concrete requirements in which period of time the driver must be taken back", so white.


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6. Does the technology also have disadvantages?

This depends on how to face the topic in general. Professional commuters in particular will be welcomed if they can legally check their emails on their way to work. The many accidents due to distraction at the wheel should decrease sharply – just like the number of accidents as a whole. In addition, the system is optional. If you want, you can drive yourself at any time.The downside of the medal is the permanent monitoring of the driver. Data protection and security concerns have to encounter the car manufacturers as well as politics. After all, there have already been cases where Hacker took control of a vehicle from the outside . And in times of toll, new environmental zones and more and more speed limits, more surveillance also means restriction of freedoms.For the German car manufacturers, the whole thing is a chance to continue to be a technology leader in the future. Because not only Tesla challenges the established carmakers: Giants like Google and Apple also research autonomous driving – and would certainly welcome it to get a monopoly position as in many other areas.

No more chance for racers

Autonomous and autonomous driving on the digital test field Autobahn-autonomous

Site/Wochit No more chance for racers

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    Then the difference between bus and train!? I can always let myself go! … If I should no longer drive myself and then I will just look for a car that I can still move myself. This whole coal could be z.B are in charging infrastructure… Build hydrogen filling stations instead of thinking we all buy the oh so great and environmentally friendly (haha) e car and then load it with 30 million cable drums! Autonomous driving is interesting for 0.03% of the population! Namely for those who want to save the chauffeur!

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    I saw this post and only shaken with my head what Dobrind does for statements. Then there will be no driver’s license, he can finally read the newspaper and work on the laptop while driving. Now let’s do a catte. The millions of people who drive hundreds of km to work every day, the thousands of km commuting will never be able to afford such a car. It is not intended for them either. Dobrind’s euphoria could be compared, with a 3 year old boy who was allowed to try a remote -controlled car for the first time.

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    Existing laws and if the Minister of Transport is typed at 130 km an hour, he violates the road traffic regulations very well. In Leipzig there was even a case that shows how quickly small citizens are asked to pay. A citizen of the city had no green environmental badge on his electric car! The city regrets the notice of fines, but refers to the badge of plaque, because electric cars are not excluded. The fact that these self -driving cars are not excluded from the hand ban when driving a vehicle is again.

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    The mobile phone ban is aimed at the activity of driving. If a car is self -driving, then the car must not be tangled, but the passengers are already. So Dobrindt did everything right. Even if Lieschen Muller can’t do much with self -drivers.

  6. EU goes further
    Just belongs on the radio, the EU Commission wants to be equipped with automatic speed limits until 2022, which all vehicles are equipped with. Controlled via sign-in cameras and/or speed/performance measuring. The overtaking of a 96 km/h traveler with quote StVO "Much higher speed" To the adventure. Most of them are already able to overtake quickly, would be bad to chase up the speed from 1400 to 17,000 rounds at the 150PS car. It is better to sneak for a 10m truck for 1 minute and complain about the vehicles behind you, which flashing and honking the proper speed demands. Paternalization without end, the main thing is to follow the leaders and good "Yes" to say. Orwell’s 1984 people is already there.

  7. The assistant will behave correctly
    "Paternalization without end" is also in the case if you want to impose your driving style on the other driver, called legal coercion. There is no compulsion to drive at the speed of guidelines. In fact, an overtaking process must be done quickly and at a significantly higher speed. But this would also carry out autonomous driving assistants (as part of the speed limit)

  8. Untrustworthy
    If you still want to work with such a cell phone, you don’t want to drive really autonomous, rather a path bearing fee, sorry, I meant. In addition, Mr. Dobrindt is already driving autonomously. Ask his chauffeur.

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    Wegelagerer according to the definition: "Personal who takes away something to another person illegally and under threat or the use of violence" Where is the unlawfulness of the toll?

  10. Autnomes drive completely superfluous.
    The auto lobby is desperately looking for a market segment to survive. However, the matter is so complex and superfluous – but first fried a lot of subsidies and tax money. Bus, train and taxi are the means of transport for people who do not want to take responsibility on road traffic and are too difficult for car driving.

  11. Pretty reactionary
    Who needs the optical visual support, called light? If you can’t see anything in the dark, you should take train. The autonomous car will drive more securely and more environmentally friendly and bring real added value to each user. Provided that the lawn can be seen as compelling added value, because this will not serve these systems.

  12. Man will not change
    The greatest risk of accidents comes from the driver. Although all are perfect Formula 1 pilots. Nobody would say that they are bad drivers. Then 100 million kilometers covered last year (you are 24/7 high potential) are led as justification. And you shouldn’t stick to speed limits. If you have already pressed out the Q7 as a company car (after all you are worth it), then you want to have something of it too. And the questioning point of this view and mentality is then reacted to like an addict with aggression and above all the popular jealousy. As long as so many drivers do not differ too much from gorillas and baboons, we have a hard time the autonomous car.

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    We use electronic means in so many areas. It is not about responsibility, we simply use more comfort, more service. Why not when driving? What is so outstanding about driving that so many sticks to the steering wheel and fear the end of the world when they realize that the car drives autonomously more securely, environmentally friendly and careful?

  14. Guide provider VS. Leading culture
    The guideline provider sounds as noble elitist again as if we were really big, as the world market leader. Then I remember, in solar energy we were the guidelines until we left it to the Chinese. Oh, I can think of the guideline provider as part of the Transrapid until we sold it to the Chinese. No leading culture, no guideline provider!

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    But happy. They will ask themselves if they see someone behind the wheel: I stop it now or drive the car by itself???


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