Autonomous concept vehicle Smart Vision EQ Fortwo

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Autonomous concept vehicle Smart Vision EQ Fortwo-vision

About Mercedes-Benz Cars at the IAA 2017 I had already lost a few words. Also that the first full-electrical EQ concept vehicle in the compact segment will celebrate its world premiere at the IAA 2017 remains not unmentioned. But now we can already take a look at the autonomous concept vehicle Smart Vision EQ for more than two weeks before IAA 2017. A concept vehicle that picks up all four competence fields of Case. Case stands for the strategic pillars networking (Connected), Autonomous Driving (Autonomous), Flexible Use (Shared & Services) and Electric Drives (Electric).

“The smart vision EQ fortwo is our vision of the urban mobility of the future, it is the most radical carsharing concept car ever: fully autonomous, maximum communication, friendly, extensively customizable and of course electric. With the smart vision EQ fortwo, we are giving a face to the topics with which Mercedes-Benz Cars describes the ideas of future mobility in the CASE strategy.– Annette Winkler, CEO Smart

The smart vision EQ fortwo and its four CASE pillars

Annette Winkler has already emphasized that the smart vision EQ fortwo is the first autonomous concept vehicle to combine the four CASE pillars. Daimler itself describes the smart vision EQ fortwo as a new vision of car sharing. This may be due to the fact that a car2go vehicle is currently rented somewhere in the world every 1.4 seconds and the number of over 2.6 million customers worldwide continues to rise.

Autonomous concept vehicle Smart Vision EQ Fortwo-vision

Looking at the latest studies, it can be assumed that the number of car sharing users worldwide will increase fivefold to 36.7 million by 2025. A field in which car2go of course wants to expand its own business. Great success has brought the so-called Free-Floating principle. The car does not have to be picked up at fixed stations and be returned to them, but can be rented and parked everywhere in the business area. From the point of view of Daimler, the Smart Vision EQ Fortwo is created for this purpose.

Autonomous concept vehicle Smart Vision EQ Fortwo-vision

In conjunction with autonomous driving, car sharing is even more convenient for the user’s users. Thanks to Schwarziptelligenz and autonomous driving, the Smart Vision EQ Fortwo opens a new era of carsharing: users do not have to look for the next free car – it will take you and picks up your passengers directly at the desired location. Thanks to swarm intelligence and the predictions calculated or determined from it, it is not at all unlikely that the next smart vision EQ fortwo is closer to you than you think. This also has advantages for car2go, the car-sharing provider, because capacity utilization is increasing and at the same time traffic volume and parking spaces in urban areas are decreasing.

In the Connected area, the smart vision EQ fortwo shines with a wide range of customization options, which in my opinion clearly show that this is still a concept. As the driver of the vehicle, you can personalize the black panel at the front and large side projection surfaces. LED displays in place of the headlights show both classic driving graphics (ranging from sporty to neutral) as well as eye-like shapes that allow the vehicle to communicate on a more human level. In addition to the classic display, detailed information can also be given via the rear lights – such as warnings or traffic information.

Autonomous concept vehicle Smart Vision EQ Fortwo-smart

It becomes even more futuristic when considering the customization options for the front grille. This serves on the one hand for personalization and on the other hand for communication with the environment. Furthermore, the doors of the show car are covered with a switchable film. These can be used, for example, as advertising space for local events, the weather, news or simply to display the time when the car is unoccupied. The Black Panel Grill shows whether the smart is occupied by one person or two.

However, the connected approach of the smart vision EQ fortwo also increases human interaction. You can use the 1+1 sharing function to come into contact with interesting users in an informal way. Possible passengers are suggested based on their stored profiles and current travel requests and can be accepted or rejected. When driving as a couple, common interests such as last concert visits or sports practiced are shown on the large display in the interior. Certainly not a bad approach if you don’t know what to talk about when you first get to know each other.

Autonomous concept vehicle Smart Vision EQ Fortwo-smart

Compared to the creative and well thought-out design of the three already mentioned CASE pillars of the smart vision EQ fortwo autonomous concept vehicle, the fact that it is electrified is no longer so intoxicating. The concept vehicle has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 30 kWh. If he is not in use, he uses his autonomous ability and independently drives to a charging station to charge new energy. However, the vehicles should not only absorb energy, but also release it again. The smart vision EQ fortwo can “dock” inductively to the power grid, deliver power and thus relieve the grid as a “swarm battery”.

Design of the autonomous smart vision EQ fortwo concept vehicle

Apart from the consistent implementation of the Mercedes Benz CASE strategy, the design of the smart vision EQ fortwo also catches the eye. Two people find on the 2nd.699 mm long, 1.720 mm wide and 1.535 mm high concept vehicle space. The vehicle communicates through a black panel grille and LED displays replacing headlights and taillights. The side windows are covered with a special film onto which information can be projected from the inside, as I had already mentioned under Connected. A black panel display for user interface activities is installed in the front area of the interior.

“The smart vision EQ fortwo embodies the urban luxury of the future. It’s a radical approach with a cool and reduced design. The show car has typical smart proportions, with accentuated, pronounced wheel arches at the four corners and no overhang. A large number of digital surfaces in the exterior and interior enable the next level of communication between people and cars. The customer has the opportunity to personalize the vehicle according to their individual needs.Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler AG

The design of the smart vision EQ fortwo truly deserves its name “One-and-a-half-box” design. Strongly emphasized wheel arches, short overhangs both at the front and rear characterize the concept vehicle and clearly identify it as a smart. The door concept is likely to be the most striking, precisely because of these similarities with current production vehicles. Getting in is made easier for both the driver and front passenger because the two doors can be opened like wings over the rear axle to save space. Furthermore, this reduces the risk of collision with cyclists or pedestrians.

Autonomous concept vehicle Smart Vision EQ Fortwo-smart

The bridge to the typical EQ design is made by rose gold-colored, three-dimensional elements in the wheels and diffuser. The side windows are designed with a tapered hexagonal graphic. White metallic surfaces and dark-tinted glass surfaces reinforce the vehicle‘s modern, futuristic look.

Inside, the smart vision EQ fortwo has a cool and futuristic look that is combined with warm rose gold accents. The steering wheel and pedals are consistently dispensed with. The Daimler Group’s show car is controlled with a personal mobile device or by voice input. By doing without conventional controls, the interior, which is kept in white, appears even more spacious. The dashboard will also no longer be found in its familiar form. Instead, there is a 24-inch screen surrounded by a rose gold-colored frame.

Autonomous concept vehicle Smart Vision EQ Fortwo-vehicle

The “shared” idea of the CASE strategy is also implemented through such supposedly small things as the white seat surfaces covered with innovative and high-quality imitation leather. Because these are easy and uncomplicated to clean and therefore always hygienic even with several drivers. The lounge-like seat offers space for up to two passengers. A retractable center armrest creates space between people if necessary or serves as a storage space. Despite the limited size of the vehicle, you don’t have to do without storage options. For example, luggage and personal accessories can be attached under blue rubber straps.

Definitely a concept that not only attracts attention with its futuristic design and certainly knows how to please. Personally, the consistent implementation of the CASE strategy that has been planned so far appeals to me very much. It’s really exciting to see what our streets will look like in a few years.

Autonomous concept vehicle Smart Vision EQ Fortwo-autonomous

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