Babor relies on green electricity, e-cars and company bikes

Babor relies on green electricity, e-cars and company bikes-relies

The cosmetics company Babor wants to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint at its headquarters in Aachen. This emerges from a message. The company already had the avoidance of greenhouse gases in mind during the conversion and extension of the “Curve” headquarters last year, not their compensation, it is said. In cooperation with the charging solution provider elexon, future fleet emissions are to be reduced by 80 percent using intelligent energy and load management.

Photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the company buildings and carports supply green electricity for vehicles and production – charging stations in company parking lots supply employees’ cars, but also pool, service and supplier vehicles with green energy. According to the company, various offers are intended to inspire employees for combustion engine alternatives. The company supports company bikes with up to 100 percent. Carpooling and the use of public transport are also comprehensively supported.

“The BABOR BEAUTY GROUP is already considered a pioneer in consistent CO 2 reduction and we are proud to be able to support such a sustainable and responsible company in its further steps towards true climate neutrality.“ – Stefanie Momber, responsible key account manager at elexon GmbH

Years ago, Babor was the first company in the Aachen region to install e-charging stations for company cars and employee cars. The company is currently converting the entire company fleet to electric cars. Suppliers and partners should also be included here.

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