Baden-Wurttemberg gives millions for hydrogen projects

Baden-Wurttemberg gives millions for hydrogen projects-hydrogen

To strengthen Baden-Wurttemberg as a technology site for hydrogen and fuel cell, the country wants to participate with a three-digit million amount in the financing of innovative European projects for the development of fuel cell technology and building an industrial production. That has announced the state government. This is important prerequisite for bringing funds in billions to Baden-Wurttemberg is called.

Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Green) designated the decision as a “groundbreaking signal for the climate-friendly future of the Baden-Wurttemberg industry”. “Green hydrogen as an energy source and the fuel cell as modern and climate-friendly technology are of enormous importance for a future”, supplemented Environment Minister Thekla Walker (Greens). The recent Cabinet’s decision underlines the outstanding status.

With the support of the state government, so-called “Important Projects of Common European Interest” (IPcei) should be implemented, which have classified the Federal Ministries for Economics and Transport as eligible. The federal government wants to participate in the projects with almost six billions of projects. Whether the Baden-Wurttemberg projects can actually get the surcharge and can not be realized, but is not decided yet. The exact amount of the promotion is only determined at the end of a test procedure, which must go through all projects.

IPCEI Hydrogen are involved 23 European countries that work closely with the construction of a European hydrogen market. In total, 230 project sketches are subject to the federal government, it says. From these, the Federal Ministries 62 had selected – six of them in Baden-Wurttemberg. The projects selected for promotion should be approved as early as possible in early 2022. The project period is reaching until 2026.

The country is already aware of the ecological and economic opportunities offered to build a modern hydrogen economy for a long time, said Environment Minister Walker. “Baden-Wurttemberg is a climate protection country and should therefore be a top location for the hydrogen industry.”For this, together with science and business, the right frameworks should be created.

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5 thoughts on “Baden-Wurttemberg gives millions for hydrogen projects”

  1. This is important prerequisite for bringing funds in billions to Baden-Wurttemberg is called.

    That seems to be the only benefit.

  2. Both current comments should be relocated as a stamp. 1.5 Euronen / piece. Soryy, I forgot something. This here: https: // ecomento.DE / 2021 / 07/05 / Electric Car Hybrid Car Approvals-June-2021 /, Hit has internal combustion engines on board. At the Bev you have to attach a generator still. Probably the concept is outdated …

  3. I’m curious how long this dizziness is maintained, keyword “national hydrogen screens”.
    Because behind the public distribution of this news are completely different purting tones in the room.
    The decarbonization will not come for a long time because:

    • the conversion would cost enormously a lot of money,
    • The German industry that can not and does not want in a great style,
    • The industry can not quickly and wants,
    • The Asians are leading in this technology,
    • When using patented tremendous costs, which the economy does not want to wear,
    • The “Continue so with this government” such projects is not really implemented despite seemingly different target direction,
    • It is cheaper to continue to pollute the planet
    • The Energy Transmitter Network from CDU, CSU, SPD, FDP, and even a NABU Landesverband to prevent the implementation,
    • The jobs in Germany are too expensive,
    • Professional workers in Germany are not available,
    • and with mini jobs to do nothing here. &# 128521;

    The Klmapolitan spokesman for FDP says:
    “The decarbonization of entire industries can only succeed if climate-friendly hydrogen is available quickly and reliably in large quantities. According to human discretion, the foreseeable time without blue hydrogen will not be possible “.

    My children ask: Are these all criminals?
    No, that’s encourder. &# 128521;
    Why do our money take and distribute that among themselves, are the criminal?
    No, that’s the economy that states taxpayers in dead projects (as similar to the internal combustion engine) to bare the price of the company so that the board bosses and shareholders can fully plug their wallets.
    And where are the poor politicians that govern the economy after the greed?
    Well, they then get high side income from the board members, so they do not starve. &# 128521;
    But they get their federal benefits and should avert harm from the German people, or not?
    We’ll all be fooled, take your masks when you go to the dirty air to play. &# 128521;
    And comes in good time in the bunker when the next storm goes.
    But not more than 15 minutes in the sun, the UV shield is missing and the consequences you will feel after the dermatologists only in 30 years. &# 128521;
  4. Is quite simple, you make sure that in as many cars as possible, as large, heavy, expensive batteries are installed. Batteries that are mostly from Asia. Then you can ensure that as long as possible coal can be potent, or electricity from hydropower are bolted. Then you make sure that the European Auto Industry comes far away from the EU, where differently the necessary “burner” builds. So that works, current must be as expensive as possible. The whole thing is sold to the people as “climate protection”, but therefore do not even do it. More than 90% of world trade is made possible by burners, which are still referred to as diesel. Without these motors stales steadily runs nothing. E-engines should also be the most popular KW strong, otherwise there is little demand, the energy saving is not the hit. What do you get right now? This here: https: // http://www.HNA.DE / AUTO / TOYOTA WILL Pen Concentric Burning On Hydrogen-Urruesten-ZR-90852700.HTML . Too bad that you still have E-Mobile with carbon, build, transpote, and who knows so far, wherever with the plethora on battery scrap? Who drove back with diesel ships to Africa because our special waste has to go somewhere.


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