Baden-Wurttemberg promotes charging infrastructure in parking

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Baden-Wurttemberg promotes charging infrastructure in parking-promotes

The Land Baden-Wurttemberg promotes the construction of electric car charging stations in so-called E-district hubs with a total of four million euros. These car parks with good charging infrastructure for electric cars are a pioneer for e-mobility, says in a recent communication. Until the 15th. September, interested companies can make an application. The start of the production is sought for October 2021.

The state government wants to continue the expansion of electromobility with the new funding program. At the same time, in the interest of quality of life in the cities and communities on the streets should be parked less. These goals serves the promotion of so-called E-Quartiershubs – parking garages with a good loading infrastructure. The Ministry of Transport wants to promote up to five of these E-Quartiershubs and thus put incentives to relocate roadspace in central parking garages / garages.

New parking garages / garages are to be built or expanded existing plants, which are equally accessible to residents and residents, customers and corporate guests. The high incentive in an E-QuartierShub to park in the fact that a high number of parking areas are equipped with charging infrastructure and different mobility offers (taxis, sharing vehicles, pedelecover stations and other).

“It is our goal to reduce traffic in the cities and electrify the existing vehicles to electrify. In this case, the reduction of parking areas in the street area and cityscape plays an important role, coupled to a concentration of parking areas with charging infrastructure for e-vehicles.”- Winfried Hermann, Transport Minister Baden-Wurttemberg

With the funding call, especially companies such as municipal works, retailers or companies are addressed with their own parking garages / garages, as they already have appropriate surfaces. A cooperation with the local municipality is mandatory for the application. However, municipalities have the opportunity to submit applications themselves. For funding, funds from the Landesgemeindeverkehrsfinanzierungsgesetz (LGVFG) are prepared, the applications can be submitted to the competent regional councils.

Subject of the promotion

The beneficial costs are the investment costs (including equipment) for parking spaces in parking garages / houses (U.a. Also pitches for the networking of different mobility forms (carsharing u.a.) as well as bicycle parking plants / pedelecover stations), control solutions for parking management (BSPW. Software solutions) and the construction of charging infrastructure including mains connection costs. The equipment of the pitches with line infrastructure (installation tubes for receiving electrical and data technology lines) is also eligible.


Natural and legal entities as well as open trading companies (OHG) and partnerships with the seat or branch office in Baden-Wurttemberg, which can guarantee the construction and operation of E-district hubs including charging infrastructure, a project support on site and operational availability. The application must be carried out in cooperation (consortium) with a municipality, as only so the interplay with the parking space management of the municipality and the reduction of car parking spaces in public space can be guaranteed.


The amount of the subsidy corresponds to a maximum of the difference between the beneficial investment costs and the expected operating profit of the E-QuartierShubs. The sum of the beneficial costs must be at least 500.000 Euro per project. The subsidy is at most two million euros per project.

“Our goal is that E-Quartierhubs establish itself in the future nationwide in Baden-Wurttemberg. For this we provide funds for municipalities via the LGVFG and we would like to create corresponding incentives for companies via this funding call. This makes us first important pilot projects. For companies, it makes it economical sense to release their parking garages for other user groups and thus achieve a higher capacity utilization of parking areas, “says Transport Minister Hermann concluding.

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