Baden-Wurttemberg wants to pave way for battery cell production

Baden-Wurttemberg wants to pave way for battery cell production-battery

In Baden-Wurttemberg, it is apparently planced the battery cell production to advance. This should be done, among other things, by two lighthouse projects for electric car batteries. One of the research projects is dedicated to digitized battery cell manufacturing that others a European test and competence center. Both projects are presented on 21. March officially by Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann. A look forward can still be throw through Kretschmann’s cabinet template on the projects.

The larger of the two projects is called “Digitized Battery Cell Production 4.0 “. For this, an investment requirement of 58 million euros is planned. According to the cabinet template, the research project is aimed at “developing a mass-ready and competitive production technology” according to the latest principles and a research pilot production. This should help to ensure that a large series production of customizable battery cells is possible. With regard to financing, use the combination of land and the federal government, with just the federal government will take over the lion’s share.

As a second prank in Freiburg, with the Fraunhofer Institutes ISE and EMI, the University of Ulm and the University of Aalen, a “European Test and Competence Center Batteries and Energy Stores” are created. 24 million euros are planned for this project, which country and the federal government share.

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