BASF builds a battery factory in Brandenburg – near Tesla Gigafactory 4

BASF builds a battery factory in Brandenburg - near Tesla Gigafactory 4-tesla

Yesterday we have reported that Europe wants to take a leading role in the battery cell sector. For this purpose, first projects with funding millions were considered. Among other things, the BASF, which wants to contribute with their battery materials to build a sustainable battery value chain for electric vehicles in Europe. Meanwhile, it seems that in the BASF plant Schwarzheide (Oberpreewald-Lausitz) for around 500 million euros a cathode factory should arise.

Innovative cathode materials increase the performance and cost efficiency of batteries and thus promote the success of a climate-friendly mobility. “We want to produce cathode materials for 300,000 electric cars from pre-products of our factory in Finland,” says BASF spokeswoman Christine Haupt (48), “According to the EU Commission’s decision, the Executive Board will decide on the German production site. Social, ecological and economic factors play a role.”

Not only does the fact that Tesla sits a possible customer on site with Tesla. In this case, BASF also benefits that in Brandenburg’s largest chemical plant around 3.Own 000 skilled workers working on lower wages than in West German BASF factories, so the picture-newspaper. Furthermore, it is possible to provide Brandenburg much electricity from renewable energies, which raises the sustainability of the cathode factory on a corresponding level.

“I am huge”, probably Vice-Prime Minister Michael Stubgen (60, CDU) gave to understand. “That’s also a signal for the Lausitz. People now see that we also implement the announced structure decisions, “says Stubgen. The problem is more likely to know that application and approval procedures can make progress expand.

As part of the presentation of the first European battery cell consortium, Altmaier gave to understand: “It is very, a lot on the game”, in other continents also feverishly worked on projects for battery cells and electromobility, “That’s why we need to shorten planning and approval procedures.”This statement referred Altmaier to the settlement of Gigafactory 4 near Berlin – but probably also apply to the plans of BASF.

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2 thoughts on “BASF builds a battery factory in Brandenburg – near Tesla Gigafactory 4”

  1. Overall, of course, a positive process. Against the background but that it actually had to be Altmeyer who had reprinted this and the industry, chemistry or auto industry, which needed this massive start, is already a sad image for the German economy. Whether you have recognized it and develop your own ELAN in the future, at least remains to hope. But I think the Tesla‘s psychological pressure will make more, as the whole rest of the promotion or competition situation.

  2. Please definitely customize heading!!!

    For the time being, thanks to Sebastian and his colleagues for the great blog and the articles. I am a giant electric car fan, and look forward to any reports from this area.

    Nevertheless, I just want to point out that the headline simply is wrong. BASF will not build any battery factory, but a cathode factory (supplied parts for battery cell production). That’s a huge difference.

    As a proponent of electromobility, we complain constantly – legitimately – about false messages about these in the media. All the more important I find it that we report exactly.

    Thanks, and thanks for the great blog.


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