BASF & CATL Cooperation: Battery Cycling and Cathode Materials

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BASF & CATL Cooperation: Battery Cycling and Cathode Materials-catl

The chemical company BASF and the battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology, short Catl, have announced a strategic partnership in the field of battery materials: this mainly includes cathode materials and battery recycling. The cooperation aims to develop a sustainable value chain for batteries to support the localization of Catl in Europe and to help achieve the global CO2 neutrality goals of both companies.

Catl is a world leader in innovative new energy technologies and one of the largest manufacturers of electric car batteries. The Chinese have started their project to build a first European plant for the production of lithium-ion batteries in Germany and thus accelerate the construction of a local supply chain for European customers and consumers.

As the largest chemical supplier of the automotive industry, BASF has built up a strong position in the market for cathode materials, including global production and research and development preparation and a broad portfolio of medium to high-nickel-containing, manganese, cobalt-free cathode materials. In Europe, according to its own statement, BASF introduces the production of cathode materials with an industry-leading CO2 balance sheet. Modern process technology, a secured local raw material supply chain, provide a favorable energy mix in production as well as a short and effective logistics along the supply chain, as the company communicates.

The strategic partnership with CATL enables BASF close cooperation with a world-leading battery manufacturer in the field of cathode materials and battery recycling. In this way, BASF wants to deepen its expertise and strengthen its global market position.

Catl wants to improve its European service capacities through the partnership with BASF. This serves to build a local battery recycling network and a secure raw material supply chain in this region.

“The change for electromobility requires strong partnerships”

“The change for electromobility requires strong partnerships along the value chain,” says Dr. Markus Kamieth, board member of BASF. The combination of the strong position of BASF as a leading provider of cathode materials with the expertise of CATL in lithium-ion batteries will accelerate innovation and build a sustainable value chain for batteries worldwide, he says.

“The partnership with BASF is another important step for our localization in Europe,” says Zhou Jia, President of Catl. “With the innovative battery technology of CATL and the comprehensive material expertise of BASF, we can better supply our worldwide customers and at the same time promote worldwide efforts to prepare CO2 neutrality faster.”

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  1. In addition to the article:
    BASF is built in addition to a factory for battery cathodes in the south of Brandenburg [quasi at Tesla in front of the door] a pilot plant, in which valuable lithium from old batteries of E-vehicles is to be recovered. See also:

    https: // www.Electric car news.Net / Automotive Industry / BASF Building New Prototype System For Battery Cycling In-Brandenburg

    Quote a.D. Press release Management Board Martin Brudermuller: “The BASF pilot plant for battery recycling is being built in Schwarzheide, commissioning is planned in 2022”


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