BASF Schwarzheide is to supply cathode materials for 400.000 e-cars

BASF Schwarzheide is to supply cathode materials for 400.000 e-cars-materials

Chemical group BASF is making further investments at its Schwarzheide site. Cathode materials for 400.000 electric vehicles are manufactured per year. An important step towards e-mobility for BASF. For the construction of new production facilities such as the factory for cathode materials, the chemical company is investing more than 17 million euros in the expansion of infrastructure. An investment that not only benefits BASF, but also the Lausitz region.

The 17 million euros mentioned should flow into the development of another block field and the modernization of the substation. In addition, the pipeline networks are being expanded. “A modern, efficient infrastructure also opens up new perspectives for future settlements at the location,” explained Division Manager Julie De Keyser on Friday.

The chemical group BASF has received a total of 175 million euros in funding from the EU, the federal government and the state of Brandenburg for the construction of its cathode factory at the Schwarzheide site. According to current plans, cathode production should start as early as 2022. In addition, it is planned that a battery recycling pilot plant will also be put into operation in 2022. This is intended to recover lithium from electric car batteries. Discussions are currently being held with BASF in Ludwigshafen about expanding capacity for the production of battery materials.

It is already certain that in Schwarzheide from 2022 cathode materials for 400.000 electric vehicles are to be manufactured per year. This is part of a multi-stage investment plan to build the European value chain for electric cars. The construction work for the BASF plant has been underway since August. According to the company, 150 new jobs are to be created at the site. Among other things, investments are being made in the development of the BASF site, on which the French company Air Liquide is building a new air separation plant for the production of technical gases for the production of battery materials. For this, the line network for oxygen would have to be completely rebuilt.

In addition, part of the investment sum is planned to be used to modernize and expand the power grid at the site. To this end, new transformers are being installed in the company’s own substation, the connected load of which is being increased.

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