Battery deep discharge: electric car driver is waiting for help for two days

No money, no electricity

Battery deep discharge: electric car driver is waiting for help for two days

Battery deep discharge: electric car driver is waiting for help for two days-deep
Cattle man Charging cable of an electric car

A bizarre tweet of the police in Schleswig-Holstein ensured laughter on social media: an electric car driver from Russia stranded at a motorway service area. However, he also did not make himself particularly skillful.

Gone: a driver got stuck at a motorway service area in Schleswig-Holstein before the weekend with an empty battery. "For two days he has been trying in vain to charge his vehicle battery, has nothing to eat and drink and need help", described police officers from Ratzeburg the situation of the man on 1. October on Twitter.

Electric comments on Twitter

The tweet was eagerly shared and received many amusement comments. "How good that I have a petrol engine", such a user. Another mocked why the police mentioned that it was a foreign driver. The humorous counterattack of another user followed promptly: "Because a domestic citizen knows that we do not have sufficient infrastructure here." Apparently a swipe on the lack of charging network expansion in Germany .

Battery deep discharge: electric car driver is waiting for help for two days-battery
Screenshot: Twitter Electric car driver is stranded-a tweet from the police in Schleswig-Holstein caused a sensation

Diagnosis: Fault yourself

However, the bizarre incident is not really suitable as an argument against emobility, because as it turned out, the incident with an ordinary car would have been similar: the driver had simply misjudged with the range and, above all, no money to pay the electricity. At the request of Site, the Ratzeburg police announced: "The driver was a Russian driver. This could not charge his car for financial reasons. In the meantime, the battery was already deeply discharged. The driver has organized help independently and was picked up by friends at night." This then invited the Stromer to a trailer with the empty battery. For data protection reasons, the police did not want to say what kind of vehicle model is.

Incidentally, so that the charging of e-cars will be easier for foreigners in the future, there is a new regulation in Germany that will apply to newly built charging stations: Instead of only with membership tickets or apps, a payment function for EC and credit card should also be installed. Then the payment when charging is as easy as when refueling. Well, almost: With cash, you cannot pay electricity on charging stations, this is only possible at the classic petrol pump.

Empty Tesla towed with the petrol engine: the battery is full again that quickly

Battery deep discharge: electric car driver is waiting for help for two days-electric

Site Empty Tesla towed with the petrol engine: the battery is full again that quickly

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11 thoughts on “Battery deep discharge: electric car driver is waiting for help for two days”

  1. Soon not only
    The usual people in pedestrian zones who have a few pennies with a dog and collecting cups … Bay, no, now also the people who do the same with a plug in rest areas.

  2. Media care
    There are so many incidents in Germany where police officers have to hide where they actually come from. The Russian visitor was perhaps a Kazache with a Russian passport while living in Germany (10 million.) simply referred to as Germans. It is amusing which word constructions exist in the media. If the pole time had reported a woman, the press would have driven sexism through the Kanale. Unfortunately it was just a man.

  3. Conclusion?
    If we stay with our e cars in our own country, hopefully it will rarely happen.Without money from foreign countries, soon can happen if cash is abolished and everything runs on digital.If the cell phone battery is empty because the battery of the E car is also empty, there is the most empty. I actually know that personally all of this is too much dependent on digital sticking point of power failure is not yet included….one way or the other we come to the green meadow Germany.You are pounding it up there…

  4. German data protection?
    The police may not name the affected vehicle model for data protection reasons? Can she publish at all that it was a car? Violates you or journalism against data protection if the vehicle manufacturer is mentioned? Irrenhaus Germany!

  5. was definitely a German pemium manufacturer
    Perhaps it was a German premium manufacturer like VW BMW Mercedes or Audi Porsche and the driver did not have a loading app on the martphone or in the navigation system of the car. With Tesla he would have no problem in Europe/ worldwide, charging column recognizes the car, electricity is billed via its account at home. With us, charging stations of taxpayers are supposed to finance manufacturers refuse.Is called a free market economy!

  6. Foreigner
    Well as a "foreigner" abundance of recharge e-fuel abroad can become a problem! But does not always have to be due to language difficulties! A friend of mine was on the road last year with her latest Tesla model from Luxembourg in England. The charging did not work because the plug connection or whatever, did not fit for this model! The friendly hotline couldn’t help either. But at least there was a replacement car for the journey home and your own car was delivered via a diesel towing trolley! Nice new electric car time. We don’t even want to talk about the CO2 balance of this excursion. Who needs such a stress ..?

  7. E-scrap
    In the end, if you put this electric scrap in the garage, nothing better deserves. And then foreigners to report madness about it….

  8. Well so what….
    Foreigners or not – it doesn’t matter. Battery empty and no coal, so it was unlucky. If he hadn’t got a fuel at the tank. Question would rather be, how did he get there at all ???? And travel through Europe without coal is damn difficult, no matter what nationality !!! Bizarre that our police obviously has time to post something like that ! Have nothing better to do ? Lightning ? Check the belt and cell phone ? Write down the parking sinner ? …Or catch evil boys ?

  9. Coal
    Do not understand the text or was only read the heading . The charging stations do not want a coal, also no card or the same …

  10. One
    So can say where the driver comes from…Although exactly that is not clear when reading. But for data protection reasons, one does not want to say which model it is???

  11. To me
    Does not open at all why discusses here. A foreign, even a foreigner, remained with his Eauto, with his Eauto. He had no money and could not articulate view because he was a foreigner and did not speak German. When I’m in Italy, I am also a foreigner there and can’t articulate myself there if I don’t Italy. Speak. Good


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