Battery production: Sustainability should be measurable

Battery production: Sustainability should be measurable-sustainability

The e-mobility wins worldwide – with her but also the debate about the sustainability of electric cars. Criticism is in particular in the production of power storage. The votes to provide more climate protection to more climate protection, too in this area.

Especially in Europe, the chance to pay attention to the price for the production of battery cells, but also on sustainability and circulatory capacity. Such a designed value chain and associated recycling could in future provide a significantly higher acceptance in the population. In turn, in the opinion of experts, more sales of e-cars would mean – and thus a significant competitive advantage over other locations.

In order to succeed in such a plan, however, sustainability must also be measured and comparable. For this, the team of scientific support battery cell production has compiled a suitable toolbox of sustainability indicators on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection. This is apparent from a message from “VDI / VDE Innovation and Technology”. Shareholders of the company founded in 1978 are the Association of German Engineers and the Association of Electrical Engineering Electronics Information Technology.

Already last year, the team of scientific accompaniment according to own information has submitted a study on “Sustainability of Battery Cell Production in Europe”. As it is said, this work is now supplemented by a compact overview of relevant measurement indicators with case studies. The compilation should provide a working basis for politics and industry. In addition, the publication grants deepened insights into the dealing with the topic of sustainability in China, so the message.

“Sustainably produced batteries are playing a very important role” for an environmentally friendly traffic and achieving the climate neutral objectives, “says Study Manager Aiko Bunting from the TuV Rheinland Consulting. Therefore, the study has taken exactly those factors that can help to make the entire process of battery cell production in Europe sustainably, “Currently, a complete battery ecosystem forms in Europe,” says Bunting. This offers the opportunity to set criteria right at the beginning, which ensure the sustainability of both production and products along the entire value creation. “The way batteries can make a good contribution to a modern economy,” complement Co-Student Manager Vera Beermann.

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  1. Why do not you do something from the beginning, I never understood recycling instead of plastic garbage, now at once it appears in advertising.
    Yes cost, it was better to restore, but it’s also different, threatens the beginnings.
    For starter batteries, it took too long until they are recycled over 90%.Luckily now with the drive battery much better.


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