Battery Recycler Redwood Material produces battery materials

Battery Recycler Redwood Material produces battery materials-materials

Redwood Materials, Start-up of Tesla Co-founder JB Straubbel, has already begun to recycle battery chrus from the Gigafactory Nevada. However, not in cooperation with Tesla, but Teslas battery partners Panasonic. In the future, you want to grow beyond the recycling of batteries and make battery materials made of recycled fabrics. Until the beginning of 2022, the company wants to name a concrete location, where up to 100 GWh of cathode active materials and anode foils for one million electric vehicles are produced each year. By 2030, production output should increase to 500 GWh.

Straucbel was until 2019 at Tesla and there Chief Technology Officer. As early as 2017, Straubbel Redwood material was founded with the plan to industrialize the recycling of outgoing lithium-ion batteries to produce new batteries with the raw materials gained from it. A project that is now slowly shaping. Straucbel settled his company in Nevada, not far from Tesla Gigafactory Nevada.

Redwood expresses itself as follows to expand the business segment: “In order to make electric vehicles and energy storage products completely sustainably and affordable, we must actually close the cycle at the end of their lifespan. This not only means collecting and recycling the batteries, but also to complete the materials recovered by us and then process them back to precision battery materials to reuse these raw materials.”

The company also considers the supply chain and their impact on CO2 emissions. Clearly to understand that battery materials are part of “tens of thousands of kilometers” until they are added to a final product. “Looking at the supply chain of a single component like the cathode, the required logistics alone contributes enormously to the total cost and the CO2 balance sheet,” says it in the message. Redwood wants to shorten the delivery routes with the production of strategic battery materials in the US. It will begin with the production of copper foil for anodes and cathode active material. You want to produce as much as possible by materials made of recycled batteries, the rest should be enriched by “sustainably degraded material“.

At the beginning, Redwood plans to be 2030 with a production capacity of up to 500 GWh, this is equivalent to around five million e-cars. Or otherwise, this would “cover almost half of the USA’s annual vehicle production”.

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