Bayern grant for tests with hydrogen train

Bayern grant for tests with hydrogen train-grant

The Bavarian Ministries for Economics and Transport support trial operation with a hydrogen train of Siemens Mobility GmbH in the Free State. That communicated the company. The two-piece drive is to be tested among other things on the route Augsburg-Fussen and used from mid 2023. A corresponding letter of intent signed on Monday Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger, Minister of Transport Kerstin Schreyer with top representatives of Siemens Mobility and the Bavarian Regio Railway (BRB). The pilot operation in the BRB network is on initially 30 months. The hydrogen train is stationed in Augsburg during this time.

The hydrogen train is developed on the basis of the Mireo Plus H platform by Siemens Mobility. He is supposed to drive on overhead routes and has a range of up to 800 kilometers. Main components are two fuel cells mounted on the roof. The system is completed by underfloor batteries of the latest generation of juice. The vehicle will be presented in the spring 2022 to the public. First special trips in Bavaria are planned for the year 2023 before the vehicle takes the official passenger operation in January 2024.

The development of alternative drives in rail transport is part of the proprietary sustainability strategy, Siemens Mobility. The company is a pioneer in sustainable mobility and will offer the regional train Mireo both as a hydrogen and battery-powered train.

“The train is another important building block of the Bavarian hydrogen strategy,” explained Department Minister Hubert Aiwanger. “We will prove in Bavaria that with green hydrogen economics and climate protection is under a hat.”Siemens Mobility Managing Director Karl Blaim believes that hydrogen can significantly contribute to the reduction of emissions in regional traffic, where there is no electrified overlays,. RegioBahn Managing Director Arnulf Schuchmann reminded that it was not done by the train alone. Thus, security requirements, employee training and tank operations should be considered.

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4 thoughts on “Bayern grant for tests with hydrogen train”

  1. Such a waste of money high three, why not just build the missing overhead lines and finish and the E-trains can drive and do not even need batteries (why just make it complicated)

  2. Train connection from Augsburg to Fussen Ca. 90 km

    Thus, the high-performance batteries used must only be changed once during the projected life of the vehicles. And the 200KW low temperature fuel cells The Mireo Plus H offers up to four times a lifespan in the double power density compared to fuel cell systems designed for the automotive industry or buses.

    (Source: Mobility.Siemens.COM)

    In the train better fuel cells are used than in cars or buses (trucks?), but how long these keep this is not specified – probably not as long as the “used high-performance batteries”.

    Battery electric trains for Baden-Wurttemberg.

    The country has ordered 20 emission-free local trains. The battery-electric trains are to be used in the Ortenau network.

    The Landesanstalt Rail Vehicles (SFBW) has ordered 20 trains of type Mireo Plus B at Siemens Mobility. Thanks to its batteryhybrid drive, the two-piece electric institutions with 120 seats can drive on routes with and without overhead line and should be in regional rail traffic in the network 8 locations.

    (Source: Baden-Wuerttemberg.DE – March 2020)

    Thus, in a few years there is a direct comparison between Mireo Plus H and Mireo Plus B.

  3. The train burned H2
    The state the coal
    -> has not found the railway even in an investigation in the northwest with H2 trains that a battery train would be cheaper to operate?


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