Beacon of hope with three engines

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The Grandland X Hybrid4 is the third electrified Opel after the Ampera and the Ampera-e. It is equipped with two electric motors and all-wheel drive.

Beacon of hope with three engines

The Grandland X Hybrid4 should not only improve Opel’s CO2 balance, but also accelerate its re-entry into the Russian market.

Beacon of hope with three engines-engines

Rescuer in need: With its low consumption, the plug-in hybrid should reduce Opel’s CO2 balance sheet.

New models such as the Grandland X Hybrid4 are indispensable for this. With an average consumption of 1.2 to 1.7 liters per 100 kilometers in the WLTP measurement process and corresponding CO2 emissions of 28 to 39 grams per kilometer, the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) significantly lowers the fleet average. In reality, as with any PHEV, this depends heavily on use: if you only drive short distances and always charge in between, you only use electricity and emit nothing locally. If you rarely or never charge, consumption increases accordingly – since the battery and electric motors mean a considerable additional weight, a PHEV can consume more than a model with a conventional combustion engine.

In theory, the Grandland X Hybrid4 is well equipped to cope with large parts of everyday life without emissions: Its electric range of up to 59 kilometers (WLTP) should be sufficient for the way to work in most cases. On the test drive from Basel to the Black Forest, on the other hand, the battery was empty shortly after the border – and then consumption skyrocketed. After all, charging is pretty quick if a wall box (7.4 kW) is available – a full charge takes about two hours, at the household socket it takes seven. In order to “fill up” with electricity conveniently on the go, PSA’s “Free2Move” app can be used to access over 125,000 charging stations in Europe – the costs are billed conveniently by monthly bill.

Beacon of hope with three engines-engines

For the switchable all-wheel drive, there is an electric motor on the rear axle, a second one is integrated in the transmission and drives the front axle together with the petrol engine.

The hybrid drive consists of a 1.6-liter turbo petrol engine and two electric motors. One sits between the combustion engine and the transmission and drives the front axle, the second is integrated into the rear axle and provides all-wheel drive, at least up to 135 km/h. In pure electric mode, on the other hand, only the rear wheels are driven; in combined hybrid mode, the rear electric motor is only switched on when a lot of power is required. Finally, in Sport mode, the Grandland X gets the full power of 300 hp from all three engines. A front-wheel drive only variant with 225 hp will follow later in the year.

The new Grandland X Hybrid4 is perfect for Opel. In addition to the important role in CO2 reduction for the manufacturer, the all-wheel drive variant will be welcome in many markets – not only in 4×4-crazy Switzerland, but also in big Russia, where Opel finally wants to gain a foothold again. The plug-in is certainly also an exciting entry into electromobility for buyers who do not yet want to buy a car with a purely electric drive. The hybrid SUV will therefore provide additional volume – and Opel will also need volume after all the takeover confusion in order to be able to assert itself in the new network of PSA and FCA.

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