Because it is cheapest: Skoda relies on the electric car news

Skoda would like to introduce at least three new electric cars this decade. The battery -operated SUV ENYAQ IV is a seller and should become a volume model. Skoda Germany boss Jurgens emphasized that electrical cars with battery are currently offering the best price-performance ratio.

According to the managing director of Skoda Auto Germany, Frank Jurgens, the times of expensive electric cars are over. The Czech car manufacturer and subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group changes his strategy radically with the new CEO Thomas Schafer. Under the name "Skoda Next Level 2030", the company would like to climb into the 5 largest car manufacturers in Europe and sell 1.5 million vehicles every year. After a short trip to the premium class with the Skoda Superb, which particularly pushed VW Sauer, Skoda is reflected on his roots and the basic principle of offering affordable entry models.

The electrification of the vehicle palette is also firmly anchored in the new company plan. Three fully electric models, located below the ENYAQ, are to come onto the market by 2030. The octavia, which makes a third of all Skoda vehicles sold, is electrically. However, Germany boss Jurgen assured that Skoda still many years to fully electrical models also vehicles with an incinerator or. Will offer hybrid technology. As a e-car of the lowest price range, Skoda is waiting for the VW Group platform Small BEV, which is announced for 2025. The corresponding VW models should be around 25.000 euros cost, the derivatives of Skoda will probably be below.

The Skoda plug-in hybrids should give customers the opportunity for a transitional period to try both drive variants without restrictions on their mobility. Nevertheless, Skoda expects a sales share of 50 to 70 percent battery-operated electric cars in Europe by 2030 with a sales share of 50 to 70 percent. According to Skoda manager Jurgens, the option of hydrogen operated fuel cell vehicles is currently being opened: "At the moment, drive technology is still too expensive and there are too few tank facilities". If the market or. However, customers are also interested in the fuel cell drive, Skoda will also offer the corresponding vehicles, according to Jurgens.

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  1. When they are so cheap and good, why subsidies
    That contradicts itself. If it is not more about capturing strong funding and subsidies? In addition, why do these battery cars drive tax -free? They use streets and the entire infrastructure like everyone else. The fire brigades have to retrofit expensive equipment to delete burning battery cars, which goes far into the hundreds of thousands, per fire department. Who pays that? But only those who have no battery car at all. Even the disposal of contaminated extinguishing water and soil sticks to us. How about an extra tax for battery cars to finance this? Just fair, cause principle. The e-lobby is politically pursuing, ignoring the facts in terms of risks and environmental pollution. CO2 do not run freely, but are treated as if it were so.


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