Beijing wants to see much more electric cars on the street until the end of 2020

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Beijing wants to see much more electric cars on the street until the end of 2020-beijing

China had set generous incentives in the past to promote growth in the electric vehicle industry and related fields and reduce consumer prices. With the upswing of cars mentioned in the country New Energy vehicles, Beijing has begun in recent years to slowly reduce this support, and plans to completely hire it by 2020.

Beijing is increasingly focusing on E cars for smog control

And yet there are light spots. Only in early June 2019 China announced that the limited license plate quota for newly authorized vehicles is canceled. At least if this vehicle is one with alternative drive. Otherwise, one continues to set on e-cars, especially when it comes to the fight against smog. For as well known, the Chinese capital Beijing is ahead in the fight against the heavy air pollution the change to more environmentally friendly electro-cars.

By the end of the year 400 should.000 vehicles, which are purely battery powered, hydrogen farms or plug-in hybrids, be on the streets of the million metropolis, as the administration on Thursday announced as a target. At the end of 2018 it was 225.000 cars with such drives. Beijing uses the use of electric vehicles, especially on vehicles in the field of mail or as a replacement of diesel buses in public transport. Furthermore, it became known that diesel vehicles are controlled strictly. Beijing wants to reduce the massive smog loading with the measures.

E-buses and electrical taxis as success factors

Already in April 2019, we reported that according to a report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) Electric Causes 2019 Amazing 270.000 barrels saving diesel requirement – every day. The vast majority of electric buses is located in China, where most major cities approach the 100% electrically operated public transport. Also Beijing can take an example of Shenzen’s electro-taxi fleet.

So were nearly 20 to the end of 2018.000 pure electrotaxis on the streets of the city and made 92 percent of the city’s taxis, so Shenzhen’s transport commission. The Commission has to be understood that the other 8 percent are either involved in litigation or have not found any owners, which made the exchange impossible. By electrically operating the taxi fleets, the city becomes CO2 emissions by 856.000 tonnes and the amount of other pollutants, including hydrocarbons by 4.38 million tonnes annually reduce, the Commission.
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3 thoughts on “Beijing wants to see much more electric cars on the street until the end of 2020”

  1. Advantage of the Chinese, if the big chairman issues the directive “Let’s go e-mobile” then give the Chinese just electricity &# 128578;
    Disadvantage, if it is the wrong directive as Mao, then then .. . So far, “Let’s go e-mobile” is definitely up and that’s good &# 128578;
    VW and maybe Audi (thanks to VW Meb-Platform) seem to drive in the express train China & Tesla. &# 128578;

  2. Yes, because of the existing electric generators alternative in the Far East build how crazy. There we are a lot. The entire air conditioning systems that are mainly in the hotels 24 hours do not go with natural stream. Public transport and partly also the trains still by diesel engine. Only Thailand fees her taxis environmentally friendly with gas.


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