Bentley and Rolls-Royce: These models are used for under 30.000 euros

Purchase tip: used luxury liners

Why only dream? – Used Bentley and Rolls-Royce are available for little money

Bentley and Rolls-Royce: These models are used for under 30.000 euros-bentley
Press Inform
Well-kept Nobel models from Bentley and Rolls-Royce are already available for little money.

Bentley and Rolls-Royce: These models are used for under 30.000 euros-euros

Press Inform
Purchase tip: used luxury liners: why only dream? – Used Bentley and Rolls-Royce are available for little money

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff

Once like the rich and powerful driving! What many think is an unaffordable dream is not that expensive. Used noble bodies are significantly cheaper than you think. Well-kept luxury lines from Bentley or Rolls-Royce are already available for under 30.000 euros.

The winter knocks on the door very slowly and many are looking for a winter car. And quite a few dream of an everyday mobile anyway that stands out from the tired uniform porridge on the streets. Why don’t even look into the absolute luxury league and rave about a used noble model? VW Golf and Mercedes E-Class were the day before yesterday-there are also affordable luxury lines.

Bentley Continental GT as a used noble model

And that applies even to absolute luxury brands like Bentley or Rolls-Royce. The best example is the Bentley Continental GT Coupe, which shared a platform with the excellent but less successful VW Phaeton in the early 2000s. At its time, the Continental was probably the best coupe that could be bought for money worldwide: luxury equipment, elegant design, 560 hp twelve -cylinder power and all -wheel drive.

Bentley and Rolls-Royce: These models are used for under 30.000 euros-these
Press Inform The Bentley Continental GT has 650 hp.

Even today, the Bentley Continental GT with its four-eyes face looks anything but old. Back then sometimes 200.Early 000 euros, solid models from the first half of the 2000s start at the used car market today at less than 30.000 euros. There is equipment that leaves no wishes open with air -conditioned leather armchairs, admittedly ancient navigation and a top speed of 300 km/h. For 25.000 to 30.There are well -groomed models with a mileage of less than 150.000 kilometers and without maintenance backlog. The four -door Continental Flying Spur variant offers the same luxury, more space and four doors mostly for a few thousands less and even a model in 2006 costs hardly 40.000 euros.Especially with a luxury model, it is not just about equipment, color, previous owner or accident freedom. The maintenance history makes the music, because here a small repair quickly goes into the thousands of euros. If there is a defect in the automatic transmission of the gearbox automatic, the variable all -wheel drive or the air suspension has a leak with a Bentley Continental GT or the similarly elegant limousine brother Flying track, it becomes good – it becomes expensive – very expensive. If you are therefore unsure, you should take a few hundred euros in your hand in a short-term purchase, and have the potential garage growth in a test organization such as the TuV, the ADAC or even a Bentley dealer put through its paces. Then there are no bad surprises afterwards and the supposedly good purchase is not a financial disaster.

Used car classifieds

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Before that, however, the risk can be narrowed down if the maintenance history is complete. If the service book or the maintained maintenance is not long superior and simply cancel the voice seller – there are other cars that come into question. The history is the be -all and end -all, especially in the case of an once so expensive luxury model, because those who have not maintained it had good reasons for this, which should not be taken as a sorter. The Bentley Continental does not have any real weaknesses. Due to the high engine power of over 500 hp, you should not only watch the all -wheel drive, but also the drive shafts, the chassis and especially the front wheel suspension and the steering.

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow for under 10.To have 000 euros

If it can be a little more exclusive and you don’t want to change the country of manufacture of the desired dream car, then prospective buyers can also look at Rolls-Royce in search of a spectacular luxury model. Here it is easiest in the league of the classics for manageable sums. A legendary Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow from the 1970s is already available for well under 10.000 euros. There is a silky engine run, 200 hp and a spectacular appearance with the then best luxury sedan that could be bought for money. In contrast to younger Bentley models, whose cheaper models on the used car market were often traveling as a kilometer eater on the long distance, Rolls-Royce models such as Silver Shadow I or II are mostly on the go with quite manageable mileage. Under 100.000 or even 50.000 kilometers are not uncommon and the right driver is mostly set.

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Even with such a classic, which perhaps 15 in a solid state from the end of the 1970s.000 or 20.000 euros costs, you not only have to pay attention to the history, but in particular the technology. Many things can be repaired comparatively easily and inexpensively due to the decades built -in technology; However, many special parts are sinfully expensive and complex to repair. If you are unsure, you should not necessarily stop by a Rolls-Royce dealer for a preliminary look at it, but can look around for a workshop specialist for the British Nobel brand when you are looking for a car search. There are many background information here that you otherwise have to read out and often the workshop master also has a few customers in their heads who just want to sell their Rolls-Royce. That saves money and a lot of nerves.

Bentley and Rolls-Royce: These models are used for under 30.000 euros-bentley
Press Inform Absolute upper class: the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit.

If you cannot warm up for the old Silver Shadows, a Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit from the late 1980s may come into question for you. So many repairs, especially on chassis, electrics and drive, are more expensive here than with the classics. Or you look over a luxury limousine like the Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn as an interested party; At the end of the 1990s one of the last models before BMW took over the Rolls-Royce brand and redeveloped the vehicles at a different technical level. There is rarely a well -kept Silver Dawn, but if less than 35 sometimes.000 euros. The luxury on board knows hardly any limits with an orgy in wood and leather. Mandatory: the 6.8-liter legend engine.

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Bentley and Rolls-Royce: These models are used for under 30.000 euros-these

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5 thoughts on “Bentley and Rolls-Royce: These models are used for under 30.000 euros”

  1. Yes, such a Bentley is something ..
    … fine. But you should already be aware that you are new for a sentence – … … fine. But you should already be aware that you are 12 for a set of new ceramic brake slices.000 € laid down at the Bentley service. Other repairs are always expensive, even if you can do it yourself, because the original parts alone have their price. But is also justified! Who can afford it, good – who is not … finger away. Otherwise, even with small repairs, a few monthly salaries can be gone away.

  2. Oh yes, the topic again.
    Of course there are such luxury cars for little money. Only everyone should be aware that the maintenance does not cost small money. The tax is still the least and the insurance is feasible. With maintenance and repair, the fun for average earners ends very quickly. Especially since the cheap "Backy yard" If in doubt, cannot repair these cars. Because special tools and even more special knowledge are often necessary. No normal person would buy a unanated Wilhelminian style villa in 1870 because it is clear to everyone that they devour a fortune on maintenance. Many believe in the car, but it would be the huge idea of a classic car from Rolls Royce and Co. to buy. In case of doubt fingers away.

  3. Very optimistic, very.
    I’ve been driving the Continental GT since 2004. Usually only 3 years a new one according to my wishes. They still have at least 150 after the 3 years.000 € brought, rather more. That of only 30.000 € should cost – even after 15 years I would be surprised. Definitely not at Bentley and only there you get a real guarantee.

  4. Such cars
    are attitudes to life that a climate saving driver cannot understand. Such an interior of noble wood and leather just has style. Of course, repairs are expensive, but there are also people who lend a hand with expertise and dexterity and thus fulfill their automotive dream. Bachelor and business administration does not always help. I recommend a ride, or even better, a personal grip on the steering wheel…You just want to keep your corners of your mouth above, promise. Do you think the world will not go down

  5. Oh yeah, …
    -Well-kept luxury lines from Bentley or Rolls-Royce are already available for under 30.000 euros.- … And the first repair costs at least again the hair! Such cars are a bit for collectors, casual drivers and people who have money, but it is better not to invest in new cars!


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