Bentley Flying Spur: The Always Online 322 KM-H-Luxuslimo

Bentley Flying Spur

The Always online 322 km/h-luxuslimo

Bentley Flying Spur: The Always Online 322 KM-H-Luxuslimo-spur

The new Bentley Flying Spur: Luxury Limo with 625 hp and WiFi on board

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

Bentley brings his completely renewed twelve-cylinder cruiser Flying Trace to Geneva. The 625 hp Briton presents itself classically noble, is lavishly equipped – and still relies on high -tech.

The most powerful Bentley limousine of all time, completely newly developed-this is how the Flying Spur should be at the Geneva Motor Show on 5. March present. The front and rear have been redesigned, tighter lines and LED daytime running lights shape the face of the 5.3 meter long car. The new radiator grille with the barred throat below makes the Bentley appear more striking than the smooth face of the predecessor. The outer headlights are larger than the inner ones, which optically pulls the car into the width. The rear was revised even more clearly and is now reminiscent of the competitive models from Rolls-Royce with the large angular taillights.
The luxury sedan is powered by the well-known six-liter twelve-cylinder engine with 625 hp, which also does its job in the Continental GT Speed. The aggregate balances 800 Newton meters of torque onto the crankshaft and accelerates the car from 0 to 100 km/h within 4.6 seconds within 4.6 seconds. The top speed is 322 km/h. The all -wheel drive distributes the drive power in a ratio of 40:60 in favor of the rear axle. The power transmission takes over an eight-speed automatic.

New, lighter body

A lot has happened under the sheet metal. “To increase the total body of the body and with regard to the requirements for crash safety and pedestrian protection, the body has a new structure. Reinforcements in the B-pillars, swellers and front crossers are supplemented by deformable components in the underbody. The active bonnet combines reinforced elements with deformable segments and thus improves pedestrian protection, ”says the British. Bonnet and fenders are made of aluminum. Composite materials are used for the trunk lid, in which the vehicle antenna is also integrated. Overall, the flying track is said to have slimmed down 50 kilograms compared to the predecessor – although it still weighs a proud 2475 kilograms.
In the interior, the British only took over sun visor, door handles, armrests and some switches on the dashboard from the previous model. Drivers and passengers take a seat on 14-fold adjustable leather seats. In the four-seater version, the center console extends from the dashboard to the stock. The British process ten square meters of wood veneer to decorate the interior. In addition to the standard woods "Burr Walnut" and "Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus", there are five other woods.

Always online

In addition to classic luxury, the Bentley should also offer modern functions. The flagship Mulsanne is already available with a complete internet equipment including tablet PCs and smartphones. Now the flying track is also becoming a rolling business center. In the multimedia equipment, two 10-inch screens are waiting in the backrests of the front seats. The passengers can access the multimedia content of the on-board storage in an undisseful manner and surf the Internet via the vehicle’s WLAN router.
The flying track has a hydraulic damping system and an electronic damping control. The air suspension also automatically lowers the car at higher speeds in order to achieve more driving stability and a lower air resistance. The lowering takes place in two stages. At 195 km/h, the front reduces 5 mm and the rear by 10 mm. At 240 km/h, the front sinks by another 8 mm, the rear by another 13 mm. What the British have not yet revealed is the price of the luxury cruiser. So far, the Flying Train has started at around 181,000 euros. The successor should hardly be cheaper. It remains to be seen whether there will be a speed variant of the car again in the future-after all, the normal flying track now has the twelve-cylinder from Bentley on board with 625 hp.

The Bentley Continental GT Speed in the video test

Bentley Flying Spur: The Always Online 322 KM-H-Luxuslimo-spur

Site Bentley Continental GT Speed: Super sled with 625 hp for a good 200,000 euros

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