Bentley flying track hybrid: pictures and information

Bentley flying lane hybrid

Feigenblatt for super-rich: Bentley’s balancing brook is now available with an eco-drive

Bentley flying track hybrid: pictures and information-hybrid
Bentley Bentley flying lane hybrid

Bentley has been expanding the flying track hybrid since model portfolio. The new luxury model has the potential to become the new bestseller of the British.

A six -cylinder in a Bentley? Since many fans of the British luxury brand still gush their noses, the car manufacturer from Crewe is mandatory for them with powerful eight or twelve-cylinders. However, the legal requirements and the pressure from politics also make the bentley managers who are spoiled for cylinder step by step to fans of electromobility. The luxury SUV Bentayga has been available as a plug-in hybrid for a long time and is more popular than ever in some markets with plugs.

Bentley with six pots and electric boost

Now the second vehicle with a noteworthy electrification is on it with the top model of the Flying Spur. Technically, the Bentley Flying Spur is closely related to the Porsche Panamera and the Swabian is now in its second generation with three plug-in hybrid variants. Now Bentley puts on a particularly powerful version with the flying track hybrid.

Bentley flying track hybrid: pictures and information-information
Bentley Bentley Flying Spur and Bentayga as a hybrid

Advertisement of the luxury limousine is powered by the well-known 2.9-liter V6 with turbo charging, which drives various models from the Volkswagen Group with its 416 hp and 550 Nm torque. An electric motor (100 kW / 136 hp, 400 Nm) hidden in the gear tunnel ensures that the system performance of the plug-in hybrids increases to 400 kW / 544 hp and 750 nm maximum torque increases. That is almost 100 hp more than the current Bentley Bentayga Hybrid. The 5.20 meter long all -wheel drive accelerates in 4.3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 285 km/h. The standard consumption is around two liters super to a hundred kilometers.

Bentley flying track hybrid: pictures and information-information
Bentley Bentley flying lane hybrid

Electrical range: extremely modest

Purely electrically, the competitor of Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8 or BMW 7 Series-all also to get as hybrid versions-can only cover a manageable range of 40 kilometers purely electrically, since the battery capacity is 14.1 kWh. The total range of combustion engine and electric motor, however, enables almost the level of a diesel model at around 700 kilometers. Like the competitors, the Flying lane offers not only limitless luxury and all conceivable comfort, but also different driving modes such as purely electrically, hybrid or holding the battery level. To charge the battery pack in the underbody of the cargo area, take up to two and a half hours. Visually, the British noble model with plugs differs only by the second tank flap and the hybrid lettering attached on request from its pure combustion brothers with eight and twelve cylinders. As with the Bentayga, the V6 hybrid is likely to become the introductory model of the flying track.

The Rolls-Royce Wraith in the first test

Bentley flying track hybrid: pictures and information-bentley

Site The Rolls-Royce Wraith in the first test

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  1. Norm consumption is not normal consumption
    "The standard consumption is around two liters super to a hundred kilometers." This "Standard consumption" … has nothing to do with normal consumption. Because the standard consumption pretends that the bentley driver only drives 100 km, then hanging the carriage on the socket, driving 100 km again and stopping at the socket, etc.. Such nonsense want us to "Standard consumption"-Prefer the computer in hybrid vehicles. This beautiful calculation wants to sell us the automotive industry as a reality, which is certainly beyond the 20 liters of consumption at 100 km, especially when it comes to a trunk of Auto. So as an industry you can make yourself more than unbelievable, almost ridiculous.

  2. Oh man
    It continues downhill with the car, especially Bentley or Rolls Royce, brands for which you used to look up in terms of price, turned around on the streets when you have seen one. Now such a pseudo engine comes in, as a engine manufacturer I would know about such a decision. This no longer has to do with the individuality of such vehicles, whereupon you used to be proud of. This clientele does not matter what they buy or make, they have 2 Teslas in their villa are in a heated garage….

  3. That doesn’t have to be.
    Bentley could have saved that. Six cylinder and alibi battery. Then prefer to install a befitting V8 until you can also offer a pure electric car that is also understood. So it’s a bad joke. How to do it right can be seen at Rolls Royce. They build large V12 machines and then bring a suitable electrical one in the foreseeable future.


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